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  1. Do you realize what you're saying? Kings gear became popular in the LA culture not because they switched to black and silver, but because they had a draw that everyone had to have a piece of. If the Kings would've stayed purple and gold, I'm pretty sure NWA and hip hop would've jumped on board with that. It's not like hip hop and "cool" people have stayed away from the Lakers colors of purple and gold. People bought Kings gear because it was a hot item because Gretzky made it a hot item. As good as Bernie Nichols and Steve Duschene were, they aren't selling gear or the game no matter what color you have them in. If no one knows about them, they aren't gonna buy the gear. Trust me, as someone who's lived in So Cal and followed the Kings, it was not the color switch that made the Kings popular, it was Gretzky alone that made the Kings gear popular. Before Gretzky, few people wore Kings gear because few people knew about the team in So Cal, after Gretzky it was a different story.
  2. The patch collection is where I got my Stanley Cup Champions patches from and I highly recommend them.
  3. A white outline would not help. The problem with the uniforms all the colors are the same tone and they just blend into each other. If they would've just done the obvious like Montreal and reversed the green and blue, they would've been gorgeous. Instead we're given the grey monstrosities. For a league wide project, there are some epic fails (Toronto, Detroit, and the Isles) and you can include the Carolina/Hartford ones in the fail category.
  4. If you're talking contingency decals that were on on the front fender and behind the front wheel, the decals are no longer part of the deal. They may not be visible during a race, but the drivers make sure to drop their sponsors names any chance they get. I don't think we'll be seeing Zdeno Chara look into the camera and say, "What's in your wallet?"
  5. As far as ads on uniforms, I am one of those who don't want ads on uniforms. Yet I've been to a bunch of AHL games and don't even notice the ads on the jerseys even when sitting up close. I know they are there, but when you're watching a game, the game is the important thing. I've watched a few NBA games, and don't really notice the ads. Where it gets bad is European hockey or the WNBA. I hate clutter and prefer simplicity, I guess that's why I don't mind a small add on a jersey. Where the clutter is getting bad is in college football, where you have a manufacturer logo on one side, a conference logo on the other and then when you add a bowl patch or anniversary patch or both along with the social justice patches this year, it's getting to be so much stuff in so little space.
  6. If Michigan loses to Ohio State this year, does Harbaugh get fired that night or the next day? I have so not been impressed with him at Michigan. It honestly looks like he only went there to say he "coached" at Michigan and he doesn't care what happens.
  7. The Kings have not embraced the purple and gold? Interesting. I swear I went to plenty of games and they wore the purple and gold. The purple jerseys were worn on Legends Nights from 2010-2014 and the Yellow jerseys were worn on Legends Nights from 2014-2017.
  8. Let's get this straight for all the people who have never been to LA and Anaheim... they are not suburbs. Anaheim is not part of LA. End of story. If you want to use that rational, then Canada is just part of the Untied States. Just because two things are close to each other, does not make them the same. Oh and your theory of because the Kings hosted an All-Star game, the Ducks can't or the NHL doesn't want to. Why? I'm pretty darn sure that the players and their families would love to go to Anaheim and Disneyland over any northern city in January. And oh yeah, if Tampa can host the All-Star game two years ago and Florida next year, then I'm pretty sure LA and Anaheim could host it too in a matter of a few years. The fact that the Ducks haven't hosted an All-Star game, is still mind-blowing to me.
  9. This coming from a fan of team "Traffic Cones".
  10. I could care less the reason, I just find it interesting that Clemson has won both times in white jerseys. Maybe they get superstitious and wear the white jersey next year when they return to the title game.
  11. Well, he just needs glasses or better glasses. I just saw Nashville in person and had no problem seeing the numbers. Now I know why the Ducks broadcast is so bad, Ahlers needs glasses. Oh wait, I'm mistaken, it's Heyward that needs to take off his Ducks glasses and actually watch what's happening.
  12. Interesting tid bit. Clemson is 0-2 in their orange jerseys in a National Championship game and 2-0 in their white jerseys.
  13. Throw in my two cents on the Calgary uniforms. I love the 80's throwbacks. I didn't mind the Iginla era jerseys either, but my issue with them was too much black. I was always annoyed with the black numbers and black "C". I just thought the black "C" reminded me of burnt toast and I don't think that's good. White with a thin black outline and a yellow outline or yellow with a thin black outline and white outline would've been perfect for the "C" and numbers. You could leave the striping the same. I just think a minimal amount of black would be good. If you don't use black and want a dark color, then try a maroon as an outline only.
  14. They need to wear this more often. It is by far their best look. I get tradition, but bring this out for non-conference home games and bowl games as the purple jerseys over the yellow pants are gorgeous.
  15. Football - Home team wears dark jerseys, road team wears light. Basketball - Home team wears light jerseys, road team wears dark. Alternates on weekends only, limited to one alternate. Hockey - Dark at home 1st half of the season, whites at home 2nd half of the season. One alternate can be dark or white, but must be worn in that half of the season at home. Baseball - Whites at home, greys on the road. One alternate to be worn on Fridays on the road and Saturdays at home. One patch on left sleeve. Right sleeve for anniversary, all-star and memorial patches. I'm looking at you Arte Moreno's Angels.
  16. As if baseball didn't have a boring label, they are now doing a weekend of every team in black or white, where you can't see the team names, player numbers, or even these stupid nicknames. It's as if baseball is embarrassed by the sport and hopes to hide all players and teams and make them invisible.
  17. I chuckle at this and the people of St. Louis who seem to forget the truth that the Rams burned LA to go to St. Louis. What goes around, comes around, so St. Louis deserves it.
  18. It's been done before. Don't you remember 2016 Red Wings vs Avalanche at Mile High Stadium? I really doubt four years later, the NHL will match the same two teams against each other in the same region.
  19. Saturday home games through the rest of the season and two late December road games.
  20. I think it depends on which team you are thinking of getting. For a team like the Kings, I don't see much difference visually. My wife has a Fanatics one and I compare it to my Reebok replicas and it holds up, and even in store it looks very similar. Yet, I've seen the difference in grey color on the Vegas jerseys. For someone not wanting to spend $200, a Fanatic jersey is a good deal. I will say the Adidas authentics appear to be nice in quality.
  21. As far as these Angels uniforms. I prefer them over what they currently wear, because it's what I grew up watching and the current uniforms are just a ripoff of the Texas Rangers 1990's uniforms. Still Mighty mentioned that he prefers the thicker halo, I never liked that as I thought it was too thick. I think what they wear for a halo is perfect width. There are elements of the current look, that I like and elements that could go. The one thing that should go, is the red jersey. I swear that red jersey is cursed, because it seems as soon as they unveiled it the team started heading south. Of course the "wonderful" management (and that is sarcasm) of Arte Moreno helped that.
  22. This is something I gotta know and I think a lot of people would love to know. Gothamite, you seem to know a lot about Orange County/Anaheim. Where exactly did you get your Doctorates Degree on the subject of Orange County and Anaheim? I'm curious as to what school teaches this subject.
  23. The Kings did this and except for only being worn in warmups, I think this is cool. If you want a good representation of the Wild Wing jersey, check out CustomThrowbacks.com.
  24. Actually Laguna Beach is the Breakers. They reverted back to the Breakers in 2003. Still, both names are very creative.
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