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  1. I like the general direction of what you have here. I think the tie in using the pharaoh as the 0 is a nice touch. I think your biggest issue is the detail on the pharaoh. In particular, the eye area is a bit big. The headdress itself is a bit plain, take a look online and you'll see some cool designs, the most popular being King Tut's striped pattern. You can really experiment there. Maybe your townhouse has a distinctive feature that you can work into the pattern or the headdress. Just an idea. Also, I'm not sure what your process is when you design a logo, but if you aren't already, I would highly recommend working with just one color first and then move from there. That might help you simplify things while also focusing on making the design more engaging. This is a solid start and I hope we get to see the final product on a t-shirt or whatever jersey type you guys might go with.
  2. These are awesome. A cool, subtle way to connect MLB and service branches. Did you find a template online or create your own?
  3. On the whole, I really like this project. My biggest thing is you might wanna move the numbers up higher on both the front and the back of the jersey. Also, the sponsor logos are put in an odd place. Usually, they'd be on the left or right shoulder, probably opposite of the Nike logo. Check the picture below. Keep up the good work!
  4. These look kinda like Edmonton Oliers esque jerseys which is interesting because Broncos owner Pat Bowlen is from Edmonton... What coulda been I guess.
  5. It seems like Nike is taking a 'less is more' approach with all the Olympic unis and this is no different. I like it, It's a clean look. With all white shoes it should look great on the court.
  6. The main reason LeBron is opting out is so he can restructure his contract. If you wanna play the 'conspiracy' game though, he DID just hang out with the Banana Boat gang today...Maybe they're gonna free up some of that cap space. As for KD. He's staying in OKC. I don't think any other team in the league gives him as much of a chance to be in the finals year in and year out. Don't forget that if Klay didn't go OFF in game 6 in a historic fashion, they would be in the NBA Finals and who knows what could have happened at that point.
  7. @KRZYBDGRZ Potentially. I have a few other projects I might work on (WNBA might be next) but if there's enough demand and my time is available, I'll take a look.
  8. Alright! So I've decided on the final uniforms for this project. Thanks so much to everyone for the help. I made the white away jersey in the style of the home jersey, and added the new font to all the numbers.
  9. Hey PokesRadio! I'm glad your impressed by what's going on here at CCSLC. It's an awesome community with lots of talented people. However there's a few issues with, what seems to be, a paid contest. The biggest problem is that a contest shortchanges both you and the designer. It falls under the category of Spec Work and that sort of thing makes it really hard for both designers and clients to make the most of their time and resources.You wanna get the most out of what your spending and get the best logos possible for your site. If you want to read more about Spec Work, is a great resource. I'm sure if you check out some of the designer's profiles you like and contact one of them with an offer, you may get better results. Good Luck!
  10. It's a little thing but the googles need to actually warp around the helmet. The head itself might be a little too flat at the top, maybe round it off a bit? Great start though!
  11. Thanks for the feedback @Whitefoot and @Broncoboy7! I also got a suggestion from twitter to change up the font to match the YC mark. In addition I decided to add a wordmark to the chest. I think it looks pretty good! Take a look for yourself.
  12. Thanks for the feedback guys! I didn't expect to find another former spartan! I'm using this project to build the sports graphics section of my portfolio, so I'm practicing my Photoshop skills a bit too. Here's the uniforms on photo-realistic templates.
  13. @pschaef Just a few weeks ago! @sleuthpanther I wanted to create a set of jerseys that had a different design for home vs away and weren't just a mix-n-match color swap.
  14. I think we have a fellow Spartan in the house? Thanks for the props you guys! Should I do more CAC teams or teams without football programs?
  15. Hey guys! Been awhile since I posted a concept. I've been busy finishing up college and while I was there, I was inspired to go back to my roots. I attended York College of Pennsylvania and they have never had a football team. During my time at YCP, I often herd students ask "What if our school had football?" This project took that question and gave York the full Nike treatment with custom uniforms and helmets. Each set has interchangeable pants with three jersey options. The green jersey is the main home, the white is the away, and the black is the alternate. Each jersey includes a patch with the Capital Athletic Conference logo as well as the pants. The "P" shaped logo is for my graphic design identity, Pigmentum. You can check it out here. Let me know what you think! It may be a little while before I can make any adjustments but I'm happy to hear what everyone has to say. HOME ROAD ALTERNATE
  16. I think I'll be taking a liking to the new CBS Sports graphics for football. They feature team colors and are bright without being distracting. It's a small sample size but so far so good for me.
  17. I think the 90's type aesthetic works for this, but as SplashBoogie said you could maybe go to simplify some of the details a bit more. On the whole, this is a great first go! Looking forward to more.
  18. First off I'm from Maryland so Zimagear as a lacrosse brand is very familiar to me. Super cool to (digitally) meet one of the minds behind it! The logo itself is a really cool concept. I think that having a shield type shape around it really sets the logo off, I think experimenting with the shield (adding a point to the top maybe?) and I also like the idea LEWJ had of playing with more curves. Either way should get the desired effect of being less of a 'homeplate" look. Best of luck!
  19. Hey all, I'm revisiting this idea for my own branding as a graphic designer and I'd like to get some more opinions on it. Thanks for your time!
  20. Gotcha, thanks! If I'll be sure to post here and in the google doc if I have something to submit.
  21. Any ideas on what stadiums the games will be played in?
  22. I think the letters of the font look GREAT but the numbers are a tad thick. If you trim them down a bit, and make them a bit taller I think you'll have more success there. The logo itself is a cool concept and I love the way you applied it to the helmet, however I might suggest embellishing the detail on the back neck area because, to me, it looks a tad bit plain. I like the idea of the side stripes on the jersey. I might even have them run down the side of the pants as well. If you want to sick with just a plain stripe however, you might want to align the two segments you have now into one. I think I get the look you were going for but it will look much better if its all just one stripe. On the whole I think you have a great start here and I look forward to seeing what this looks like after you revise it!
  23. If they had used Hugo the Hornet at midcourt I think this would have been my favorite court design in the NBA. What's here isn't too bad though.
  24. I think, if you really created something memorable, a feather could be a cool choice for an alt logo. In fact, one of the strongest identities in all of sport uses a fern as it's primary logo, so I think you could get a feather to be one too, It'll just take some doing. What you have right now isn't sharp enough. It looks like a hot dog going to the bathroom. Instead, take a harder look at a raven's feather. What makes it visually interesting? Remember that your goal here isn't to make something accurate, but make it interesting; so embellish the interesting aspects of the feather your making up and don't be so concerned about creating something that looks like any ordinary one.