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  1. Uninspired boring lazy meh. Jut like 90% of nike nba jerseys, except even wore.
  2. Actually for me its the other way. They made everything worse or stayed the same. no definate upgrade for me.
  3. not in team colors / same main feature as the previous one. they incorporeted a new color on the last kit - army green and it was loved by the fans.
  4. i have a big head and the high crown stuff is the only one i can wear
  5. worse than what they have now and already hated by fans.
  6. this is decent for 75$ ? WOW.
  7. imagine the terrible wordmarks on a wifebeater cut nike jersey. done.
  8. just change the number font , remove the strokes, and it's one of the nices sets in the league
  9. The jerseys is fine, i just hate the number font.
  10. of course, its preparation for the time that the roundel will be on the shoulder and a big AD will be on the front of the jersey.
  11. So they think that Minnesota ot Timberwolves i to much to put on a jersey? ok so it will be like this (imagine sublimated tree pattern on the whole thing and mix&match shorts)
  12. So.... as all teams have a roundel or badge logo - this is coming soon.....
  13. All Star logo oh, ok. but why?