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  1. The photos for the new Philly Union jersey are horrible. The picture of the second jersey looks nothing like what it really looks like in person. Here's a video of the two new jerseys which shows what they actually look like. 30 seconds in shows a look at both jerseys, with the final few seconds providing one last look of the secondary kit
  2. heres the pic, took it with my camera phone so the quality sucks New Oreo Packaging
  3. i work at a grocery store and have noticed that oreo did change their packaging. basically its a giant oreo cookie on the top with a blue background. ill try to take a picture tomorrow and post it up
  4. i change the channel everytime the patriots tab comes up on it..espn is the entertainment tonite of sports
  5. they're pretty nice..any chance of a flyers one?
  6. they look pretty cool. lol at everyone at your lady's work wanting one. that oughta keep you busy for a while
  7. i like em, got it set as my wallpaper for good luck for tonite
  8. i couldnt find the link that had all the wallpapers on it, so im not sure if its been done yet..penn state please?
  9. im not sure if this one is do-able...tony hunt...PSU to eagles
  10. i saw this on around the horn yesterday..washington post announced that barely over 3,000 arrived for the entire series. one fan got ejected because he was yelling at the ump and he could hear the fan. ltp--from what i heard, no you could not move from your seat
  11. my #2 RB position i have chester taylor, ronnie brown or deuce McAllister 3 WRs need to start, which 3 branch, andre johnson, santana moss, darrell jackson
  12. myers isnt a saint by anymeans, but i think a lot of this was overdone by myers...the phillies have been losing games left and right, and i think he did this to pump the team up and put some fire under them...oh yea and myers never beat his wife
  13. in all seriousness, unless i was guaranteed to have it at my door by noon tomorrow i wouldnt preorder it either because i cant wait. but thats just my me, i play it non stop for a month before heading back to school so every day i can get out of it is a plus for me
  14. from what ive heard from people who have the game for 360, online is really laggy. and disconnections are happening like crazy
  15. philly also wore white jerseys at home last year vs the boys. both good days for the birds