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  1. Yahoo says that the NHL's going back to white at home, too. Go to Yahoo Answers in the bottom left corner
  2. North Dakota wore those unfortunate black swift jerseys (which apparently only help the performance of offensive players) against Michigan. Michigan's wearing the diagonal "Michigan" now, which doesn't really fit with them. The script Michigan, arched Michigan and big "M" all look a lot better. Maine has a 3rd jersey with their bear logo and it looks terrible. That's what you get when you try to mess with the best uniforms in college hockey. There's talk that BC might be getting a 3rd jersey with an eagle logo, similar to the one from the mid-90's. I just want them to ditch the italics and the black on the home jerseys.
  3. Those Real jerseys just look like this year's jerseys with their new sponsor. I assume that they'll be getting new jerseys this year. Here is a better look at the Colorado jerseys: And here's FC Toronto:
  4. Thanks- I figure it had something to do with alcohol but couldn't figure out why they never had a problem in other CL games. On a semi-related note, Werder Bremen doesn't wear their gambling website sponsor in CL games, leading to this bizarre look:
  5. In today's Champions League match against Bordeaux, Liverpool's jerseys did not have the Carlseberg logo on them. Does anybody know what this is about? Also, who told Barca that gold numbers on neon orange jerseys looked good?
  6. Nike had great kits for this year's World Cup, but what are the odds that Nike's still trying to make traditional and original kits four years from now? Mexico's just getting out before Nike reverts to being Nike.
  7. "Bobby Bowden confirmed the worst-kept secret in Tallahassee this fall. Florida State will wear an all-black uniform Oct. 21 in a home game against Boston College. The uniform, which was the idea of Nike, will also commemorate FSU's relationship with the Seminole Tribe through wording an patchwork." Link
  8. Soriano and Nick Johnson did as well
  9. I just realized why he has a peg-leg: he apparently sawed of his leg to use as a stick.
  10. Check out Ghost-Ship Admiral's full body- since when does Admiral=pirate?
  11. Apparently the adidas lettering doesn't come in gold or blue or any color other than white because Newcastle wore these for their Intertoto Cup game today. Luckily, they could be out of Europe by next week and the white-on-white look would be retired for the rest of the year.
  12. Great job with these. Here are a few minor mistakes I picked up on... France and Germany change kits: The "ribbon" stripes down the side are connected. Portugal: No lines through the numbers. Angola: Red stripe on back of white jersey and on the shorts. Argentina: The shorts have a white stripe on the back instead of a blue one. Also, there's only the crescent shaped gold stripe on the back of the jersey and not one down the side and under the number. TNT: There's a stripe under the right armpit, just like on the left side.
  13. Canada actually had two helmets in the 2002 Olympics, but they were the only team and this year they're back to having one helmet.
  14. Don't worry, that's the logo for the Boston Jr. Bruins. I highly doubt that RBK would copy the Bruins' junior team when they have professional designers who can f-up the Bruins logo on their own.