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  1. Well, I'll start this story off with this, I work at a TV/News Station, WKBT NewsChannel 8 out of La Crosse Wisconsin, its a CBS affiliate. Anyway, I do basic work there, camera, graphics, prompter, tapes. Nothing too in depth, but still a serious job. Anyway, for the last Pre-Season Packer game agasint Tennesse, NFL did not carry the rights to the game, meaning small marketed tv stations could go on field and shoot the game. My friend Ben, is a sports photographer for the news station and was asked to travel to Green Bay to shoot the game. Me being well qualified he picked me to go along with him to help out. First thing about being a member of the media, no fanhood. It was a semi-strict dress code, you couldnt wear packer or titan stuff.. ect. I dressed in black kahkis and a dress shirt. Also, no cheering. Any Cheering could result in loss of credentials. So we started a trip to Green Bay, arrived there around 3:30 (game at 6). Unloaded the 'WKBT-Mobile' and went to the Media Will Call to pick up our on field credentials. We then walked around to the Press Enterence, which was guarded by police and a bomb/drug sniffing dog. After enterting the media area, we had out equipment checked to make sure the frequencies were compatible with the Green Bay frequencies (for wireless mics). We were then treated to a large meal including, chicken, meat loaf, mashed potatoes, and a drink. Around 5:30 my friend Ben headed down to the field, and I started my walk to the Press Box. The walk to the Press Box alone was fun because you are a level above all the other fans. And with me wearing a black suit, I got some pretty odd looks lol. It was nice to feel important like that out of my job. I entered the press box and found my seat, which was right between my stations two highest competitors. After enjoying the first half, we were once again treated to a meal of Hot Dogs, Brats, and Chili (god bless wisconsin). With about 3 minutes left in the game, I headed back down to the media room to wait for my friend Ben. We met up and got ready for interviews. I was to hold the camera (nothing new) and shoot all the post game interviews in the locker room, while Ben held the mic and asked questions. We were let into the Packers Lockerroom along with about 40 other large media stations and attempted to get our interviews. Rodgers interview was kind of tough, but we managed to get almost one on one interviews with: Ryan Grant, Donald Driver, Greg Jennings, Matt Flynn, and Brian Brohm. We interviewed a few other players who are no longer with the team. After getting all the footage we needed we headed back to La Crosse for editing and such. Most of the interviews I shot were used the next day for a post game wrap up special. All in all it was a great experience and I give much respect to the Packers organization for the way we were treated while there.
  2. Strange. I didn't notice that, thanks for pointing that out.
  3. I like the shirt, not the hat though.
  4. ehh, I can't say im thrilled with this. Ill have to see how its used to judge it fully.
  5. Yeahhh, honestly I usually am not one to mess around with all the fancy bevel, flare, and glows. But I wanted something more.. idk, snappy? as a logo. I know simplicity is key, ill work on it.
  6. Well, I Wouldnt call it a business persay, but more of a hobby, but after doing it ALOT I decided to make a myspace page, just to display some work, and lately Ive been getting alot of demands to do more. I whipped up a logo for my page a while back, but since I feel like it is getting a bit more serious, that I should make a new logo, and here is what I came up with. C&C Please.
  7. I dont mean to bump this to the top, but I would just like some insight, I have loosened up my writting style a bit and I would just like some comments and critique on my stories. Much Appreciated in advance.
  8. Thanks officeglenn, I mainly post this to get opinons on making it better. I guess the old blog I used to write for was kinda serious and just like a 'straight to the point' blog. So i kinda wanted to just start this one off with the straight facts. Keep checking it, and I promise not to disappoint.
  9. sorry boys, havent been around much lately. Didn't mean to spam, I just started up my OWN blog, I used to do some work on a blog that five people wrote for, so I just wanted to get it out there. if this thread becomes moved or locked, I will take no offense
  10. Hey guys, I know you guys probally arent ALL Brewers fans. but I started up a Blog, and I'd appreciate it if you took a look at it =]
  11. AceTen

    La Crosse lacrosse

    I Love this design just for the simple fact that I am from La Crosse lol =]
  12. thanks, i appreciate the time to comment on this, people constantly post sports things, and not to say the other things are un-important, but it sucks to actually want input on something for school, and have noone actually give the time to comment on it, but then a concept for the saints will get over 25 comments..
  13. So about a week back I posted my photoshop project for my "raising the bar" assignment. This is what the original looked like: and this is my revised version: Do you like the revised? and is there anything I can do to that to make it better? thanks -james
  14. we had to do an assignment called "Raising the Bar" it had to have like a "bars theme" like signal bars for a cellphone, just looking for c&c before i turn it in
  15. THe 'special assistant' to Richard Gere that he bought in a hollywood XXX store. I think its laughing at me o.o