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  1. Interesting. The sun/moon/stars would look nice on a white top. I'm not completely familiar with MLS' kit rules...but would you suppose that they would allow different badge/crest/logos corresponding to home/away kits?
  2. Those new unis are incredibly clean and a lot less flashy than some of their previous offerings, aren't they?
  3. Honest question here for those that follow NASCAR - is a Dale Sr paint scheme deemed "off limits?" To me it'd be a great tribute if someone replicated his Intimidator Goodwrench paint scheme.
  4. Notre Dame has fallen. I repeat, Commander @CC97, Notre Dame has fallen.
  5. If they did go with a pink top (here's hoping), then wouldn't a 2nd kit be just a formality/money grab? Pink would be a sufficient clash with most MLS clubs' primary tops, wouldn't it?
  6. Hmm...interesting choice of names. An upgrade from the mouthful of a name that it had...but when I see "American Rivers" my first thought does not immediately go to "Iowa", y'know?
  7. mean...the logo on the visor is pretty cool. Has that been done before?
  8. ...if that's the case, they need to use professional-grade cleaners next time. ??
  9. I like the 50th logo in black/gold. The court logo, though, with the addition of white, kinda muddles up now clean the logo is :/
  10. That's "impact italics...with a cool little notch in the serifs to make it 'custom'" to you, good sir.
  11. The fact that the white letters don't have a navy stroke on them once they breakout from the diamond shape bothers me.
  12. Just noticing the Purdue Fort Wayne logo... According to P-FW...this logo continually came out as the top choice among focus groups. That Blue looks....really forced...with it just being a single stroke on the Mastadon. Not really digging the way the shade works with the Purdue black & gold. *cringe*
  13. Makes sense. Weren't elements from their original logo outright lifted from other pro teams' logos?
  14. Aston Villa They replace Under Armour with Birmingham fashion brand LUKE 1977.
  15. Dundee FC away Dundee Football Club was formed on May 20th 1893 at a meeting of local clubs East End and Our Boys at the Mathers Temperance Hotel at the top of Union Street and having last year’s away kit as a nod to Our Boys, the club are now delighted to pay tribute to one of our other founding fathers, East End. Made by Puma, the shirt has the club badge adorn the left breast and the club sponsor McEwan Fraser’s new logo across the chest and is reminiscent of a shirt worn by East End between 1886 and 1888. Having previously had the sky blue and white striped East End shirt as an away kit (most recently in 2014/15), this earlier East End kit with light blue shorts and socks is a fitting tribute to the heritage of our great club.
  16. The Hertha home shirt reminds me of a printer that's running out of toner.
  17. Seriously, though...kudos to the designer who came up with that mockup template.It's on point.
  18. Nottingham Forest. I'm not sure...perhaps it's my monitor...does that shade look a bit weird to anyone else? As in, "light/bright red"...if that's a thing? Maybe it's the lighting or a filter they used.
  19. ah. i saw that pic but merely glanced at it....didn't see the subtle stripes on it. Makes me appreciate it much more.
  20. The vertical stripes + horizontal band + hummel chevrons really come across as a busy overall top to me. The vertical subtle stripes just seem like overkill. If they were removed, I think it's be a really clean look for Boro.
  21. Good to see Hearts continuing the recent run of "teamwear chic" kits.
  22. 1,000% this. I have never been a fan of the Orca for this reason. It's a "hidden in plain sight" stamp of the Orca Bay/Canucks S&E Group on the team.
  23. Sidenote: I love this term and will be using it more often in design critiques.
  24. Just noticed the subtle chest design on this away kit. It definitely clashes with the marl pattern already on the kit. It looks like it's an "M"? I don't follow Arsenal, but perhaps some of you do. Does the "M" pattern have a significance?