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  1. I hope the Raptors go with their new logo in the middle, the Claw logo in the middle looks to plain, at least add a circle or something.
  2. The Rogers Centre is awesome when the roof is open. It's like a real ball park, I've been there live on a sunny day and it's awesome.
  3. http://youtube.com/watch?v=knQnCPaDGEk
  4. - The leafs have been around forever and ever so they are first. - The blue jays were #1 in the late 80s early 90s but haven't made the post season since and people in general seem to go to a baseball game these days just to enjoy baseball and not necessarily the Jays (which is not a good thing). - The Raptors are popular amongst the minority groups especially and with a lot of young kids/hollywood north-esque people (yes we have them in Canada). Here is the thing though, while people always say Toronto is a "hockey town" it actually isn't but rather hockey starts and ends with the blue maple leaf. A lot of people don't know the actual sports history of this city and completely ignore just how good of a football town this is. If this city ever got a NFL franchise they would right up there. Also that whole baseball strike thing is bogus, hardly any one holds grudges any more, the team just sucks and those people who don't want to be fans blame the strike. I mean these are the same fools that are still watching hockey after the NHL took a year off.
  5. Exhibition stadium was a crappy stadium, but the atmosphere on a nice summer day was perfect. I still prefer that to the atmosphere in the cavernous skydome.
  6. Does this board not say "sports in general?" Well this is a general thread. I don't even see a youtube thread.
  7. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zJQBCSAdHZ8 Look at the uniforms and the passing, omg the passing! They look like a circus. It's in the beginning of the video.
  8. Don't hate the country, just hate the sports media. For the record I don't hate hockey, I just think it's an irrelevant sport.
  9. Didn't you say you were leaving? Damn 51st Stater. Is your heart broken?
  10. the JETS too... do peggers actually think people will give a flying in this country or others if the damn Jets came back and won the cup?
  11. Please leave these boards and never come back. You too chris creamer, you :censored:ing blow! And your site is full of hockey logos on the front page full of dumb facts no one cares about. I bet if you had more NFL, EPL etc stuff on your main site you'd get way more hits. But since it's full of hockey people outside of Canada probably look at it in confusion and look to sportencyclopedia. you!
  12. Why can't this guy look for another sports team in general? We already have 6 Canadian hockey teams in this country, but Toronto is the only city that has other sports teams. I hate the people in this country sometimes when it comes to sports.
  13. Still haven't won a Major Sports Championship and with the bills season coming up there appears to be no hope. Also, the AFL championship doesn't count...
  14. ^ Clay is still better than Heisley