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  1. I like the general direction of what you have here. I think the tie in using the pharaoh as the 0 is a nice touch. I think your biggest issue is the detail on the pharaoh. In particular, the eye area is a bit big. The headdress itself is a bit plain, take a look online and you'll see some cool designs, the most popular being King Tut's striped pattern. You can really experiment there. Maybe your townhouse has a distinctive feature that you can work into the pattern or the headdress. Just an idea. Also, I'm not sure what your process is when you design a logo, but if you aren't already, I would highly recommend working with just one color first and then move from there. That might help you simplify things while also focusing on making the design more engaging. This is a solid start and I hope we get to see the final product on a t-shirt or whatever jersey type you guys might go with.
  2. These are awesome. A cool, subtle way to connect MLB and service branches. Did you find a template online or create your own?
  3. On the whole, I really like this project. My biggest thing is you might wanna move the numbers up higher on both the front and the back of the jersey. Also, the sponsor logos are put in an odd place. Usually, they'd be on the left or right shoulder, probably opposite of the Nike logo. Check the picture below. Keep up the good work!
  4. These look kinda like Edmonton Oliers esque jerseys which is interesting because Broncos owner Pat Bowlen is from Edmonton... What coulda been I guess.
  5. It seems like Nike is taking a 'less is more' approach with all the Olympic unis and this is no different. I like it, It's a clean look. With all white shoes it should look great on the court.
  6. The main reason LeBron is opting out is so he can restructure his contract. If you wanna play the 'conspiracy' game though, he DID just hang out with the Banana Boat gang today...Maybe they're gonna free up some of that cap space. As for KD. He's staying in OKC. I don't think any other team in the league gives him as much of a chance to be in the finals year in and year out. Don't forget that if Klay didn't go OFF in game 6 in a historic fashion, they would be in the NBA Finals and who knows what could have happened at that point.
  7. I think the 90's type aesthetic works for this, but as SplashBoogie said you could maybe go to simplify some of the details a bit more. On the whole, this is a great first go! Looking forward to more.
  8. This is an AWESOME idea. Thank you to the committee for the hours put in to recognizing talent on these fourms. This was, at one point, an amazing place for creative concepts and I'm really happy to see that people are willing to put in the time to re-energize the Concepts section which, I think, is the most fun and unique aspect of CCSLC. I haven't logged into this account in months but this was plenty to make me say 'thank you' to all of you for your efforts in making the concept section a place to be again!
  9. I love your new Avatar here on the boards. I'm assuming it's a reference to MBDTF.

  10. Whoever said that Nike should be in charge of designing the NFL was spot on. I love almost all of the uniforms they design. I think Miami's U logo is one of (if not the) best logos of all time. I think Oregon's current set of logos and jerseys are awesome. The neon green Seahawks jerseys are amazing for being an alternate. I think the Broncos should go to the orange jerseys full time, and keep the '09 thowback (I own a replica of both of those jerseys) I can go either way on gray facemasks. I really like the Vikings and Cardinals current uniforms (especially the Vikings pants, I love how well the purple jersey side strips fit the white pant stripes) The Islanders fisherman logo is really cool. I miss UCONNS old football set. (The one with the shoulder loops)
  11. Can someone tell me which font both the St. Mary's and the FOOTBALL is in? THANKS!
  12. I thought I emailed you the cap image. You're the man Patchez!
  13. Hey, Patchez How's that D logo coming? Thanks! Krock
  14. I have a logo that I might want to see embroiderd and put onto a cap but the logo I have is in .svg format. What would you like me to do?
  15. Could some one help me find a free font close to this?
  16. Might not be a legend but it sure doesn't look right...
  17. Inkscape is randomly closing while I'm working in it, is there anything I can do?
  18. Ok, i'm looking for the font the Blue Angels use. here is a picture http://electric-art-gallery.com/hidden2/Na...eAngels_lg1.jpg heres afew others http://users.mikrotec.com/~jodell/images/B...Angels%2010.jpg http://crainium.net/jdjArchives/BlueAngels5.jpg http://www.flickr.com/photos/img_srchttpww...ukbr/206860099/ Thanks!
  19. thanks so....... (just so i dont mess this up!) I just draw the stripe with the pencil tool in ms paint (i'm too cheep to go get anything else)
  20. Does annyone know how i could get good stripes on my football jersys (like the ones on the Broncos uniform)
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