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  1. And they just had to decide to do it against the friggin Panthers.
  2. What in the world is the Sharks goalie wearing? That's the late 2000s template and color scheme paired with the original logo. Am I missing something here?
  3. New Era Field , And totally agree, there seems to be a different energy for those September home games under the sun...er, maybe it's just because all hope isn't lost until early October. I did really like the DET-NYG matchup. I forget how much I have loved the switch to white pants with the blue NYG tops. I think they really shine under the lights. Compare this matchup a couple days ago with one from a few years back:
  4. Any chance they ditch the black numbers on the road uni? That has always bothered me.
  5. Olli Jokinen EDIT: I recognize that probably all 9 of his other teams (besides FLA) are the "wrong" uniform, but seeing him in the Gretzky Kings jerseys threw me off. He was drafted that year and played 8 games in those jerseys, never scoring a point.
  6. Ready? First season of the Ducks, and the last season for all these unis. Of course, the ducks met the Nucks, Wild, and Sens in the playoffs that year, so not totally rare, but many of these are the only matchups ever. Although, you could say it was the only season for the Ducks against every other team because EDGE changed all designs.
  7. Both Getzlaf and Perry called up midway during the final season of the mighty ducks.
  8. Gosh the Jags were so freakin beautiful. One of my favorite sets of all time. Such a shame. They were dead even before they lost these helmets when they went complete generic with PYP
  9. It would look better with royal blue. I like the yellow with the dark blue better than the royal blue. I really like those. I would just add a blue jersey to the set. Those are fantastic. I like the yellow pants. Although, I would be just as happy with navy pants if they just ditched the dark gold for yellow.
  10. Gooden spent time with probably 9 NBA teams, so he technically does and does not look weird in any uniform you put him in. The other two (as well as Gooden) aren't nearly iconic enough for us to identify with a particular team.
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