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  2. Mets new 2010 batting practice cap:
  3. Very-very nice attempt. But like all Devils logos and uniform revisions - nothing I have seen comes close to capturing one of the most classic and best looks in the NHL - that is the current Devils logo and uniform ensemble.
  4. Truly, the epitome of a travesty. Sports talk? Follow the clues. Canine's are us. Might be rabid? Nothing can get by him. Minus a Mike. But the Flintstones pet is here. Up in the sky in outer space. Winning numbers are 123 and 144. A travesty I tell you.
  5. Hey Cuz, relax now, we're all bigots (if we're honest with ourselves) in some way. Bigots I say - not racists.
  6. It's a travesty I tell you all. A travesty. Join me on the radio tomorrow. I'll make sure to mention we all spoke about this issue. The travesty I mean.
  7. That's awful if that's the case. Guess they all can't look as radical as my Broncos.
  8. Really? How come everyone else has to throw back to 1960 except them? This kind of flies in the face of the 50th year AFL thingie - no?
  9. The throwbacks the Patriots are wearing aren't correct. That helmet they have been wearing is not the helmet they wore in 1960. Why are they excluded from wearing their original head wear? If this has been covered before and addressed - my apologies.
  10. Actually Limbaugh was junked because he has said far tooo many controversial statements, and because NFL owners did not feel they could risk the reputation of there sport by having an owner who has a nationally synidcated political talk show on air every day. You point out that Goodell is married to a Fox News correspondent, his dad was a Republican Senator, its not like Goodell comes from the kind of stock who could really give two thoughts as to how succesful Barack Obama is as President. Neither could most of the NFLs owners, I would imagine. And besides, people seem to think Limbaugh has the right to be an NFL owner. Why doesn't the NFL have the right to refuse someone as an owner, should they choose to? (Not that that is what happened in this case, what happened was that a businessman decided that the presence of Limbaugh was putting a risk the opportunity to buy a team he wanted to buy, and dropped him. Does he not have that right either?) Anyways on topic- Personally I would much prefer the Mets get rid of the black, as I would prefer the Knicks did as well. In both cases it seems to me historically shameful, and design wise unnecessary. Yeah I agree, I don't like Black on the Mets.
  11. I like a lot of the work you have done here - - but as is the case I feel with each and every attempt to revise the Jets uniform, I feel this one, although good, doesn't capture the classic look and feel they now have. The Jets have a great set of suits (sans the green pants imo), but much like the New Jersey Devils, I feel, it is impossible to improve upon.