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  1. The reason that they went retro with the road jerseys is because back in 2007 (I think?) the Sox played a game in San Diego where both teams went 80s-retro and the Sox brain trust loved them. So they updated the 80s unis a bit and what you see today is the result of that. I'm not a huge fan of them, but they probably could have been done worse, I guess.
  2. Until Randy Johnson (traded for Langston, BTW) and King Felix came around, Mark Langston was arguably the best pitcher in Mariners history.
  3. I'm glad they got rid of the "Baltimore" and "Orioles" patches on the right sleeves. That killed the uniform from being perfect.
  4. That year SNL also had Hartman, Myers, Sandler, Rock, Spade and Farley on their roster. Not really the greatest analogy.
  5. You will never go broke selling nostalgia. Especially if the present team sucks and the memories you're peddling are from a better era.
  6. I'm not trying to be a contrarian, but I like the away uniform. Or at least the t-shirt version of it. I agree with the consensus that the home uniform isn't that great, but I think that away uni looks pretty decent. There's just not a hell of a lot you can do with a basketball jersey. Baseball and hockey are much better canvases. Football and basketball jerseys perform a function.
  7. When I was thinking about this, 1991 was what I originally was going to write about but the Cards and the Reds still had pull-over jerseys. The one thing that was really awesome about that year was that the White Sox debuted their new unis. Tangent: for as much publicity as Camden Yards gets for being a game-changer, the 1991 White Sox were the first team to bring sports marketing into the future and people don't really recognize that. They had a highly popular turn-back the clock uniform, an alternate uniform and they updated their look that had just enough traditionalism to go along with a modern design. I think that a lot of teams chased the White Sox and their overall package, their look. But none can capture the zeitgeist that Chicago tapped into. When I was younger (I got into baseball in 1986) despite playing in the third-largest US city, the White Sox were essentially an anonymous team. Sure, they had Carlton Fisk and Tom Seaver, but they weren't anything special. After their early 90s make-over, everyone had a White Sox hat. Despite being from Boston and a die-hard Red Sox fan, I actually went out and bought a White Sox away jersey because I thought it looked so cool. Sure, the black and silver had something to do with it; but it was something else. Something that's hard to pinpoint. Whatever it was, they hit the nail right on the head.
  8. Unless you own every team in a league, chances are pretty good that there are going to be uniforms that you like and some that you don't from year to year. But there are certain years where everything comes as close to your perfection. What was that year and what sport was it in? For me, the year was 1993 the league MLB. The pull-over phase had ended, all teams wore white at home and grey on the road. And while there were a few alternate jerseys, there wasn't a ton of them. Here is a link to Dressed to the Nines. What say you, uniform fans?
  9. I was thinking about this a bit more while doing stuff around the house, and I think that Lukas would be a better writer if he learned to either drop his biases all together or greatly curtail them. At this point his hatred for purple, Nike, anything that is deemed "new" or "unconventional" really take away from his prose. I understand that all writers have some sort of biases, but to use a simile, Lukas is like a restaurant reviewer who hates Italian food, yet every third restaurant review is for a new Italian food place. I know that he's going to hate it, so why even bother reading it. Sports uniform and logos are a very small niche in the sports world, and by-and-large most people's tastes fall along what they encountered when they were in their sports infancy, Lukas really needs to break this mold if he wants to appeal to a demographic that is different than the one that he appeals to now. I'm not sure if he cares about that (though I strongly suspect that he does), but aside from a readership increase, it will also expand his writing abilities.
  10. I enjoy his blog, it's one of the first ones that I read every day; however I think that he is a bit too quick to criticize. Every new uniform released by MLB this winter sucked (according to him). There was nothing that he liked. It seems to me that he is critical for the sake of being critical. Because of that, it is difficult for me to take his criticisms seriously. Having said all of that, I do admire that he can fill an entire Blog every day with information. That takes some skill and tenacity. However, I am getting a bit bored of seeing someone's high school notebook scribbles. I buzz through that every time. I do enjoy the DIY stuff.
