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  1. Albany and AC have the same number fonts??
  2. The top left is so busy. It's as if all of these are already in need of an upgrade. The bottom right seems like a play on NASA's logo which could use it's own face-lift.
  3. Long Time member here but first time creating a thread. I felt these potential logos proposed by President Trump to be voted on were worth a discussion. How is it possible that these 6 made the cut? If you had to pick one logo, which would it be? I'm confident the members of this forum would have the ability to blow away these concepts.
  4. I love this. The extra blue on the sleeve, under the stripes and on the socks brings so much more character to the away jersey. Great job from a huge rangers fan
  5. I love this. Great job
  6. I agree that they did try way to hard but lets be honest, their monochrome blue set prior to the nike change had no identity whatseoever. It's still an upgrade and they standout from a marketing perspective. I dont mean to loop anyone into one group especially the legend [(COLORWERX ]. Just frustrating when any new uniforms topic is addressed its completely ripped to threads.
  7. From years and years of viewing/posting on this site it seems that the majority of people will never like any new uniforms that come out. The trend is that you are tied to the uniforms that teams wore in your childhood or peak of watching sports. I'll be 30 so Im not exactly a child but im sure if you posted a picture of the current seahawks set compared to the 1980-1990 version they'd (sea)gawk at it Anyway, I actually was pleasantly surprised with how the falcons/seahawks combo looked last weekend and my only change would be to a silver or even white helmet.
  8. No Giants pictures involved!? How about this matchup of classics
  9. Love the Chargers set and am really digging the Patriots look. I think they are due for an upgrade.
  10. I must say that I love the Giants Away Uniforms which is 3 different colors. Blue/White/Grey
  11. Thanks Gothamite, its been a while since I've posted