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  1. If NJ Tank is no longer on this board, you want to give it a go? tank had v (five) questions per daily round, plus on the day of the game, the number of questions (50 for SB L, 51 for LI)......
  2. Rumor has it that Calgary will be moving its AHL franchise from Glen Falls New York (Adirondack Flames) to Atlanta. Sort of a long awaited homecoming for the Atlanta Flames fans.
  3. The second stadium (folding wing dome) would be a cool stadium for the Jets if they do intend of flying out of the cookie cutter stadium in East Rutherford and land in Queens, Brooklyn, or Nassau County! Yes, NYC WILL get another Super Bowl, a Final Four, and possibly the 2024 Summer Olympics if this stadium is built!
  4. USFL......wasn't that a logo associated with failure?
  5. Hmmm...Then of course there were a couple of radio stations in NYC that failed MISERABLY.... Blink 102.7, 101.1 JACK FM, Fresh 102.7 , HOT HITS 103.5 WAPP, FM NEWS 101.9, just to name a few...now if only somebody could put those logoa up....
  6. Big mistake. Vacating the wins was unnecessary. How could the NCAA vilify a dead man who was well respected? The NCAA needs to SERIOUSLY reconsider!!!
  7. Big Mistake. I hope Penn State President Rodney Erickson and The Board Of Trustees die a worse death than Paterno did..OF BEING REVILED, DESECRATED, SLANDERED,LIBELED,HUMILIATED, DISHONOURED, REBUKED, BELITTLED, DISPAIRAGED, ETC!!!
  8. Face it. The Coyotes aren't going anywhere..Except the Western Finals. As far as relocation goes, they are staying put in Glendale/Phoenix/ Chandler.
  9. I would not be surprised if John Capaletti gives back his 1973 Heisman Trophy to the DAC in protest of the firing of Joe Patetno!
  10. Now that Paterno has announced his resignation, he should go to the BIG TEN board of governors and request that Penn State withdraw from The BIG TEN Conference EFfective July 2, 2012 and return as an independent school until the NCAA sees Penn State as fit and redeemed!
  12. My idea Big East Conference: Football: Big East Coastal BC University of New Hampshire UCONN Syracuse Rutgers Big East Metro Penn State University of Delaware Pitt Louisville Notre Dame
  13. Farmer's Field.....Hmmm It has an agrarian touch to it....
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