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  1. I'm a lifelong Lions fan and I can't think of a time I've ever seen them play in blue outdoors at night. Looks really nice.
  2. Great concepts! Only (mild) criticism is how the cap looks with the road grays. The solid color cap and white letter cap logo looks off with the gray uniform. Maybe use a yellow or light blue bill? Or use white script for the jersey?
  3. I mean it's a pretty good logo, and their current primary is absolutely dreadful, but this can't be their primary logo. It's just a Moose, not a Warrior.
  4. Brown and yellow is the worst color combination in sports. Looks like the bottom of an unflushed toilet. I guess that would be appropriate for the Padres, though.
  5. They should have made these neon yellow or something. They're not loud enough.
  6. 1. Ottawa 2. Florida 3. Tampa Bay Did anything change with the Habs? I can't find the update.
  7. I like that update a lot better. Much more NHL-ready, I'd say!
  8. Seems like NBA teams do this all the time. I'd almost bet there are more teams in the NBA that have undergone a color (or even complete identity) change than not.
  9. Also, tree frogs are just naturally goofy-looking creatures.
  10. I think the frog is very well-designed, but I don't think it would fit in the NHL. Seems like too much of a minor-league aesthetic. It reminds me of the green bug that used to be on Columbus' uniforms. They phased him out to look more like a major league franchise.
  11. If the blue in the Niners concept was for Levis, then you should have given them Levi Blue pants!
  12. Can you do Detroit next? Great series, by the way.
  13. I like this, but I'd like it even more if you turned it 90 degrees. Then it would look like a tasty hamburger.
  14. I like the green and blue Sea Lions a lot, but I think I'd like it more if you made it so the crest didn't have to change its coloring for each jersey. It looks a little odd now on the dark jersey.
  15. That look is absolutely hideous and certainly not MLB-quality. It isn't even TATC worthy.
  16. That black and teal Sea Lions set is AWESOME!... They'd be a great AHL affiliate for San Jose.
  17. I love everything about the Pilots... Except the brown. I just think it's a yucky color. If you replaced it with green I think I'd like it would be the clear winner thus far.
  18. They can't be seriously considering putting an MLB club in Mexico, can they? Isn't that entire country a wildly dangerous narco state?
  19. Why is the Nike logo on the sleeves backward?
  20. I think that one's for when the Raiders move to the SS.
  21. Aha! So this was an ingenious theory after all. Maybe my initial conclusion was based on incomplete information, but it led to a very significant discovery - huge collars WITHOUT flywire are the optimal construction for on-field success, as demonstrated by the improbably unbeatable Texans. If Houston wins the Super Bowl, how likely is it that their innovation will spread like wildfire across the football landscape?