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  1. I agree that in an ideal world, it'd be the white/orange of their USL aways. I guess front office sees the all white is seen as the continuation of that. IMO all-white is less of a choice than the black shorts. If black shorts is stock uniform 1, then all-white is stock uniform 0 in my book lol.
  2. Black shorts on the away would have been a really easy move for Cincinnati and Adidas. Play up the German roots of the city. .
  3. I bet we'll see the same kit matchup as the 98 semi-final. The only change I could see happening is Croatia possibly using their blue socks.
  4. Possible first look at Arsenal away kit: quick mockup:
  5. I'd rather see more white on the shoulders than red, like those Nike kits with just a stripe of white from around 2008. I'm on board.
  6. This guy? I dig it. There's only so much you can do with hoops and I think this is pretty fresh without totally diverging from history.
  7. This uniform has two totally different school names on it at the same time. SUNY Buffalo on the jersey and UB (University of Buffalo) on the helmet. Now THAT may well be a first. Except they are the University AT Buffalo. You will never see anything officially say "University of Buffalo."
  8. It appear's the Bearcats added grey numbers. Don't think much else has changed.
  9. Slap a Sabres logo on there, put two stripes at the bottom hem, call it a day.
  10. Toronto Garrisons - Toronto was founded as a fort?
  11. Another view: I believe we are wearing white jerseys. I think red pants could really work here, but we will probably see black pants.