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  1. Fun to look out, brings a new level of integrity to the brand. Digging the extent of which you took your concept; with the alternates and applications. With their preference for nostalgia and having one of the "untouchable" logos/brands in the NBA, and pro sports... this is what I'd imagine is the perfect fixer-upper, upgrade, to their logo. I could see Nike implementing this and the hype around it. While the departure from the multi-dimensional word mark makes me slightly miss it... I think this would be welcomed, fresh, new; after all these years of harsh criticisms by way of mediocrity. It's bold, it's classic, and it still keeps their timeless brand intact. I'd still be interested to see other ways their identity could be pushed further; but this is one of my favorites. Dope. Check my NBA rebrands out too, if you like.
  2. It's been entirely too long, CCSLC. How I've missed partaking here.. back after a few quieter years of browsing through. https://www.behance.net/gallery/76186641/Branding-Brooklyn-Jam Teaser image: For those of you that don't know me, I joined this board when I was all of 17 (almost 32 now)... and was part of a select assortment of designers, that started their careers on concepts made in MS Paint, (yes that MS Paint, in all of its pixelated nostalgia). Gained so much knowledge here, not just at the level of sports branding, but design in general. It's great to see how far Chris has brought this endeavor. I'd like to update you all with a recent project, involving the development of a charity basketball tournament, taking place annually in Brooklyn, NY, at the infamous Basketball City (2017) as well as Sportika Sports (2018). The tourney, in addition to a series of five-on-five games leading to a championship, for boys' in their junior high-high school years, boasts a robust dunk contest, featuring dunkers from TNT's Dunk King, and many guest appearances from current NBA players, and NY basketball legends (Charles Oakley, Larry Johnson, John Starks, Kyle O'Quinn, and Quincy Acy, to name a few). I've recently added the project to my Behance portfolio, and would like to share here. This, paired with the 2014 NBA Summer League design internship, were the closest I've come to professional sports branding. There's a project also on my Behance, dedicate to this intthat displays some of the creative from that year's Summer League, where I interned through the entirety of the 2-week rookie-packed event, as lead designer, in Las Vegas: https://www.behance.net/gallery/18595973/Designing-the-2014-NBA-Summer-League. (This page in my portfolio needs some serious updating, as I did with the Brooklyn Jam, but still shows the greater parts of the project. I've got more work to share, and I hope to be posting over the next few weeks, in tandem with updating my portfolios. I hope everyone from the days of yesteryear are doing well; designing and thriving. Looking forward to hearing from everyone!! Bonus content: MY OLD WEBSITE containing all of the MS PAINT madness!! Enjoy!! http://www.angelfire.com/va3/logoandunifrmconcpts/ **I admit that I've slacked tremendously on updating the NBA uniforms section of the site; most of which I created the images of each, currently on display. I have aspirations to jump back in this, though its a tedious task--I'd surely benefit from a team that could split some time on updating it. With all of the new Nike unis, its sure to be a heavy (but fun) lift.
  3. Full project here: https://www.behance.net/gallery/47660267/SD2LA-The-Los-Angeles-Breakers The beach. The palm trees. Hollywood. America's game in the City of Angels. Los Angeles deserves an NFL team that's undoubtedly, indigenously LA. With San Diego returning to it's roots after 55 years in San Diego, they are in need of a new brand. This brand should still pay some homage to the Charger days, but with a fresh take on the identity that also embraces LA, in equilibrium. I sought to feature the LA surf, sun and celebrity culture. I think this brand better speaks to the fan base in LA, versus just slapping "Los Angeles" in front of Chargers.
  4. A different direction from me... https://www.behance.net/gallery/47660267/SD2LA-The-Los-Angeles-Breakers
  5. I found this on Shutterstock.... which came first? Because somebody's not doing something right..or did Cleveland shutterstock their Dawg Pound logo? Lol, wouldn't put it past them. http://premier.shutterstock.com/image/detail-336886349/mascot-head-of-bulldog
  6. ALL STAR LOGO: Looks appropriate... for the D-League. The odd curvature, faux-iron work this time is laughable. The only good New Orleans NBA ASG logo was 2008 Shouldve never left Charlotte. 3 times in 8 years in New Orleans? C'mon, there's 29 other cities to choose from. WIZARDS: Perfect for its "stars and stripes" purposes. Nailed it. It's a beauty. Being a life long Wizards fan and living a few miles from the city, this level of creativity in a uniform is welcome. I finally like where their brand is headed. SIDE NOTE...I just met John Wall this weekend, that was kinda cool. He was wearing a throwback Kevin Garnett rookie jersey.
