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  1. Cincy wearing black at home against Tennessee last night. Nice color vs color. I think the Cincinnati uni is an improvement over last year's.
  2. a view of the back: vast improvement over last year, pretty conservative overall
  3. New Cincinnati uniforms: https://gobearcats.com/news/2019/9/16/new-under-armour-uniforms-unveiled-for-mens-basketball.aspx
  4. Seems like a marketing stunt with no intention of seeing the field imo.
  5. Better look at the actual. Looks better on the players: https://twitter.com/GoBearcatsFB/status/1149069568611979264
  6. Local bookstore leaks Cincinnati uniforms: Kinda blah. The stripe is so small I don't even know why they bothered.
  7. Love Love Loving the home kit. I think the hype around the bruised banana kits overshadowed any news about the home kit but those details are so nice and such a good callback to the 80's adidas kits without being over the top. The away kit is nice, i wonder if we'll see red numbers on the pitch? Tremendous start for Adidas.
  8. Cincinnati will be getting new uniforms, unveiling likely this summer.
  9. FC Cincinnati teasing orange... something ahead of their matchup with SKC on Sunday. Orange shorts perhaps?
  10. I agree that in an ideal world, it'd be the white/orange of their USL aways. I guess front office sees the all white is seen as the continuation of that. IMO all-white is less of a choice than the black shorts. If black shorts is stock uniform 1, then all-white is stock uniform 0 in my book lol.
  11. Black shorts on the away would have been a really easy move for Cincinnati and Adidas. Play up the German roots of the city. .
  12. I bet we'll see the same kit matchup as the 98 semi-final. The only change I could see happening is Croatia possibly using their blue socks.
  13. anyone know what this font is? appears to be some sort of new gothic but the C throws it off. The canadian part to be specific.
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