  11. The Whalers were never considered a Boston team, while they were in the NHL. In fact, I think most Boston fans hated the Whalers as much as they did the Canadiens. When the local news still showed sports highlights, the Whale was rarely ever part of the package. Celts, Bruins, Sox and Pats. No Whalers.
  12. MLB doesn't own a patent on baseball jerseys. I don't think that lawyers had anything to do with it.
  13. My bad. I thought that this was the one where they did the Hockey East teams, I believe that the link was either on Icethetics or Uniwatchblog. Next time, I'll click the link.
  14. Merrimack College always gets zero respect. First no representation on, now this.
  15. In the late 80s, this league was started as an answer to golf's Senior PGA tour. I'm going off of memory here, so I may be wrong on a few details, but there was like ten teams that played a schedule that began in late November and lasted until mid or late January. I am pretty sure that all of the teams were based in Florida and played at spring training homes and college ball parks. Most of the teams were a mix of older players, but some tried to create a classic-team feel. For example, I think the Winter Haven (or Ft. Myers) team was composed mainly of former Red Sox players. Jim Rice played a few games, as did Cecil Cooper (I think) and Bill Lee. What struck me as strange (I was 15 when the league started and watched a few games when I could -- they were broadcast on New England's NESN sporadically) is that most of the well known "stars" of the past played only a handful of games and then retired because they were usually woefully out of shape. The better players of the league were the more mediocre major leaguers. All-in-all it was a fun league, no one took things too seriously (it appeared) and I remember that articles about the league focused on players talking about how cool it was too see their buddies again and to be actually playing baseball. It sounded like an extended high school/college reunion. Unfortunately, most fans didn't really care too much to watch a bunch of old guys relive their glory days and the crowds stayed away. Teams folded and moved in the second year and the league eventually disbanded.
  16. I know that I'm definitely in the minority here, but I like the black uniform, it reminds me of this black Starter-esque A's jacket I had when I was in high school way back in 1990.
  17. I guess if your last name was Bledsoe or something that would be ok, but your own last name? Not unless you're under 13.
  18. Go with Option A and Sam Gash. Don't get your own name on the jersey, you'll look like a tool. And just out of curiosity, why would you put a Nationals number on a Patriots jersey? I can undertand the Sox, I can even see the current Pats numbers, but why the Nats?
  19. And the new regime tried to make inroads to getting the state to give them some help in infrastructure and other monies for a park, but the state told them to take a hike. Just like they told Bob Kraft to take a walk when he wanted to bring the Pats back to Boston (specifically South Boston). Personally, I hate Fenway and would love to be the guy to hit the plunger when they finally blow that place up, but to put the blame on Henry, Luccino, et. all is factually incorrect. If you want a new park, blame the state and city goverment as well as the vampires, I mean land owners, surrounding the park who won't sell their crap businesses for anything less than 20 times the market value.
  20. Jasoul I was talking about those, sometimes my thoughts get ahead of my fingers on the keyboard ... sorry for the confusion. And while we're on the topic, as much as I loved their primary logo, I think that the alt was really good too. Simple and to the point.
  21. Those Hornets uniforms were awesome. In fact the first couple of years they had the alt. Hornet logo, which I think may have been one of the first alternative logos that I can remember. And no love for the tie-dye Nets unis? For shame.
  22. Robin Yount didn't reach 3,000 hits in 1982. It was on 9/9/92 against Jose Mesa that he got his 3,000 hit.
  23. When Ken Griffey Jr. was with the Mariners, that dude wore a lot of uniforms. (including alts): 88-92 Unis, home and away 93-00 Unis, home and away Teal alt Dark blue alt (home) Dark blue alt (away) Mid 80s throw back Early 80s throw back Rainiers throw back Pilots throw back Turn ahead the clock unis (I think that there were 2 of these, not sure) Was he around for the vests? Which brings up his former teammate ARod, who with vests and other alts may have worn more.
  24. I do like how in the new logo, the word football is arched twice so it looks like a set of boobs. Very subtle.