  7. Kodrinksy man, wow impressive, the attention to detail and accuracy and Kobe court seals the deal. I think the more important question is, is anyone going to add these to the mother ship? I know it's cumbersome. I could, but I haven't much time in my hands currently, and I still haven't even had the time to add new Jazz & Kings unis yet. Who else mods the NBA section? These should, with the permission of Kodrinsky, all go up, ASAP.
  8. Hmm..interesting. Unusual they'd blatantly reveal future logos this early on. They generally make a better effort to keep it under wraps.. But I wouldn't be surprised. I do think its an improvement over the current set up; I like that both "Detroit" and "Pistons" are equal size and command more respect than the current logo. The typeface they use for their wordmarks is also so well crafted, that it helps the case of this as a primary logo. It creates interesting shapes.. nuanced aggression. It's the only good thing left over from the teal-horse days, where it originated. Here's to hoping they ditch the stupid D in the P secondary. It's not a logo. It's a Pacer-esque knock-off that forces another letter into the counter of the P. Here's to hoping they have some degree of crafty & witty secondaries to make up for the blandness of the primary. #StillBetterThanOKCandLAC I'm pretty sure we can do better right here on these boards...
  9. Really missing the "sportslogos.net" link at the top! The nice bit from the last set up was being able to toggle between mothership and the boards. Other than that, great upgrade, the chat feature is kinda random and has me in a room with a bunch of random users. Would love to see this top leader and UI style applied to the mothership as well.
  10. Take your time with these. They all look rushed. I had the same problem when I started in 2005. (I.e. "I was able to crank out the Suns today!") Refine them. Let your eyes off them for a few days. Revisit them. You can't Hulk through these. Ask yourself if you can really see a team adopting it, a hall of famer wearing it and fans wearing the marks on apparel. Mavericks look demonic. That said, their current horse head also looks like it's on amphetamines. A lot of your typography and wordmarks need help. Majority are overly aggressive. Your profile views and character marks (I.e. raptors, cavs, hornets, wolves) are disproportionate. They don't flow smoothly, as one holistic view icon/logo mark. The angle of the view are in most cases not consistent. The Cav has no neck and his head looks like it's tilting to the side. Wolf head looks like it's in a fish eye view, which makes it look more cutesy than it does refined or timeless. Check your line weights across the board - (outlines, highlights, word marks). Check your logo-to-word mark size ratio. Also be conscious of how the two interact together. Many are too big for the other and vice versa; or just plopped on top. Also, color balance. The hornets word mark has way too much purple in comparison to the logo. This wordmark's "squeeze" effect also looks very forced. Wizards with just the Capitol building will not work as primary imagery. The bball ceiling is a nice idea, but overall it's not as seamless as their current brand, which is definitely the best in their history. It's not a government organization. Lakers wordmark looks like it's trying to hard. The Lakers are a finesse team, a classic team and doesn't need to fall into trendiness. Tone down the serifs and the shear. The Suns word marks are the most plausible and the best thing so far to me. Celtics are also the most realistic update. Slow down and you can likely make these a lot better. Look at other logos and study what makes them work; the nuances, the little things. Right now, you're missing the little things.
  11. It looks like the image you'd see in this forum in a thread titled "Tweaking the NBA" and the subtitle "25/30" Raptors are now up!" It looks like a failed China counterfeit
  12. Secondary 1 would be the perfect primary logo for them... well done.Thanks for all your feedback. I want to make note that these logos maybe went through one round of edits and still need a lot of work. But just to kind of get the concept down. The side view Raptor is very jurassic-park reminiscent and dont think that would fly. They all need to be fleshed out significantly more and if I get to do that I will definitely re-post. I'm really not convinced with what they've unveiled so far. and the we the north this is our shield stuff just seems forced/embellished.
  13. What happened? We were doing so well with Pelicans and then Hornets. The render of the claw into the ball looks sloppy to me. Just plain block type? I'm not against it, just seems arbitrary. Are the claws just merging with the lines of the ball? The ball-footprint logo was far ahead of its time. Sad it doesnt seem itll be around. Anyway, FWIW, this was something I was working on, very prelim stages - a few weeks old. Was planning to go back and tweak, perhaps talk to the folks I know at the NBA and push this to the organization, but at this point it seems as if they chose what it is. I can't believe the Raptors fell for that if that is the new logo.
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