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  1. Looks like someone's designer has some 'splaining to do.. (if you don't want to click on the link...Paul Lukas shows how the Blue Coats' new logo is an obvious, blatant rip from an existing political organization's logo)
  2. Love the name...the identity just seems..."rushed" I guess.
  3. ...which would explain why "Nashville NFL Argonauts" has been trademarked.
  4. Maybe it's just me...but the white pants in this concept look out of place. There would need to be a significant silver stripe included in the pants for me to see this as balanced. Also...overkill with that huge greek pattern on the helmet. It would look classier if the stripe wasn't so wide.
  5. If there isn't at least one team with a helmet that is: Chrome AND Matte blended or somehow both on the helmet in combination Anthracite Gray ...then this isn't 2018.
  6. Jo Bosack did the league logo, I believe. If he somehow worked it into his deal that he gets to do the inaugural team logos too...then I respectfully disagree with you.
  7. I can see it now in 2020..."AAFter the dust settled: The fall of the Alliance of American Football"
  8. Unfortunately I feel like these spring leagues don't "get" one of the biggest (bigger?) reasons the XFL tanked...poor quality of football. If you're going to go big, you'd better PLAY big too. If you're going to call yourself a minor league, do so, because it sets an expectation in the viewing audience's mind that, yes...these players have a way to go. They are developing into pros. However, touting yourself as a Spring League "full of guys that didn't make the cut in the NFL or CFL" is noble...but again, there's a reason these guys didn't make it. You're essentially watching NFL practice squad rejects cosplay as pros (sorry for being harsh) on network TV...which after watching the XFL is not pretty. The AAF might have grand ideas of being a league of Kurt Warners, but they ought to be careful because more times than not the leagues end up being full of John Averys (who? Exactly...he was the leading rusher in the XFL in its final season). Listen, I'm all for giving guys a chance to develop...but I don't think this league nor the XFL is the way to do it. I like the rule changes and experiments...but The NFL needs to have a vested interest in the league like they did in NFL Europa. I think the dying years of NFL Europa got it correct in that players were put in that league by teams to get better (I thought it was great how they had the patch of the NFL team that owned their contract rights on their...sleeve?). When you were watching, you knew that Kurt Warner, tho taking snaps for the Amsterdam Admirals, had NFL interest and had a possible pipeline to get there. There were walk-ons, sure, but at least scouts were looking at them. TL;DR - Bring the NFL Europa concept home and call it NFL 2 or The Minor League of American Football or NextFL.
  9. I had forgotten how disjointed and just downright awful those Bills uniforms were. Sheesh.
  10. I thought these would grow on me, but they aren't. They look like the end result of walking into one of those "custom airbrushed tshirts" stores in the mall and saying, "Make me look like a Power Ranger."
  11. To be fair...I really like the creative way they did the stripes. The red side panels kind of ruin the striping pattern, though (but I can't think that making them black would've done any better).
  12. that just a straight black top? No subtle patterns? *sigh* EDIT: Jock tag seems to be a wing with some writing around it. Looks kind of odd floating in a circle.
  13. Wait...remember in the early 2000s when we all thought Oregon went crazy with the....everything? Those look like classics now compared to this Golden Gopher update.
  14. Athletic gold or Metallic gold. Pick one. Do not mix and match. They do not warrant a "why not both?" situation.
  15. Yikes...that would have been nearly a knockoff of Atlanta's away kit last year, wouldn't it?
  16. ...just because you can, doesn't mean that you should.
  17. Damn, I'm getting old. I'll be over here with my Wether's Originals.
  18. That feeling when you expected West Ham...and got Sc*nthorpe instead. **Edit** had to put in the asterisk or else it's flagged as having foul language.
  19. Great to see that Nike let them customize their look a bit more this year. The home looks awesome. The change kit looks a bit weird with the white chest strip behind the Toyota logo. Now...hopefully before they jump to MLS they'll drop that that odd ball-accent on the top of their logo.
  20. When millenial potential players coming out of high school stop thinking it looks cool/intimidating. Same as it is with most college uniform fads/trends
  21. The top looks like a training top, not an in-game jersey. Complete head-scratcher.
  22. 5 years? With the current backlash I'm seeing it'll be 5 days.
  23. I've been posting to CCSLC for 20 years...and this gets my vote for a Top 10 all time comment. I was crying I was laughing so hard. Kudos!
  24. Calgary throwing deep into double coverage when they were in field goal range, to me, is right up there with "Seattle threw instead of handing Lynch the ball." When i saw the pass leave the QB's hands I said out loud to my wife, "this won't end well." Hats off to the CFL, though, the past 2 Grey Cups have been awesome in terms of drama.