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  1. So, I'm not a huge fan of the striping or the filled up sun. Were it up to me, I'd go stripeless and ditch the sun while enlarging the Dolphin a bit, and then have an orange flake painted over the white so that at certain angles it looks like the old orange sun is still there.
  2. I'm going to disagree with everyone else and say the uniforms are perfect. I'm also liking the whole back-from-the-dead vibe of the primary logo.
  3. Darius Rucker singing the National Anthem at a Dolphins game. And before you ask, he's a hardcore Dolphins fan.
  4. I know Kansas States' official policy (at least for football) is that if a high school team wants to use their logo, they need to send a dollar a year to the athletic department. In instances where K-State finds out that a team is using the logo without permission, they simply send a polite letter to the school informing them of the policy and asking them to send a dollar.
  5. Nice. I'm not sure about the drop shadow, but everything seems to be according to the information Ben Volin put out.
  6. I just realized you're using the sunburst from the original leaked concept. *shrugs*
  7. No orange stripes on the helmets is the info we have on the Fins' message boards. Just one thick aqua strike outlines by two small navy stripes.
  8. It's Scandinavia. And yes, I'm aware, since my father's side of the family is from Schleswig-Holstein and one of my ancestors was a member of the Danish Royal House. Skål!
  9. If you showed the new logo to somebody who hadn't heard of the fact that Miami is doing an identity change and asked them to name the team, that person would immediately say Miami Dolphins. So I don't agree that they're trying to find/create an identity, their identity is well established. Also, I don't agree that it's been downhill since the last update, you have nowhere to go but up when you move away from a logo that's been fed through a ditto machine a dozen times.
  10. It's written by Salguero. He's a hack. Never take anything he writes as the truth unless you've verified it with information from two other independent sources.
  11. You know, I want to see what the Vikings would look like with the color scheme from the Danish royal coat of arms.Reference.
  12. Count me as one of those that doesn't mind this look. Well, I'm not sure what the think of the use of stars as a helmet stripe and I'd need to see the side of the helmet, but I think we knew coming in that Nike was going to do its best to make the "classic" teams undergo radical changes.
  13. I hated the old all-whites, but with the white face mask I can dig the Stormtrooper look. Can anybody imagine the Fins marching in formation with the Imperial March playing of JRS' speakers?
  14. Fyrwulf

    Dolphins concept

    There's a guy on ThePhins.com forums that's seen the development mock-ups. He called the white face mask well before anyone else.
  15. Fyrwulf

    Bucco Bruce

    This. At least the tip of it, in a nod to the old color scheme.