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  1. Salt Lake wouldn't work for the MLB. It's too big of a sport for a town our size to support. As much as I'd love it, I just don't see it happening. That said, the NHL and even NFL would be a more viable option for the Salt Lake market. The NHL mostly because SLC has always been a hockey town (or was one before the Jazz moved here in '79). The NFL might work because the demographics are changing and football has quickly eclipsed basketball as the state's most popular sport. Oh and they only play once a week. That said, an NFL team might cut into the attendance of both BYU and Utah football games, so I'm not so sure about that one. Realistically, the NHL is probably Salt Lake's best opinion at expanding their pro-sports market beyond the NBA, MLS and AFL.
  2. In the summer of 1999 I was at a swap meet in Salt Lake City and came across an old 1998 Utah Jazz NBA Champions t-shirt. Of course, I purchased it and now have it somewhere in my closet. Sad day that was. Also, around half time of the Utah Utes-Kentucky Wildcats NCAA Basketball championship game in 1998, my dad was on the phone looking to order 100 Utah Utes NCAA Champion t-shirts and hats. The Utes were up by 10 at the half and no team in NCAA history had ever come back from that large of a deficit. Well Kentucky did and won the 1998 NCAA Championship. 1998 was two kicks to the crotch. One in March with the Utes and the other in June with the Jazz, when they lost to the Bulls in game six of the Finals.
  3. Back in 1997 and 1998 the Jazz had their championship shirts printed up, and after the Jazz lost to the Bulls (both times), they gave the shirts to charity.
  4. I'm pissed at EA for what they did to NBA Live/Madden '06 for the XBOX 360. Both those games suck, and if it weren't for Madden being the only NFL game on 360, I probably wouldn't be playing it. Luckily, NBA 2K6 360 is worlds better than Live '06.
  5. You're crazy! That logo rocks.
  6. I think they need to name it Rick Majerus Court, but we know that'll never happen......
  7. No one should mistake me for a master pumpkin carver....the Block U for the University of Utah Utes.
  8. Well Utah hasn't painted the keys for years. It's been like that since I could remember (early 90s).
  9. This is their logo: This was their old logo, back in the 50s:
  10. What? Utah's logo the worst? And it isn't just a U in a circle. The circle is a drum and feather and I think the logo is simple, yet classic. The fact that it's a drum makes it worse! Think what you will....I like it.
  11. What? Utah's logo the worst? And it isn't just a U in a circle. The circle is a drum and feather and I think the logo is simple, yet classic.
  12. It's been like that for quite some time. In fact the day of the game the NCAA ruled the Utes can keep their name & logo!
  13. They remind me of a Coca-Cola bottle.