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  1. My old high school sporting some atrocious unis from Rawlings(They make FB unis???) [swan Valley High School in Saginaw MI]: When I played there I always advocated for incorporation of grey/silver, but not at the expense of adding black. Terrible uniform, and sad because we made the D5 (Our school enrollment is only around 625-650ish) semi finals last year, and we're ranked #1 in the division this year. They'll probably never change from this set because it will have a "winning tradition." Barf
  2. Thanks man, looks great!
  3. Thanks in advance; these are awesome!
  4. Still one of my favorite concept evolutions on this board!
  5. Is it just me, or does the Boise St logo look raised on the helmet?
  6. Really liking the MSU set. The only problem is the numbers are unreadable, which is kind of a big problem I suppose. I'm also in the bronze disliking camp, but I would be interested to see what it would look like of you switched the "grey" to bronze.
  7. The staff looks like a branding iron, maybe put the W into some kind of orb?
  8. Fight for the only colors: Green and White! (bronze and black too!)
  9. As devout MSU fan, and hater of everything BFBS, I hope these are not legit. My first thought when Nike debuted the new identity with the bronze trim was "well, it's better than black I guess." Still love my Alma Mater and the wordmark has grown on me, but I'd always hoped we'd stay above the BFBS fringe...
  10. They have a great beer selection too!
  11. I'm thinking the 2 F's are supposed to create a Buffalo "horn" look. Am I the only one seeing that?
  12. With a little thrown into the mix.
  13. Perfect. (Praise from a masochistic Spartan)
  14. Zephyr, you need to make an X-Line hat for Michigan State! I was disappointed that they weren't included in the first wave of x-lines a couple years ago. Though I would assume it has to do with trouble getting the rights to do it, they are pretty finnicky with their copyrights.
  15. For some reason the left arm/hand looks backwards to me. But other than that, great work!