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  1. Little late, but I just noticed this article naming @GMac as the prankster.
  2. Removed because we're bogging down the thread and neither one of us are adding anything to the conversation. If you want to continue the conversation, feel free to PM me.
  3. Removed because we're bogging down the thread and neither one of us are adding anything to the conversation.
  4. Fair enough. One week seems meaninglessly short to me, but I respect that you guys reached a different conclusion.
  5. Don't get me wrong, I'm not criticizing the call to suspend him. I simply believe that one week isn't long enough to serve as either an effective punishment or an effective deterrent. Seems kind of like a way to say you suspended him without really suspending him. If you really think somebody deserves a suspension, then you ought to really suspend them. If you don't think they deserve a significant suspension, then maybe they don't deserve a suspension at all. Perhaps there's a more fitting alternative, like a stern warning and the promise that continued misbehaviour will result in a meaningful suspension. I'm surprised to hear you say that you made the decision to suspend him based on factors other than the infraction. In all fairness, wouldn't you say that the decision to suspend somebody should be made strictly and solely based on the infraction or infractions?
  6. Not to say that a suspension shouldn't be taken seriously, but the length of suspension, one week, seems like the shortest possible that can be effectively imposed and still be realistically considered a suspension. Sure, you could suspend someone for a day, an hour, or a minute, but to what practical purpose? I don't know if this suspension is intended to be a deterrent or a punishment, but it doesn't seem long enough to be either, effectively. If BBTV did something significant enough to deserve a suspension, then he deserves a significant suspension. If the length of suspension isn't meaningful, then the suspension itself is meaningless. It seems pointless to suspend someone for so short a period that it serves as little more than a demonstration of your ability to suspend them. If the point is to give someone a warning, then give them a warning. Tell them they have one strike, and next time they'll be suspended for a significant amount of time. One week is next to nothing, and a one week suspension is practically pointless, not serious.
  7. One week? If he didn't do anything serious enough to warrant a serious suspension, is he seriously deserving of a suspension at all?
  8. While we're tiptoeing through that neighbourhood, I've been meaning to talk to you about your avatar, Glenn. I don't know who he is, but elderly, privileged white guys performing power salutes make me uncomfortable.
  9. Maybe. Turris can be a high-end, versatile, two-way second line centre for the Predators, and he's capable of playing top line minutes when necessary. Best of luck to him in Nashville! From an Ottawa perspective, the acquisition of Matt Duchene doesn't sting anywhere near as much as it was speculated that it might. The Senators gave up what they hope is a later first round pick to upgrade to a more dynamic top line centre, but they didn't have to part with any of the top prospects that it was rumoured Joe Sakic insisted on getting in return for Duchene. The Senators didn't lose defenseman Cody Ceci or coveted defense prospect Thomas Chabot. They kept young centres Colin White and Logan Brown, the players whose progress, I think, made them reluctant to commit to Kyle Turris long-term. That feels like a win. Ottawa trades 2017 first round pick Shane Bowers, but the impressive development of fellow 2017 picks Alex Formenton and Drake Batherson lessens the impact of his loss. Getting Andrew Hammond's contract off the books is a plus for Ottawa, so it seems to balance the loss of the third round pick. Overall, it looks like a deal that could help Ottawa immediately without hurting their future, so I like it.
  10. The pin's not as detailed, but it looks like a full-body version of this UNC logo:
  11. Gordie

    Logolympiad C&C

    Most importantly, you're happy with what you created. The medals are good motivation for entering the Logolympiad, but enhancing your skills and stretching your creativity are the best rewards for participating, no matter how you place in the voting. This thread is a great place for you to explain your creative choices. Why did you choose the subjects, teams, names, colours, shapes, fonts, etc. that you did? What do you like about your work? What would you go back and change? Three of the entries you posted here required uniforms on flat templates, which levels the playing field, but also makes voting tougher, I think. When the work is mostly of similar quality, good work, I guess voting is going to be less predictable. Maybe a single red uniform entry draws votes over several blue uniform entries simply because it seems unique? Have a look at the work that placed better than yours. What makes it distinct? Columbus Crew - The black and yellow checkered stripes suggested 'Taxi' to me. The entire uniform was black, but the yellow socks didn't match. American Basketball Association - Doesn't say 'Basketball', to me, but definitely screams 'America'. I don't think you need the outer blue ring and stars. Wild Wings - I like it. It's a good hockey uniform concept. Maybe instead of putting the small wings on the back of the yoke, you could have made the wings larger, so that they filled the entire yoke, making the entire yoke into wings? St. Louis Arsenal - I like the colours and the number font. I don't think there's anything wrong with those uniforms. Maybe bring a little gold to the collar or add a gold stripe to the helmet? Why'd you choose 'Arsenal' for the team name?
  12. Anniversary Patch - Your entry really stood out, and for me, a big part of the appeal was the symmetry of the 2 and 5. I think you could have squared off the upper left corner of the 5, and also the upper right corner of the 2. Keeps the symmetry, makes the 5 more identifiable, and doesn't hurt the shape of the 2? Wordmark - I'm mostly responding in this thread to say how much I liked this wordmark. It was clearly something that wasn't simply: Choose Font Type "BREWERS" Apply Effects I especially liked how the top of the 'B', instead of following it's own barrel shape, followed the shape of the 'R' next to it. I also like the different-shaped 'E's, particularly how each fits the curve of the central 'W'. If you were to change that second 'E', I'd leave the left side as it is and curve the right side in the same direction, so it also follows the curve of the 'W' instead of the 'R'. (Basically, flipping the first 'E', but with the spine on the proper side of the letter, if that makes sense.) Sporting Event - I like the colours and I like the idea of using the bridge's suspension cable to form the horse's jawline. Overall, it looks a little crude. I think you could have done a better job of adding some expression to the horse with more work on the eye and mouth, and maybe adding a flared nostril. (You know, your run-of-the-mill angry animal logo ) Crossover - It's a good entry. I think that when everybody's using existing logos and mostly standard templates it's just harder to stand out. League Logo - I think that was my favourite entry from that event, but I don't think I voted for it. To me, the most dominant feature of the league logo should have been "ABA" or even simply a large 'A', and I didn't like how "ABA" was so small and seemed thrown in. I thought you could have added a large 'A' nestled directly outside and following the lines of the top and lower points of the star. Alternate Uniform - Again, existing logos and mostly standard templates make for a more even playing field. Looked like a bear logo, said Wolfsburg on the nameplate, and had what looked like tiger stripes because they alternated orange and black. Company Logo - I got the Mini Me part, but not the Veridian part. Too clever. Alternate Logo - Yeah, the crossed bat and telescope are a good concept. That team's got the potential for great logos - somebody's probably going to do an awesome update for them eventually. Time Warp - I think I voted for this one, based on the logo. Congratulations on completing as many entries as you did. I have a lot of respect for all of the contestants, like you, who had the focus, dedication, and determination to stretch their creativity over multiple events. Great job!