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  1. New Bruins banners (not including the one that will be raised on opening night, of course). The old ones had the 1995-2007 spoked B on all of them.
  2. Bruins: Red Sox: Celtics: Patriots: I guess the one that Mongoose posted
  3. Those are probably my two favorite sports themes. -- I also miss the NHL on FOX. While I'd say about 60% of it nostalgia, no network before or since has given the NHL such good coverage. Although that was probably due to the buzz the NHL was getting back in 94. Much like the NHL is now, and Fox is interested in the rights. Return of the glow puck? Nah. Although they'll probably bring some metallic robot back.
  4. I love all three. 1 and 3 because of all of the glass, and 2 for the roof design and the exterior.
  5. It's been over for a while, hasn't it? Yeah, if it's over it ended when Bernard Pollard turned Brady's leg into jello. Not because they traded Moss. and I'm a Pats fan.
  6. I loved how the Hackensack Bulls had train tracks crossing through the field.
  7. I cant wait to see the recolored Wizards logo because they don't want to pay the NBA's ridiculous fee. EDIT - Wish I had read keynote's post before posting.
  8. Kenny McKinley is finally the top trending topic on twitter. In this day in age, that's really all that matters.
  9. More pictures of the design at this link: http://michaelcinaassociates.com/350138
  10. The best bullpen in baseball got a bad case of diarrhea
  11. 20-2 Cleveland through 4 and a half
  12. It's not the Bruins doing it, it's Versus. Versus for some reason plays a sound effect of a goal horn when the visiting team scores.
  13. Aren't we talking about PRIMARY logos? That Bruins one is an extermely irrelevant secondary logo. That the Bruins don't even use anymore.
  14. It's going to be awesome when the Yankees dont win the World Series.
  15. First Super Bowl I remember watching was Cowboys vs Steelers. I wanted the Steelers to win, and was crying when my mom made me go to bed when they lost. My favorite Super Bowl memory was 36 when Vinatieri made the last second, game winning kick. Worst Super Bowl memory, last year. Enough said. EDIT - To clarify, the Cowboys vs Steelers game in 1995.
  16. I love his site but definitely don't agree with most of those picks. IMO Thrashers, Lightnings, Sens should be last. He has poor taste in judgement. He is also very ignorant. If you saw a few weeks back, he wishes to create a "NHL Uniform and logo database" which is something that this site and NHLUniforms.com already have going for them. He just knows no one will go to his site anymore when he does not have any jersey news. I don't see how he can say the Bruins alternates are second to worst. I love them now that I saw them in action today, but I can understand if someone rated them middle of the pack or something. But worse than Ottawa, Tampa Bay, etc? Yeah right. That's his opinion, though.
  17. All I've heard was that he was held to 0 points. I was watching ESPNEWS the night it happened, and turned it off before they showed highlights or whatever, it just said on their breaking news bar "Stephen Curry 0 points". Making it seem like he had a terrible game and his team lost or something. This is the first I've read about the 4 on 3 thing. Stupid move.
  18. Hopefully the Bourne Braves go back to the "Canalmen" name.
  19. I didn't like the camera angles on that one, but I loved the no announcers. That's from November 2007, maybe they did something worse this time.