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  1. Yeah thats my biggest gripe. The logo looks terrible. Looks like a kid friendly version of the note. Not a fan of the red either... i get it; nostalgia. But its not as good as their current look and definitely way behind their all blue retro jersey which is hands down their best.
  2. Im one of the few it seems who doesnt like the jets look with their double blue and clipart, corporate style logo. This retro look is much nicer. I'd be in favour of them updating the logo a bit too tho...maybe a revised 'jets' lettering and an updated jet silhouette. Could look really nice with a slightly modernised retro feel.
  3. Dont mind the oilers alt for what it is.
  4. Quite odd if you appreciate that. I agree that it would be nice to see a bit more creativity with the centre ice logos though.
  5. Vegas make almost every other nhl team look uninspired and devoid of ideas when it comes to their branding. Theyve done such a good job of marketing their identity. Nhl teams could and should be doing more like vags do, its in the details. They really care. Love it.
  6. The leaping panther has so much more character, especially the original. I feel like the new one is too watered-down and rounded, but id still prefer something like it over the sheild. To me that would make a better shoulder patch.
  7. I wouldnt call the kings throwback jersey overtly 90s at all. Sure its got hints of 90s, but thats mostly because of the logo. Otherwise there are probably about 20 other jerseys that are much more reminiscent of that era.
  8. Lol so much drama. We are discussing hockey jerseys guys, seriously. That is so funny to me seeing people get so righteous and indignant about their opinion on this stuff to the point where someone announces they need to take an extended break, lmao.
  9. Florida are dumb for abandoning their leaping panther motif. The kings throwbacks are nice. But that logo is trash. Not saying their current shield is great, but to say the throwbacks are better just because nostalgia...thats invalid to me. Bring back the crown.
  10. Id say youre in the minority, son
  11. Thats nice. See it just shows you that the canes logo isnt that bad. Blows the new double flag logo out of the water.
  12. Hmm yeah i would have just gone with the thin black collar. Not terrible though.
  13. I have doubts that the C with the double flag embedded would make a good jersey logo. If you say that the toilet bowl logo lacked imagination then this would be taking that to the next level. I personally have no issues with the current hurricane logo, never have. Its not underrated but its a perfectly fine design to me and the 2006 cup winning jerseys proved that. I despise the double flag logo and those black jerseys just look soooo amateur to me. Without a doubt the worst uniform package going around in the nhl right now is the canes. Even their homes are a sanitized, restrained version of what they used to be. They look like they're embarrased to embrace their identity. I wish they showed more hutzpah and went all out with the flags along the hem, silver and italic numbers. It worked.
  14. Its a better jersey than their blacks. Thats not saying much.
  15. Theres no way im going to like this canes away jersey, no chance.
  16. Honestly none of that changes my opinion that dark green is not that big of a departure. The devils have had a consistent look all throughout their history, 90s red and green jerseys and the current set (not that great but still distinctly devils) included.
  17. Purple and yellow is too garish for me but I would love for the kings to bring back a bit of purple somehow. Stay black white and silver, but its a bit bland. Im a bit supporter of the devils going back to dark green. I mean, the cool thing about that potential change is that dark green often looks like black so its not really that much of a departure. And red and dark green to me is way cooler than the obvious, unoriginal red and black combo.
  18. Its a convoluted mess imo
  19. Its not that :censored:ty. The buffalo's cape third, islanders grey yoke third and black and white NY third, the kings' burger king third - those are :censored:ty.
  20. No they're not, obviously.. its just that the reaction is a little over the top for me, considering its a third.
  21. Its a 3rd jersey guys. Relax and save the hyperbole.
  22. They should just do it and embrace it. Its strong.
  23. I honestly think the mighty ducks logo should be on a dark jersey. I know the disdain for more black jerseys but id love to see the ducks stick to black with the might ducks logo and have tan and white as the main striping and orange accents. I feel like an orange jersey muddies the beautiful ducks logo where dark purple or black makes it pop.