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  1. OK, now THAT's awesome...
  2. Not sure if this should be here or in the general logos topic, but the new CBS Sports logo was released today. It was mentioned as being released with the Super Bowl itself, but the network released info online this morning (presumably since CBS Sports Network rebadged itself today).
  3. Virginia Tech is going to honor the two journalists killed during a live on-air television report last week. Alison Parker and Adam Ward were reporting for Roanoke CBS station WDBJ7 when they were ambushed and shot to death by a former colleague, who later killed himself. During the Labor Day game against Ohio State, the Hokies will wear a sticker that features the number "7", one teal ribbon, one maroon ribbon and the initials of the two victims. Teal was Parker's favorite color, and maroon represents Virginia Tech grad Ward. The number 7 represents the television station. For more details:
  4. Not a fan of the neon green myself, and neither are most of us in the newsroom, but admittedly, we're all a bit older. I'll have to wait and see what my son says once he gets a look at it (the newly-graduated USC branding guru that he is)... I'm sure he'll think it's genius. I do like the sublimation and the font (with the exception of that "A" in the ATL jersey) though... Not sure if'n I'll actually finally pick up a Hawks shirt (only been working in Atlanta television 10 years and living here 20, I suppose I'm entitled)...
  5. You might be the only one who thinks this. Pewter and red are a strong compliment to the Buccaneer theme. Every actual Buccaneers fan (not logo fan like the people posting here) hates the helmet and colors. Buccaneers fan from 1984. You are wrong. Bucs fan dating to '78. You are definitely wrong. I'm liking the logo, helmet AND the colors.
  6. Exactly. It works for me -- the idea of LARGER logos works as far as I'm concerned, and it's a far sight better than the new JAX logo/helmet. And I'm really likin' the new ship secondary logo...
  7. mhking

    CFL expansion

    I don't know about pooh-poohing the college route. The key is in the marketing. It would entail forging a FORMAL relationship with the schools in question -- to the point of the schools almost "adopting" the franchises.
  8. mhking

    CFL expansion

    If we were talking border (or border-ish) areas, I'd say Windsor/Detroit, and Victoria/Seattle. I'd be afraid to touch Western NY with Hamilton and the Buffalo Toronto Bills so close by...
  9. mhking

    CFL expansion

    Halifax, Quebec City & Yellowknife. Definitely. Take the CFL to 12 teams. Make it happen. Now, for another go at the US? Oklahoma City, Austin, Birmingham (yes, Birmingham again), Portland, Knoxville and Los Angeles. Why? Oklahoma City has proven that it can and will support professional sports with the NBA's Thunder. Austin would be a natural rival for OKC, plus both would be able to market to and draw on their collegiate marketplaces. Similar qualifications for Birmingham (though I'd might call the team Alabama and split home games between Tuscaloosa & Auburn) and Knoxville. With their SEC ties, and again, working to market to and affiliate with their college bretheren, they should be able to draw from those audiences. Portland and Los Angeles would fill obvious voids in NFL coverage, and both have nearby strong college football programs (USC & Oregon) to draw from. By emphasizing ties to strong football colleges/conferences, they should be able to do better about drawing audiences than the last pitch the CFL made in the US.
  10. Nope. Not unpopular - at least with me. Only question I've got -- did they even TRY to come up with something original!? [smh] LOL! Now THAT's funny!
  11. NBC has finally released their first promo video for Sochi, along with the new NBC logos. I just got a look at the new style guide for the logo/font this morning. You can see the video on the front of
  12. I'm with the NBC station in Atlanta, and no, we haven't seen a Sochi logo yet. I wouldn't expect one before the end of the year.
  13. I actually find I'm liking the Seahawks unis --- except for that ugly gray thing....