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  1. Thanks guys! I've added the Dropbox link to the file in the first post. Check it out and let me know what ya think of it. Any comments would be GREATLY appreciated.
  2. So I was feeling a bit nostalgic for my favorite Phillies unis and decided that I'd create a font based on their old logos from the 1980's. I brought in a lot of inluences that I could find and tried to make a font that fits the bill. Here are a few samples: Here's the characters I've created, as well as some of the ligatures and stylistic alternates I've created: Let me know if you have any comments or if you have other samples of the letters from back then you'd like to see added. I plan on releasing it once it get it all tweaked! I think I have most of the kerning done. I've uploaded an initial release here. Download it, give it a try, and let me know if there are any problems with it!
  3. Just received confirmation from the University. They're changing the crown logo, nothing else. No name change at this time.
  4. Sorry, meant July 1st, not June 1st. Found this article here that says the school enlisted the company A3 Designs to work on the new image. Also talks about the possibility of the school changing it's name to become more disassociated with UNC School system. Just wanted to see if anyone had any concrete information about the "July 1st" release potential.
  5. I've been hearing talk recently that the UNC Charlotte 49ers are considering changing their logo offering. I've heard June 1st is the date that the new designs are to be released. Has anyone else heard any news in regard to this?