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  1. Just for clarity as I worked in the athletic department at the time, when the original exclusivity contract was originally signed in 2012, NC State was Adidas' only ACC school. At that time, Louisville wasn't yet a member of the league, nor was the deal there with GT or Miami. I think there was an idea from the NCSU administration that being the flagship ACC agreement for Adidas would help State in the long-term. Also, of note as a fan, while Adidas fan gear quality has always been questionable, it is kind of nice to see NC State differentiated from Wake Forest, Duke, and UNC-CH in terms of templated fan gear. That said, it would be interesting to see what other brands could do if they went all-in on a program as opposed to having countless contracts.
  2. I completely agree. If the team feels like rolling out some Whalers throwback once a year against Boston so transplants and hockey buffs can enjoy some nostalgia and then once again around St. Patrick's Day, whatever, nobody would really care. But we've reached a point in the timeline of the team where there are opportunities to highlight aspects of the franchise which may not include the time in CT. I know the first 17-18 years in NC basically never touched on the Hartford days, but after 2 years of Whalers nights, the RR feels like a miss. Would've preferred a Wild/North Stars type RR or a true Canes RR.
  3. I have no clue about the parameters set by the league on RR usage, but this falls in line as a nice replacement for the 2 games the green Whalers jersey was worn in recent seasons. I wonder if we saw a full 82-game season if it'd be increased. Also, among Hurricanes fans I know the reaction to these was pretty ho-hum. I think folks like the way they look but would rather have seen a "Reverse Retro" of the original 1997 Hurricanes uniforms or even a mash-up of Whalers colors and Carolina logos. The team has now been an NHL franchise in NC longer than it was a NHL franchise in CT; many Canes fans I know, me included, are over the Whalers cash grab of the last few years.
  4. I may be in the minority here, and while a white Hartford jersey may look cool, I hope it's a more Carolina-focused throwback, even if it is in a white and green colorway. As a Canes fan I'm cool with the Heritage night jersey 1-2x each season, but otherwise, leave Hartford in the past...
  5. Haven't seen a release but the NCSU bookstore is selling this new version of a black alternate swingman jersey alongside the traditional red swingman jersey. First time I can recall seeing the basketball team wearing "Wolfpack" on the chest and not "NC State" or "State".
  6. Has anyone here ever seen this SJ Sharks logo? I was looking at the 47 brand website and noticed this design that I've never seen before. Did some googling and I've never seen this shark in front of this shield... Here's the item listing... SAN JOSE SHARKS TWO TONE '47 CLEAN UP
  7. Driving down the road in Dallas yesterday and saw this logo on a work truck. Funnily enough, the company's current website shows a different 100th year logo. I imagine they received a C&D from the folks in Toronto... This webpage shows the current 100 year logo, which is way better given their market space, as well as their 95 year logo which reminds me of a hybrid TBL/NJD anniversary logo. Cornwell Tools- History
  8. The ACC has long held a moral superiority over other conferences based on academics. Many folks, myself included, thought WVU would be a natural fit for the league but it seemed that many in power looked down their nose at WVU as it supposedly isn't the same caliber as the other ACC members. Of course, when Maryland bolted and they needed to fill another member UL was invited, a school which has never been on anyone's radar for having high academic standards (Not that I care, just common perception). Very frustrating to watch all of this unfold. Now living in Texas I see WVU come out here so often for games and I think how good it would've been to have them in the ACC.
  9. Bettman in Raleigh today; looks like a little discussion/consideration of a Stadium Series event. Would love to see it.
  10. NC State debuted these 1974 Throwback uniforms today against Bucknell: Here’s a 1974 photo for reference:
  11. Both participants in the MAC game are a combined 600 miles from Detroit whereas the closest participant in the PAC-12 game is 750 miles away. And that’s Utah. The one “right up the coast” is nearly 850 miles away. PAC-12 will always struggle with attendance until the game is moved back to campus or to Vegas.
  12. Completely agree. Hopefully something similar will pan out!
  13. Further reading on the makeover from Bowling Alley to Target in Raleigh: https://www.hillsboroughstreet.org/blog/post/award-winning-target
  14. Not the right forum for this, but Target recently opened a City Target across the street from NC State University on Hillsborough Street in a converted bowling alley. The bowling alley that was there used to be called "Western Lanes" and then "The Alley," and was popular hangout for NC State students. While the exterior doesn't have quite the same aesthetic, Target paid homage to the bowling alley with some of the artwork throughout the store.
  15. Scott Darling's "Whalers Night" gear has been posted. Great homage to Sean Burke. Excited to see it in action.
  16. Interesting touch on the NC State uniform. Design from the state flag ghostmarked on the ribs.
  17. Believe it or not, after the release of the new font, one of the ADs for State mentioned on Twitter that the new font wouldn't be on this season's football uniforms...but would be on the basketball uniforms. Full implementation by Fall of 2019 supposedly. I know, long rollout for this.
  18. As a Canes fan, my initial reaction was being underwhelmed. As the last 24 hours have progressed and I've seen it over and over again with all of the draft coverage on Twitter, etc., I must say I'm a fan. I get what folks are saying with the "Minor League" feel, but now when looking at the old secondary I'm more of a fan of the new one. Didn't think I'd get on board this soon!
  19. Furthermore, flipping that main image makes me think there’s a new addition somewhere featuring “NC.” Unable to do on my iPhone, but if someone could flip the image and link it they’d see what I’m getting at...
  20. That 2nd row Left Image is making me think a blackout version of the NC or Raleigh flag a la Flames. Images on twitter showed the blackout Primary shoulder patch is staying.
  21. It’s almost as if they’re putting the location of the team’s home arena on the bill of the caps.
  22. No pictures yet...but video from NC State of new uniforms for 2018. According to tweets from Athletic Dept. personnel, this will not be a permanent uniform as they do not feature the updated font. Appears to just be a recolored variation of the specialty black uniform worn last year against Louisville. https://twitter.com/PackFootball/status/1005089857910333441
  23. Carolina Hurricanes just announced on Twitter: "Attend the #CanesDraft Party at @RALBeerGarden on Friday, June 22 for your exclusive first look at the #Canes new third jersey!Event Info: https://n.carhur.com/2snjTpC"
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