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  1. Man baseball sure has changed in the past 3 years.
  2. Champions League starts tomorrow. Can a MLS team finally win it this season? The draw hasn't been favourable for TFC. Should they advance past Colorado, they'll seemingly have to play Tigres, in a match-up of probably the best MLS and Liga MX teams.
  3. WVU hasn't lost in North America, that should count for something.....or not.
  4. Bigger implosion; FC Dallas or Sacramento's MLS bid?
  5. I'm hearing some friends saying he may be sent to Montreal, which would be horrible.
  6. Literally on the train leaving the TFC parade and celebration. What a day and weekend for TFC and all the fans. From worst team in the world to treble winners. Cant for February and the start of the Champions League.
  7. Also note that relegation in those countries is often determined by PPG average over the past 3 seasons. If relegation is a foreign concept in the USA, the average points table is from Pluto.
  8. I'm not crying, you're crying
  9. Is there any question that the Toronto-Montreal rivalry has become the most intense in North America over the past couple years?
  10. Toronto lost last year in San Jose to 9 men. The winning goal came after the Quakes went down to 9 on a howler from Bono. Soccer is a funny sport.
  11. What is the stadium at Disney World like? Would Orlando/Kissimmee be a viable location for a AAA team? I get travel would be a bit of a pain but it's a large market and with the amount of tourists you'd get that novelty factor.
  12. Because of the issues going on in Eastern Ukraine many teams in the Ukranian Premier League don't play anywhere near the cities they represent. Most notably Shaktar Donetsk play in Lviv which is over 1200km east of Donestsk.
  13. True but I think he realized he couldn't compete anymore. I think he's been suffering through a nagging injury. I just don't see him leaving. If Barca or someone comes in with an huge offer that could change things, but I don't see it happening.