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  1. Black perhaps gives the appearance of a classier joint than red? Maybe they want to up the image of the place from "Where I go to get a bloomin' onion when I get a gift card" to an actual destination eatery...? I dunno...just spitballing....
  2. the new kit sponsor is SOOOOOO much better than the 'Just Eat" monstrosity last season.
  3. Lower level militaristic? How so?
  4. I think Palace's badge is beautiful...on paper. Something about the way it is stitched/applied to its tops just makes it look very cheap to me. It's like they wear knockoffs of their official kits almost.
  5. The way Cardiff markets itself continues to baffle me. What a blunder.
  6. Is that a lighter blue for the Tigres kit? Anyone? I'm in the minority of Wolves faithful, but I quite like the new shirt. That Hearts kit is a thing of beauty. I'm a sucker for a kit with a contrasting collar.
  7. Watford. Very plain...but somehow not as bad as I was expecting. I like how the red side panel stripes continue through the shorts. Looking forward to the away kits...if they swap the yellow with black and the red with yellow...I'll be
  8. You might want to check...I do believe the Rodman with red hair is a rare alternate and might be worth some good $$$.
  9. only redeeming quality to me is the retro logo on the helmet.
  10. I can't unsee that and it's really bothering me.
  11. I've seen it done by Celtic, for one. Just curious.
  12. I see it...but all I'm really taking in is $90+ for a low-level teamwear shirt. Edit - Is there any reason that Chelsea doesn't put a star above their crest to show that they won the Champions League?
  13. I didn't google it to see which one was new...but I'm not seeing an upside to either of these.
  14. Useless. Utterly senseless...and useless.
  15. ...and I voted for A because it's the only one that was self-contained and not bland. Great job...the one that was chosen is a mess. Not sure how many contests you've entered like this before, but I've always found that it's a matter of who can leverage more of their friends to vote for them. Next time, you should leverage these boards.
  16. I could've sworn one of the boards' members created that bird, and then the Seahawks bought the rights to use it from him after seeing it...?
  17. This reminds me of what a shirt looks like when you turn it inside out and can see the stitching.
  18. I'm reserving judgment until we can see how that sublimation gradient looks in real life. The middle line from the tip of the V neckline straight down to the hem has the potential to be a muddy yellow mess.
  19. Weird back...but man I am of the unpopular opinion that the new logo is great. I love these shirts.