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  1. Really? Is that based on the fact that both Freddie and OBJ have worn that shirt with the Elf logo a number of times, conjecture, or are you hearing something?
  2. Nice! Not that surprising based on their popularity. What's this say about next year's new uniform? 2 Uniform reveals in as many seasons...
  3. Not at all - there were a number of elements, such as the contrast stitching, color sets, and sleeve stripes, that I think they executed very well on. My point is - it seems that there is an opinion that - since they didn't execute very well on a number of innovations, that the Browns should just stick with the tried and true and not take any risks.
  4. I, for one, am not going to criticize them for thinking outside the box - it was in the execution that they went wrong. Make a few minor adjustments to the current set (lose the Browns word mark on the pants, Cleveland on the chest, and adjust the drop shadow on the the numbers) and they may have been on to something. Honestly, some of the concepts done by designers on this and other sites that push the envelope are some of the most satisfying and intriguing ideas that I have seen.
  5. How about a subtle logo pattern on the Browns' helmet - maybe interlocking "C"'s - similar in visibility to what is on the brown helmet stripes now? Very faint - so that from a distance the helmet retains its orange, logo-less appearance - but up close the logo is identifiable. Lose the brown stripe pattern obviously. Just trying to think outside the box.
  6. Whoops - I see the links now sorry For what its worth - I prefer the "C" logo with the extra outlines as well.
  7. Yes - I'd like to see these as well...
  8. The "B" stands for "Butch" - as in Butch Davis - which is synonymous with bad
  9. Per Daryl Ruiter, Browns' beat reporter, the NFL is leaning toward not granting the Team's request to wear the color rush uniforms 5-8 times this coming season. My guess is, as Ruiter points out in the article, Nike is likely pressuring the NFL to make the Browns wear the regular uniform...
  10. Would love to see them lose the "Browns" wordmark from the pants and continue the stripe all the way down.
  11. Agreed - I believe the news is about the color rush jerseys as well. Can they be used as the primaries this year?
  12. I get it, but Zegura is a fan too. I doubt he would be so superfluous if he didn't care for them. If I had to guess, its a return to the '86-'87 style uniforms - Bernie Kosar era.
  13. Heard this segment on the radio as well. A little disappointed - but I could accept it if the Browns came up with an official logo that was more creative than an orange helmet.
  14. Nathan Zegura, Cleveland Browns Senior Media Broadcaster, says jerseys are "glorious"
  15. I can't see the Brown ever not having an orange helmet - its just too ingrained in fans' minds...