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  1. I heard an NFL exec talking about this on (I think) NFL Network, and I understand they don't want coaches abusing the challenge privilege. But if the play's going to be reviewed anyway, what advantage does Schwartz (in this case) gain? He's not stopping a team running the hurry-up, or trying to keep the clock from running out. He's caught up in the game and he wants to make sure the play gets reviewed. His reflex is probably to get the flag out as quickly as possible.
  2. This. I don't see how committing the penalty really "benefitted" the Lions, and not following established review procedure punished them by allowing a phantom touchdown plus fifteen yards.
  3. What is also weird is how the stripes are different depending on the player., some are slim while others are thicker... The Giants have been doing this for a few seasons now; they wear the road pants any time they are on the road - even in Dallas and anywhere else they wear the blue jerseys on the road. The stripes look different on some players because they are wearing the super-stretchy material pants; the stripes are made of the same material and kind of stretch out; other players are wearing the normal material and the stripes don't stretch out. More fun with pants: Can anyone tell whether number 41 (defensive back) for the Cowboys is wearing the silver-silver pants, as opposed to the silver-green pants?
  4. Class always tells... thanks for providing yet another example of our home state's high culture and genteel tradition! em
  5. But joel, you didn't say "Holtz is a disgrace," you said we were. After last year's fairly rotten season, we were ranked 57th--about the middle of the pack. I'm not bursting with pride over this, but we are hardly the '70s-era Tampa Bay Bucs of the NCAA. And as for culture, you won't find much in that neck of the woods. Believe me, I spent the first 25 years of my life looking (I'm from the Piedmont myself). I've lived in Columbia, SC, and I've lived in New York City, and I do know enough not to confuse the two; but Columbia is a little better off in the culture department than Greenville. Before the Civil War, South Carolina's (okay, Charleston's) cultured people and cultural institutions were comparable to any in the United States. Unfortunately, we had some dumb folks, too. Some of them were politicians. And as for places in these United States that lack for culture, South Carolina contains some of them. Some others are below the Mason-Dixon line. Others are above. If I can believe an Illinois boy named Hemingway, one or two of them might be dangerously close to Michigan. em
  6. This, from the side that was so righteously, grievously offended by the old "culture versus agriculture" joke. Thanks for showing us how to change the tone! And enjoy your new Clemson Broncos unis. em
  7. Hi all. Yes, I'm passing along rumors, which I collected from the Gamecocks message board linked at A couple of posters who claim to have spoken directly with Lou Holtz say that the new jerseys will be black, the helmets will be black, and the helmet logo will be the interlocking "USC" that has been featured on the jersey sleeves for the last several years.(I assume there will be some garnet trim somewhere.) Supposedly these changes were made at the players' request. One poster said he or she had seen a prototype of the new helmet in somebody's office. Other posters complained about the loss of the gamecock-in-block-C logo (good riddance to it, I say); others wanted the helmets to feature the "SC" logo from the baseball caps (an idea I like); one poster suggested the Claw logo (an idea I love). All we know for sure is that changes will be made, as previously reported. I wonder why it's taking them so long to announce the new unis, seeing as how lots of other colleges have already displayed their 2004 uniforms. Best, em
  8. I don't care much whether the new helmet is garnet or black, as long as it's different. I wouldn't mind a logo change either (use the Claw, Lou! Use the Claw!) I don't like the gamecock-in-block-C logo very much. A rough chronology: The Gamecocks wore white helmets (which were pretty cool, for white helmets) in the 70s, garnet helmets from the 80s to the mid-90s, and white helmets since Holtz arrived. A couple of times in the early 70s, seniors wore black helmets on senior day. The home jerseys have gone from red to black and back to red. The black "GAMECOCKS" jerseys from the Todd Ellis era were quite popular. Best, e_m (who remembers what a big deal it was when Dietzel came to town)
  9. vic, I like your Browns stuff, even though I don't like the dog logo. Those jerseys are really good. How about a compromise, Browns fans? Leave the helmet orange, add that light-brown color, and use vic's jerseys and pants. You'll have to change eventually (unless you like those ugly truncated stripes on today's jerseys), and if you keep the helmet you have now, the rest of vic's work is pretty much nothing more than an update (and an upgrade, if you ask me). Best, e_m
  10. Hi Braden. Great work! You've convinced me: my beloved Panthers need an upgrade, not an overhaul. Your work on the helmet stripe is excellent. And I don't know if it's deliberate or not, but I really like the way you've darkened the silver to gray. All of these concepts are better than the Panthers' current uniforms. Best, e_m
  11. Re: the beaten dead bears: Oh snap. My brain must have gone into chimp mode when the Cowboys' two pairs of pants were discussed in this forum. My apologies. There is some hope for me, however, as I was able to figure out (without counting on my fingers) which pants went with which jersey. e_m
  12. [Don't forget "Centurion, stwike him wuffwee"] The one that kills me is when the guards can't stop snickering about the name of the emperor's friend, and Pilate gets into a guard's face like a drill sergeant and says, "He has a wife, you know. Would you like to know what she's called?" and the guard whimpers, "Oh, God..." Suggested cheer for the Cologne Centurions: "Centurions, frow them wuffwee! Frow them wuffwee to the ground!" It's better if you imagine that the cheerleaders are wearing togas. Best, e_m
  13. Two notes: (1) Don't teams have to petition the NFL by September if they want to change their unis the next season? Does anyone know if any teams did this? There's no word, not even a rumor, on (2) Re: Dallas: I thought I noticed this before, but wasn't sure. On Saturday night, I tried to get a good look at the Cowboys' pants color, and it looks to me like they got rid of the metallic silver green. Those pants looked plain silver to me. They looked better than they have in the last few years (although I really like the light blue pants from the sixties). Did anyone else notice this? Best, e_m
  14. Hi Jezus. I think you could try aqua jerseys and orange pants in the Dolphins' set. What I'm mainly thinking of, though, is something like the Titans' alts: navy shoulders, light blue torsos, navy pants. Someone like the Patriots or the Bills could try dark blue on top, lighter blue on bottom, or vice versa (emphasis on "try," as in "mock up a uniform, put it on a guy *in pads*, see what it looks like, ixnay it if it sucks"--as opposed to "let players who couldn't match colors for a million dollars pick out what we're wearing this week"). This kind of thing wouldn't work for everyone, and I wouldn't want to see everyone do it. Tennessee's set works. The Bills' navy jerseys with that-other-color-blue pants might not. If I were a betting man, I'd bet that no red - dark blue combo would work (call it Ole Miss syndrome). I liked the Ravens' black-purple combo of a few years ago, but most people didn't. Chris Berman hated that combo so much he still mentions it when a team wears all black. Best, e_m
  15. gosioux thinks the Dolphins' aqua pants looked different from the aqua jerseys. I think the Jets' green AOCs have the same problem. Although I must say I kind of like (translation: don't completely hate) the Jets' green set for that reason. Somehow it works a little better when there seems to be a little contrast. And for some reason the big white stripes on the Jets' pants help. I wouldn't mind if someone (other than the Titans) at least tried complimentary dark colors. If you can get an effect like that of the Titans' alternatives, why not try it? I'm not sure I'd want to see this done with red, but you might be able to do something interesting with blues or greens. Nothing, however, can save the Dolphins' all-aqua set. At least they're not wearing vertically striped socks. Best, e_m