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  1. I think that is more well known as the Gorton's Fisherman. I've never heard of that one referred to as "Captain Highliner", but when I hear "Gorton's Fisherman", I know exactly what is being talked about. This whole Gorton's/Highliner thing is just related to what country you are from. I'm in Canada, and up here we have "Captain Highliner" fish sticks, etc. and that guy looks like the dude in the logo. I've only heard of "Gorton's Fishsticks" when people reference this logo on the boards, and they're always American! I've never seen Gorton's stuff in the store. Oops...working my way through the thread and made the same comment before I read yours, Ramrod. What mine should read is: "I second what Ramrod said..."
  2. I think that is more well known as the Gorton's Fisherman. I've never heard of that one referred to as "Captain Highliner", but when I hear "Gorton's Fisherman", I know exactly what is being talked about. With all due respect, it's the opposite here... never heard of Gorton's, but know absolutely who the Captain is... As for the Robo-Pigeon, I thought we were referring to that Mighty Ducks' atrocity... So I don't know his knickname, but he must have one... Any Ducks' fans in the house??? I will SECOND Winnie the Pooh... he's soooo cute!!! I'm with you. Maybe Captain Highliner is a Canadian thing. Gorton is his secret American identity...
  3. There's equity in the old logo, built over years of fans rooting for that team when it was losing/winning/losing again. You can't discard that to try to keep pace with the latest trends. If every team did that, we probably wouldn't have the classic Habs or Leafs or Bruins logos still surviving. If the Isles were an expansion franchise again today and the classic was floated around as the proposed team logo, it probably wouldn't fly. Same is true of plenty of others. Can you imagine if someone proposed the Indian head if the B'hawks were an expansion franchise today?
  4. Of course, many will remember Harold Ballard's classic F-U to the concept of name-on-back. Ballard believed the NOB would kill program sales, so when the NHL made the NOB mandatory, Ballard used blue letters on the Maple Leafs' blue jerseys. I don't have pix, but I'm sure one of our enterprising board members could find some...
  5. Really? Sports Illustrated? Huh. Okay then, if that's not the best national sports magazine, what is? Surely not the ESPN magazine? Surely not the high school-quality Sporting News? Can't say I love espn mag, but SI is turning into a poor imitation of it. SI used to have the best sportswriters, photographers, editors around. It had weight. It was the bible. Now it seems that SI is trying to compete on ESPN's turf and, frankly, it's just not as good at it. I've been sticking with it, thinking that it will return to the level of quality that was its hallmark, but it's not happening. For my money, Reilly and Simmons are the two best reads in any nationals sports pubs ? and now ESPN has them both. (Not to mention a shout-out to Uniwatcher Paul Lukas.) Like I said earlier, I'm a 20-year SI subscriber who is probably going to make the switch this year. ESPN mag is no match for the old SI, but it might be better than the current SI.
  6. As a long-time SI subscriber, must say the quality of mag/site has seriously declined in the past few years. Used to be a joy to read every item. Now, a lot of ? to use your word ? subpar writing and reporting. The site just reflects the overall decline of the SI empire. Generally, found the espn site to be more user friendly. Losing Reilly to espn might be the final straw that moves over on the print side as well.
  7. So is Norm Roberts not long for the program? I don't see much appreciable improvement, and results usually show up in the third year. I really don't get why SJU isn't a powerhouse in the Big East anymore. The admin and the boosters seem to be there for the support - are the facilities hurting recruiting? I can't imagine it would be that hard to recruit to NYC and to play games in MSG... Seton Hall got the coach I thought would have been ideal - Bobby Gonzalez. Leeds, you are throwing salt in the wounds of every loyal Redmen fan around. Norm has done a nice job cleaning up the mess of the previous Mike Jarvis regime, but has shown no ability to return the program to the top tier of the Big East. Don't know if Gonzo will get it done at the Hall, but he certainly brings some energy to their program. Sadly for those of us with St. John's ties, we are in for a long and painful ride this season. If you want a sense of the level of acrimony toward the current staff, go to: ? the St. John's forum at Big East Boards: OR, ? the more patient, Norm-friendler forum at: www.
  8. are the man! That is a great walk down memory lane. I think the super-sweet throwbacks Hill was wearing matched the '83 set. Your shot of Mullin tagged 1985 shows a little simpler font. Love the '83s (which, as you probably recall, were also worn under Frashcilla's reign for a year or two). I'd take those '83s as a permanent fix in a heart beat.
  9. ST JOHNS' SAINTS ST JOHNS' RED St. John's CARDINAL(S). Now that would be Catholic. And red. I wouldn't mind that as a nickname at all Me neither. a St. John's alumnus and weary participant in the ongoing Redmen/Red Storm debate, I must say the Cardinals is as good a suggestion as I've heard. Of course, we tend to take ourselves much too seriously to consider something that so cleverly ties together both our history and our religious roots. As for the old/less old/current logo discussion, there is much to like about the old StJ interlock, but it always bugged me that the J appears first in the logo. Who the heck is JSt? Of course, we'd have much greater recruiting power in the dyslexic community. I'm still not convinced our new "Rutgers-inspired" logo has great staying power, but I'm learning to like it.
  10. Such as...? In the Dub, especially, I think most of the uniforms look pretty good. Swift Current needs to go back and Kelowna's leaves a little to be desired but overall the teams look pretty sharp. Call me a traditionalist, but I could live happily without ever having to see: ? the Raiders' black set ? the Pats' red alts ? the hideous Hitmen logo. And may it take Kootenay's with it as well ? Alas, the Broncos. What happened to simple prairie values? I'd like to see more of: ? the Pats' old-style blue set (minus the red trim) ? the Broncos in return to the blue/green combo or even back to the green/gold days ? Brandon's old gold unis It seems a certain theme is emerging. Time for my geritol.
  11. Hey, the 70s, the 70s. I'm merely getting old; not ancient.
  12. This is what the Oil Kings looked like back in the good ol' days of the Dub. I'm assuming the jersey color is actually a deep orange, not red. That's pretty much what they looked like when I was a kid; that's what I was hoping they would like today. While I'd have preferred to see the lace-up collar, I'll take these over most of the hideous crap you see around junior hockey.
  13. You raise a good point. Certain uni styles are recognizable without the team logo on them. The Habs and Wings are unmistakable. Ask a non-hockey fan to draw a picture of a hockey uni and chances are the Habs or Wings unis are the first ones that come to mind. Here's another measure: how many college/jr teams have "borrowed" the Habs/Wings template for their unis? You could fill a warehouse with the jerseys of every team that's worn the Wings' style.
  14. The list seems to confirm what everyone outside the marketing offices of the NHL and RBK already knows: simple and traditional is the way to go. I think the Bruins would make the list too if they'd stick with the vintage set they use as thirds this season. As for the Isles, I have to think that orange abortion of a third jersey keeps them doomed to the worst list. Give me their late-70s/early 80s look any day.
  15. One of the all-time, best-ever classics. I'm pretty sure God intended for there to be only six hockey jerseys in all of creation and the original had six had dibs...