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  1. Trying to identify this font (used by CS Fullerton in their next to last CWS Title win). Chunk Five on DaFont comes close, but the "S" is off. It was also used by a couple of other College Baseball teams of the era (Late 90s)
  2. Here's a tracker of what the SEC Schools have worn so far this season:
  3. I think that was football only and only for the Names on the Back.
  4. Lousiana Lafayette swtiched to Adidas this year, but they've only delivered on set of uniforms (the Adidas template in white): So far they've used the Russell Athletic uniforms from last year, but covered up the R/Eagle logo with a Fleur De Lis:
  5. Here are some of the schools using the Adidas Template for 2014/2015
  6. The Yankee look is older than two years ago. I want to say they debuted in 2005 or 2004. They just stopped being used. Here's the UNI Tracker for the SEC so far. Sorry for the lack of info for Mizzou. All I could confirm were the Anthracite tops in one of their games vs Iona.
  7. Any leads on this font for Bradley Baseball? I've tried the normal routes (Stadium from DaFont, IFC Insane Rodeo, etc). It may be custom. I've looked in the Wilson catalog (maker of the uniform) and can't find anything. My issue is find a font with the right "R" (with the swoosh) and the spikes being correct.
  8. Here's a look at some of the helmets in the Alabama High School Athletic Association and the Alabama Independent Schools Association. Some of them are last year's designs
  9. Sam Walton lived in Arkansas and founded the first Wal-Mart in Arkansas. He grew up in Columbia, MO and went to Mizzou. The reason the first stores were in Arkansas was because land was cheaper there. Walton's grandson Played bball at Mizzou.Many other family members went to mizzou, Notably rams, avalanche, nuggets, rapids, arsenal owner stan Kronke. Also, Walmart heir Nancy Walton paid $75 mil to name Mizzou arena after her daughter. The point is Walmart has deep ties to mizzou Wal-Mart is currently headquartered in Bentonville, Arkansas (30 minutes from Fayetteville) and has deeper ties to the state than Missouri.
  10. Posted this on Twitter Yesterday, but here was my attempt to do the SEC as EPL: The individuals can be found here.
  11. Big Update Recently, Up to 238 Uniforms in the gallery. This round of updates: Illinois: Orange, Blue, White Vest, Gray Vest, 2012 Camo, 2014 DigiCamo Air Force: White, Blue, Digicamo Memphis: Powder Blue, White, Blue, Pinstripe, Blue Pullover Portland: Purple Pullover, Pinstripe Duke: Blue North Carolina: White w/ Chest Logo Geogia: White, Black, Red Texas Pan American: Green Pullover Houston: Gray, Red w/ Cougars script Pepperdine: Digicamo BYU: White, Throwback Blue, Regular Blue Furman: Black, Purple Lamar: White, Red
  12. After I upload, I try to rearrange the IMGUR gallery by File Name. I'm not sure if it is sticking.
  13. Central Florida should be finished. Including their Digicamo Pullover and Citronauts throwback:
  14. Michigan has been completed. They do have a Blue uniform with Maize Michigan across the front, but I don't think they wore it this year. This should be their entire 2014 set: Oklahoma and Kansas have also been added and should be complete.