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  1. This thread was Packojacked! I like their chili! GO MUD HENS! Back to the Jets uniforms... I like the green they used. I'm ok with the black trim, although it wasn't necessary. The black uniform is awful The pant and shoulder stripes bother me. The "New York" on the front wasn't needed. As someone else mentioned, they are just this side of OK.
  2. It is nearly impossible to stretch out the modern, polyester 5950s. I miss the wool ones. I've had success shrinking them by putting the hat in the oven (on a baking sheet, no, I'm not kidding) at 300 degrees for 5-7 minutes which shrinks the poly. If anyone has a trick to stretch them I'd be happy to hear it too.
  3. The Tigers have kept the oversized "D" on the batting helmets. The new, "medium" sized, "D" on the hats looks great. They got that part right.
  4. Supposedly, this shows the Tigers' adjusted (size) cap "D". It's smaller than last year, but is bigger than it was in the past. A happy medium I'd say.
  5. Yes, the Tigers will continue to use the "D" that matches the cap (from the uniform change they instituted last year).
  6. I flipped the game on the other night and laughed at how gaudy that "GE" ad is on the Celtics uniform. It's terrible.
  7. I agree 100% The hat D was not well received here in Motown/S.E. Michigan. There is some dislike with the matched jersey D, but most people didn't know it was different in the first place.
  8. Dark brown with gold. I wonder if it'll be the type of DARK brown Western Michigan University football uses. It's almost black. And gold, eh? So no yellow. It'll still look nice if done right. Bring back the friar too...just darken his robe a bit.
  9. I've got 3 of the Adidas. Home and road Red Wingsand home Golden Knights. Very well made. Word of advice. Subscribe to Dick's Sporting Goods email list. I got the Wings jerseys for $135 ($90 off normal price) during a short sale they had right after the season ended.
  10. Thank you. It is much appreciated. With that said, back to the topic...
  11. Wow. Really? Not called for. There was a lot of social media and newspaper responses in the negative. But maybe I just heard 2 old guys. Seriously, that is a nasty response and one I didn’t deserve.
  12. Well, after a season of the Tigers going with the big "D" on the caps, I am hoping for a return to the smaller "D" or at least down size this one a bit. The fan's reaction in Motown to the larger letter on the cap was not well-received at all.
  13. I like Maryland's look, but they should just change the team mascot from "Terrapins" to "Flags" seeing as its become about the state flag and nothing else. Where is there even a hint of the turtle?
  14. The Canucks are the San Diego Padres of the NHL. They never seem to find an identity.
  15. I mentioned this in the NFL top 5....Block numbers for the Steelers.