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  1. Essentially what Uniwatch leaked a few days ago. Boring. Wa s hoping they would incorporate the Elf in some way...
  2. Well, the good news is I can pull out my Peyton Hillis jersey from 2010 and I have the new Browns' jersey - sans Nike swoosh.
  3. Thanks for the clarification on this. As an aside, I wonder what the sales on these things have been like? Personally, I can't see paying $30 for the mini and upwards of $200 - $300 for an alternate that's never going to see the field. But, to each his own...
  4. I am not seeing things, right? I am hoping more members from the board can go on and confirm what I am seeing. I just logged on there to view the sports section and its the first thing I noticed - it jumped right out at me. I don't think it can be a coincidence - can it?
  5. I just noticed that the graphics of Browns helmets associated with Browns articles on have changed to a grey facemask. Might just be an error, or.... Specifically there is an article on the sports frontpage entitled, "The unforeseen disadvantage Kevin Stefanski and the Browns face this season: This Week in the Cleveland Browns"...
  6. Embarrassed that I bought into this. I think it just shows the level of anticipation everyone has for a new uniform reveal. That being said, I wouldn't be unhappy with these as the new uniforms. I do like the sleeve stripe.
  7. As much as I like them - these aren't a leak. Found the full page - spelled "Celeveland"
  8. Twitter has been alive with these concepts this morning. Several posters saying this is a leak:
  9. Yep, all retail is closed down here in Cleveland, to my knowledge...
  10. There is talk that the draft will get pushed back. However, I'm hoping the Browns and other teams will still go ahead with the reveals just to keep the Fans satisfied (and keep the NFL in the news)...
  11. With all of the other leaks and discussion going on centering on the Buccaneers, Chargers, Rams, etc., I have to believe that there will be Browns' news soon - no?
  12. On the subject of the Browns' uniforms: I saw a tweet several days ago from someone who had supposedly seen several of the new uniform designs in the NFL. I wanted to post it at that time but didn't have the opportunity - now I can't find the tweet. I am paraphrasing but this person's comment was essentially that the Browns had "mailed it in". One person's opinion I know - but I think it gives further credence to the idea that they are returning to the classic look and that we shouldn't expect anything too innovative.