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  1. What about the UFL wordmark font?
  2. Fun fact: Playmakers game sequences were filmed at the Rogers Centre in Toronto. For Black Sunday uniforms, please see Super Bowl X.
  3. The 'Darwin's Waiting Room' font please. Obscure 2000s rap-metal!
  4. Dark Crystal http://simplythebest.net/fonts/fonts/darkcrystal.html
  5. What about the UFL logo font?
  6. What's the font for the word 'NITRO'?
  7. I know the font is kind of distorted/distressed, but I know it's a full font because I've seen it.
  8. How about the World Poker Tour logo font?
  9. Any guesses on the font here?
  10. Does anyone know what font this is?
  11. I'm looking for this font without the lines around it (like what the XFL used). What is it called?
  12. Try Telegrafica.... it's a free font that should come really, really close..... I found the font listed as Telegrafico, if that helps people find it. Thanks for this one, since I was about to ask for the old WCW Nitro namebar font...and this is the same font!
  13. Is the 'ONE NIGHT STAND' part of an actual font?
  14. Any help on what the 'YES-FM' part is written in would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  15. *runs into thread with painted face and 'FONTS' written across belly* WOOOOO! YEAHHH! GO FONTS!! *spills beer*
  16. Anybody post MJ in jersey #12 yet?
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