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  1. Finally I found someone that gets my humor You two should sleep together. Seriously. That's what your momma said to my fist, CLOWN!
  2. Finally I found someone that gets my humor
  4. First, I apologize to Flame for stealing his line/imitation. I personally thought it was a line to ROTFLMMFAO when I did the "puppies" joke on the WrestleMania 21 thread. (I hope he goes to Monday's - 3/14 - RAW taping.) Second, lopernv, I reacted to the "furry abortion" line from WiB by borrowing - for the lack of a better word - Flame's line. It was more of a line that would accompany a line about a bad logo such as that we are talking about. Moral, think before you come to the pulpit, my friends.
  5. The third jersey you did needs a darker shade of blue, maybe midnight navy.
  6. I don't think the NHL will let this one fly with the blue center ice and orange "blue" lines at all. A lighter shade of blue would work better, though. BTW, what happened to the "HSBC Arena" logo?
  7. Now if they could do the eggplant and the white versions...
  8. Doug Flutie, you know how old he is? He's 206.
  9. So, Chris, would the feeling be - dare I say it - Mutual?
  10. Change the black to a navy blue.
  11. Actually, what would they do with the goaler areas, which are painted blue now? Would they change them to an off-white or something?
  12. My proposal is midnight navy, Vegas Gold, scarlet and metallic silver (the latter two from their most recent Stanley Cup run.) Using the third jersey in use as the template, home is midnight navy with Vegas Gold and white trim, the outer circle trim is Vegas Gold on a scarlet circle with crossed swords in silver and white with Vegas Gold handles. Road is white, with navy and gold trim, navy circle trimmed in scarlet and swords identical to the home jersey. Alternate is red, modeled after the current white sweater/jersey with a design from celcius of a gold shield and a navy buffalo with silver and white crossed swords with gold handles with white trim. New shoulder alternate logo for home and away is a charging buffalo in a three-quarters view toward the front. Alternate logo the third sweater/jersey is a white "S" coming through a stylized sword in silver and navy.
  13. FTR, the number "18" is not allowed in NCAA play. Change it to anything between 10 and 15.
  14. All I'm getting is something called Tripod. Ever think about using something like...[blatant plugola]PhotoBucket, the preferred storage system of the CCSLC?[/blatant plugola]
  15. Holy Crapitola! What in the name of the unwashed undershorts of Carmello Anthony is THAT piece of garbage?
  16. Where's that "THUD!" smiley when you really, really need it?
  17. 1. From my days as a writer on "The Bozo Show" on WGN-TV. 2. All the soccer matches can't be played in one city, they have to spread them out. Philly, Washington and Boston (read: Foxborough, Mass.) would be the likely sites as satellite hosts for these games with the Meadowlands serving as site for the semi-finals, third-place matches and finals.
  18. "Not much. You?" (Anyone who lives in Wisconsin or listens to public radio should get that. Love that backdoor quoting.)
  19. I guess Lance went to Benedictine Arnold High School for that one! I'd love to see Philly host a few soccer matches at The Linc if NYC gets the 2012 bid.