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  1. You have the Mets, Jets, and Nets in the greater New York area. Pretty sure the Aeros and Astros could work just fine.
  2. Browns need to go with Orange pants this week, have yet to wear them and would be a nice contrast on the silver/honolulu blue.
  3. Interesting about the number font, will have to look at that when I get the jersey back. Will take pics and post to compare.
  4. I thought it had something to do with being a smaller school and not being able to get/afford all new jerseys from Nike or Nike having a supply issue for their style. I do remember hearing about it though. May be something to ask Uni Watch, I am sure someone out there knows the answer.
  5. Did any of your "resources" get in serious trouble for opening the box and "distributing" the merchandise? I have a few buddies that work at Dick's and said how tight security is on those boxes and that they can not open anything until the final game is over.
  6. Cool to see my local sports guy and friend quoted on here. Was coming in here to see if this had been mentioned yet.
  7. I guess it depends on what you consider an authentic when it comes to NFL jerseys now a days. Back in 2004 I interned with the Oakland Raiders. While there I purchased an "authentic" Jerry Rice jersey, to have him autograph, and a game worn authentic jersey of a skill player to go along with all of my game worn jerseys of teams I have worked for (jersey is framed at my parents so I can't recall his name at the moment). Anyways I am 5'8" and roughly 190lbs and the game worn jersey is so tight on me and extra long that it would be uncomfortable to wear as a jersey out and about, I should have bought a QB's jersey so it laid a little nicer in the frame. Oakland, like I am sure all NFL teams have, have a tailor that comes in and will alter the players jersey to their specifications. So I would say that well over half of the jerseys you see on the field would be terrible authentics to own and wear. So basically to own a NFL authentic jersey you can plan on getting the official lettering/numbering, logos, and fabric but not the on field cut. Next time i am at my parents I will have to get the jersey and take pictures comparing on field authentic vs store bought authentic. Only down side is I think there is some paint on one sleeve because I set it on a table and didn't see that my wife had a can of paint open. Luckily you can't see it in the frame.
  8. My first thought was this helmet of the Portland Breakers, but the colors don't match up. Could easily be a college team that is using the same decal with alt colors. Will look deeper into it.
  9. Sorry to bring this back from the first page, but if you have NFL2K5 it contained a few random/never used NFL jerseys. I am 99% positive this jersey was in the game. It did have the following odd/never used jerseys. 49ers Gold Jersey Rams Gold Jersey Vikings Yellow Jersey Raiders Silver Jersey Cardinals Navy Blue BTW, love this thread! Have thought about stuff like this and thought to myself, did I really see that or was I imagining it?
  10. If you haven't tried it yet, the new customization features in NHL 17 are a dream come true for people on this site. Minus the logo limitations, the options are great. Anyways I have created a EASHL team and I am looking for some identity help. I wanted to go with a traditional name (City_Nickname) but that doesn't fit the online norm, so I went with the Fightin LumberKings, wanted to add the ' to the end of Fightin but the game wouldn't allow it. Yes the name is odd, but if you see some of the names online it fits in perfectly. I am going to use the throwback skating Lumberjack from the Canucks as the main logo and it has an Axe as a secondary logo. Anyways I am struggling with a color scheme and wanted some input from the board. I am thinking something rustic because of the lumberjack logo, but I just can't find anything that sticks. Here are a few choices I have thrown at it, have tried over 5 combos so far. Black, Hunter Green, Orange, White Black, Yellow, Light Blue, White Navy, Columbia Blue, Silver, White Maroon, Columbia Blue, Yellow, White Black, Orange, Columbia Blue I am looking for something unique, any help or inspiration is greatly appreciated!
  11. Looking for the font on the helmets. Thanks in advance! http://limanews.mycapture.com/mycapture/enlarge.asp?image=49181353&event=1717237&CategoryID=65761&picnum=17&move=F#Image
  12. Sorry, I haven't seen them in person. Just wondering where you can get $175 Authentics and be able to sell them for $100 without losing money. To me, obvious sign of a fake.
  13. "My mistake I meant to say miami, but this was a regular season game in 2006 I'm positive" After 2nd thought, you are right it is from 2006. The last game before they installed turf the following season. If I re-call correctly the game I was reffering to was also bad weather, but I think more on the cold side. The game I was mistaken for. http://www.toledoblade.com/BGSU/2003/12/05/Roethlisberger-leads-rout-BG-gets-bowl-bid.html
  14. On Facebook a local community by me has a Garage Sale site. Great site for buying/selling stuff. A person is selling "Authentic" jerseys on there for $100 each. Each jersey is in plastic so it is hard to tell how authentic they are, I'm wondering if anyone on here can tell? Someone called them out on is saying they can get the exact same ones from China and the seller got upset. My guess is they are fakes???
  15. Actually that is Bowling Green vs Miami in the MAC Championship game held in Bowling Green in 2003. Ben Roethlisberger's last season with the Rehawks. Also the last MAC Championship game at a school's site before it was moved to Ford Field in 2004.
  16. I bookmarked this website because I got a kick out of some of the "authentic" jerseys they tried to sell, similar to other sites linked from this thread. Anyways I was bored and looking through my bookmarks and clicked on the link to find the site has been seized by the Homeland Security. Interesting to see how many others will fall under the same fate? Check for yourself. C2Jerseys
  17. The text could be better, but not a bad concept overall. Any suggestions? I am new to the concepts and not very skilled at picking fonts that fit best. I am also thinking about adding a banner or something similar to signify what game we are playing i.e. "Homecoming", "Senior Night", etc. Any suggestions?? I am going to start a new thread for my concept so I don't continue to hijack this thread.
  18. Thanks guys for the help. Here is a quick preview of something I have been working on for the high school I work for. What do you think??
  19. Can someone please tell me, or point me in the right direction, on how to add the metal flake look to the helmet like most NFL and NCAA teams have gone to? Thanks.
  20. I have 2 questions. First love the template, took me a while to get it straight in Photoshop, but now I got it and love it. First question, what is the easiest way to make helmet stripes using Photoshop?? I can't get the curve down right. Second is, I am having troubles with the mask layer. I open it in a new window. Select all and copy. I open the mask channels on the folder and when I make the layer visible and paste in the background stays black. Anyone have any ideas what I am doing wrong?? Thanks.
  21. After all this talk about the jerseys, can anyone list the sites where they are available? You have sparked my interest and I want to check them out for myself, the pictures don't list price or cost of shipping. I am still a little nervous about the scam aspect of ordering from one of those sites.
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