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  1. eee... don't care for those... or the horrible orange jersey either. but i did like the orange pants...
  2. I wouldn't mind if they used the Brownie logo... but not on the helmets, tho.
  3. I like 'em, especially the alt... the "KC" would work with pretty much any team name, too. And I definitely like the slanted numbering on the alt sweaters.
  4. I guess it doesn't cost a lot to register a name with the Patent Office, like Cavaliers Hockey Holdings has done with "Fighting Walleye"... c'mon, are they serious? I know that minor league teams sometimes have gimmicky names and cartoon-y logos but geez... there hasn't even been a hint of what it's gonna look like and I already can't take it seriously. I guess I shouldn't be surprised, not after what happened with the Barons logo. What the heck's gotten into the design people anymore? I thought that the ideal in logo design was to convey the message in a simplistic and elegant manner... not having to use something that looks like it belongs in a comic book, and has seventeen colors. If the 'older' logos are so 'dated', why are those the ones that ENDURE? The Canadiens, Steelers (hiss), Colts, even the Yankees "NY" (altho I guess that's not a logo in the true sense of the word). But you just COULDN'T change those. Oh PLEASE say it's not gonna be the 'Fighting Walleye', oh PLEASE... lol
  5. Actually, - I was thinking of a shoulder patch, something along the lines of the USFL Oklahoma Outlaws, except with more of a "Lone Ranger" look to it. The jerseys would have either "Texas" or "Rangers" in script, and the cap could still have the "T" on it.
  6. I'm wondering if the Texas Rangers are ever gonna have a REAL logo... sigh. And the letter "T" on a baseball doesn't count... altho it'd be ok as a secondary, I suppose.
  7. I'm not sure why, but some traditional uniforms just seem to stand up to time. Personally, I can't imagine seeing the Yankees playing at home in anything other than the pinstripes. The other uniform that comes to mind is the Detroit Red Wings. Both are about as basic as it gets. Penn State just doesn't seem to pull it off as well. And it's not because they don't have the tradition. They used to be pretty good... altho it doesn't look like joining the Big Ten helped much.
  8. The AHL Hershey Bears used a logo in the 70s that featured a skating bear with what looks remarkably like a Hershey bar superimposed over it... one of the best logos ever, IMHO
  9. wow - nobody mentioned the NHL Cleveland Barons logo from the '70s? Now that was uninspired... especially coming on the heels of the WHA Crusaders logo, which I always thot was way cool
  10. It's nice, but there's not really anything about it that'd make you know that the team was called the Devils. You're kinda stuck with either the horns and tail or a pitchfork or something like that, cos that's what most people think of.
  11. The only part of the Nationals uniform I actually like is the cap, even though it doesn't fit with the block lettering of the rest of the uniform. I'm not wild about the name Nationals either, would have much preferred Senators... but it really isn't right I guess, if DC doesn't actually have a senator. I like the red alternate jersey... it's much better than the red/blue/gold combination. But I'd love to see just a basic white uniform, red trim, with "Nationals" in script, maybe outlined in blue.
  12. I like the uniforms. but there's just too many "DC"s on em... cap, jersey, shoulder patch... geez. but they really don't have a logo, so that kinda limits what you can do. some type of a flag patch on the shoulder, maybe?
  13. This is one of my all-time favorites: Cincinnati Stingers
  14. I like it... but (heh)... I understand what you're trying to do with the snake head/C concept, but somehow the head looks too big for the rest of the 'body' if you know what I mean. Also, maybe use a lighter color for the body of the helmet - its kind of close to the color of the snake I think. What about a light gold, kind of keeping the Saints color in it somehow? And I'd definitely use that great secondary logo on the shoulders instead of the helmet logo. But overall, it's great!
  15. I'm with the majority on the secondary logo, I think it'd make a great primary. What about taking the lighthouse out of the alternate, and just using the fisherman inside the triangle as the alternate? Kind of like what the Oilers jerseys have on the shoulders...