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  1. If NJ Tank is no longer on this board, you want to give it a go? tank had v (five) questions per daily round, plus on the day of the game, the number of questions (50 for SB L, 51 for LI)......
  2. No NJTank SB LI trivia this year?
  3. I do not know if any of you guys aer aware of this, but has anybody heard of Judgmental Maps? I stumbled onto their web site a few months ago, and I laughed out so hard. I had this crazy idea about a Judgmental Map of Walt Disney World. Being that the place is so huge, there may have to be separate maps of the various sections (Fronteirland, Tomorrowland), and possibly the other sections (EPCOT, Disney MGM, The Resort Hotels) on The Disney World Complex, as well as Disneyland, Euro Disney, and Tokyo Disney World. Comments welcome.
  4. Almost looks a Judgmental Map of Wisconsin
  5. Bring Back The Vet has the correct answer. BONUS: What other historical significance is in this years World Series?
  6. Round I. What is historically significant about this year's World Series? Clue: put on your thinking caps. We are about to take a ride on The Way Back Machine
  7. Because he was coerced by Travis Tygart!
  8. Would you consider doing a concept of the MLB Colorado Rockies using the NHL (1976-82) Colorado Rockies logo and color scheme?
  9. The Ontario Royal Crowns The Stockton Tractors/ Backhoes
  10. William "Refrigerator" Perry Joe Kapp One last guess....Joe Willie Namath
  11. Houston Apollos Rocket Red Cirrus White Stratospheric Blue
  12. I remember at one time WGN was showing a rebroadcast of the famous 1979 Cubs Phillies high scoring game....and there was video archive footage of Ernie Banks inserted to drive home the game winning run!!!!
  13. Rumor has it that Calgary will be moving its AHL franchise from Glen Falls New York (Adirondack Flames) to Atlanta. Sort of a long awaited homecoming for the Atlanta Flames fans.
  14. Legendary New York Mets post game host Ralph Kiner dies at 91.
  15. Buffalo Wings. C'mon....I thought I stumped you!!! Round X Cross the river to The Jersey Side Which one-time NFL team started their existance with a loss to Seton Hall University in 1888 (?) and disbanded as the Orlando Panthers in 1969?
  16. Round IX Shuffle Up To Buffalo What is the claim to fame of The Anchor Bar in Buffalo?
  17. Round VIII Who am I? I. I am an actor born in Chicago. My paternal great granfather hung out with Robert Burns, and my maternal grandather was a bookworm in D.C II. I had aquaintences with a duke, a radio dj, and a trigger happy cop. III. I have a daughter who plays with dinosaurs. IV. I am currrently trying to claim a major cash jackpot that is too good to be true. V. I once flew a blimp, but a copycat terrorist group wanted to plant explosives on board so that I crash the blimp during The Super Bowl. Who Am I?
  18. The Bonus was New Orleans. All in The Family was one of the two shows. What was the other show? Clue: this show has its run in the years this team played in its Super Bowls.
  19. Round VI Ready For Prime Time Which 1970's Prime Time Sitcoms had story lines linked to the Super Bowl? Bonus: What city hosted the Super Bowl when these episodes aired?
  20. Joe Robbe/ProPlayer/Landshark/SunLife has seen better days. Time for a new Orange Bowl!!!