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  1. I like the uniforms, but you lost me at the blue maple leaf. Red, gold, and green maple leaves are all naturally occurring, but blue maple leaves have about as much appeal as purple dinosaurs. I don't believe you could peddle an idea as absurd as blue maple leafs in a traditional Canadian hockey market.
  2. Yeah, they also wore the same style for the 2014 Women's U18 World Championships. The IIHF logo on the grey collar insert is an indication that they were official, tournament-issued sweaters, made by Tackla.
  3. Looks like you're thinking of SyPhi (sp?), who later changed his username to his actual name, Phil. Great guy from Winnipeg. Spyboy's from Minnesota, and runs the Third String Goalie blog. If you're into hockey sweaters, check it out.
  4. In the spirit of the Rough Riders, and best traditions of the CFL, why not GreenGolds?
  5. To me, the combination of the words 'Buffalo' and 'Sabres' evokes 1870's - 1880's U.S. Cavalry. Without knowing the truth of it, I've always figured that the Sabres wore blue and gold because they were the cavalry uniform colours of that era.
  6. Not saying you're wrong, generally speaking, but I don't think this one's on us. From what (admittedly little) I've read about it, this identity was designed by an American firm for American clients in an American league who happened to establish a franchise in Toronto.
  7. @pollux, I did the hard part and updated the logo for 2020, so now there's no excuse to not announce the immediate return of Logolympiad.
  8. Snowy here in Ottawa, eh? I guess you need that white space at the top, because the higher you push the blue section, and the longer you extend the stripes, the more American the crest looks. The concept posted by @spartacat_12 avoided that issue with better composition, I think, putting the blue at the base and the stripes in the upper section.
  9. I think it might be something similar to this Porsche crest, with the white center and border.
  10. Cool project. The presentation is awesome - loving the (hand-drawn?) goaltenders! I know you didn't design it, but I really like that monk from Munich's coat of arms. Nice choice!
  11. Nice clean update. Add me to the chorus wondering if a little touch of pink and green might make the northern lights stand out more.
  12. I think the original name-change feature/poll wasn't built into the forums, but was associated with the CCSLC's sim hockey site, which Yzerfan also built and maintained when it was on the same server as the forums. At some point, I believe Chris switched servers and the sim hockey site wasn't transferred with the forums, so the name-change feature was lost.
  13. Little late, but I just noticed this article naming @GMac as the prankster.
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