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  1. How blind do you have to be to not be able to see a team wearing a green kit on tv? Seems like a weird thing to cater for. Do we have to mandate that every player on each team wears the same colour boots as well, just to avoid the possibility that it might get confusing for some?
  2. Imagine getting a shirt that says Semi Final Champions
  3. Every diagonal text jersey that isn't the Rangers just looks so ineffective to me. I don't know if it's because of the number of letters and the size that they end up being scaled to, or if it's just because I identify that look with the Rangers and any team who tries to mimic it just automatically appears inferior by comparison. Either way I don't like them.
  4. That last pic looks more like the Avs to me. Would be a nice solution to the whole black thing. The jerseys they have this year (and their whites for the last few years) have always looked to me like they're unfinished.
  5. That's the 1rd time I've seen that. smh.
  6. I personally would like to see Arizona maintain what they have, just drop the howling coyote, re-colour the picaso coyote to their brick, black sand and white colours and re-introduce a modernised katchina pattern. I think that would be a perfect treatment. Their throwbacks just look too 90's, too dark and just a bit too chaotic for my liking
  7. The problem with Agency, if there is one, is not really that it's 'weak' but that it's somewhat generic. Which to your point would also be the case if they had stuck with an Athletic block font. So I don't really like either for the same reason.
  8. That Stars neon jersey is plain ugly. I don't care who it's aimed for, it looks terrible. Just because "it's for kids" does it mean it's ok if it's bad?
  9. I think the red stripes are superfluous. I prefer the cleaner look. And yes, obviously it looks better without the wordmark. And the stars on the pants. All that extra stuff is like overkill and I don't like it.
  10. Colorado's new look really bothers me. Black was much better.
  11. Is it actually? Ok I'm wrong then.
  12. Whalers - I thought there were distinct differences in the design, but whatever maybe I'm wrong. Sabres - I think there are differences in this one, maybe not. Panthers - Totally unique striping design, don't know what youre talking about. Blue Jackets - totally new design, striping template has no basis in their history Predators - I'm pretty sure this design has taken liberties in how faithful it is to the original. Sharks - Again, it's a unique template design Devils - I don't recall ever seeing that many hem stripes on any of their uniforms Flyers - I think the template is a bit different to anything they've used before, but ok it's probably fairly close. So there are at least half a dozen, maybe more examples
  13. It's not antithetical. Heaps, if not most of the of RR jerseys aren't exact reversals of historical jerseys. It's just a starting point - there's clear evidence of creative choices being made for these jersey designs to end up with something that 'works'. Almost non of these were simply a strict colour swap job.
  14. I agree. As I've said a couple of times already, these RR jerseys for the most part just feel a bit cheap and slapped together quickly. I'm a fan of them being used, but I can see how each team's respective home and road is probably a better jersey for a reason. As always there are a few exceptions. But yeah Chicago don't look like the real Chicago at all, they feel like a budget movie version of a classic hockey team.
  15. Kings could do with a refresh. Those purple jerseys look great. Not sold on the logo, I think ideally they come up with a nice white crown instead. As long as they don't wear yellow helmets I'm all for them though.
  16. That logo always looks incomplete to me. Even with the more detailed swords. The goat head is so much better.
  17. I don't love the Canucks RR. I loved the publicity shots and was hoping it would look almost as good on ice, but it doesn't. It's ok, but I don't like it as much as I hoped I would. Most of the RR fall into that category tbh. Florida's and LA's are exceptions so far.
  18. The leaping Panther is up there with some the most iconic sporting logos and it is criminal that it's not being used full time. I honestly think it is a fantastic, dynamic logo that has just enough character quirks and 90's influences to it that makes it interesting and not a perfect logo designed in a 21st century lab. And despite the detail as well - which I would normally say is too much - in this case for some reason it just works.
  19. "Cheese and crackers go well together" "Yeah, crackers and crackers go well together too"
  20. Oohh..I see where you're coming from, but without any red the Vegas brand would veer pretty close to drab territory. They need a strong accent colour to make something pop. Especially if their gold is basically mustard (excluding the helmets that we've seen lately of course. If that was their gold for everything, then yeah absolutely no need for red lol). I mean I do think Vegas without red could look good, I just don't think it's Vegas enough without the extra splash of colour.
  21. Just because it's harmless, doesn't mean I have to like it.
  22. No, not really any different. To me, they're the Canucks. Focus on that and don't pander to fan groups. Maybe something like the St Patrick's Day dress up doesn't annoy me as much because at least it ties into their brand. I know I shouldn't care about this and I don't really. It is for a good cause so I'm ok with that obviously. Yeah, maybe.
  23. It feels like such a cynical ploy to tap into the Chinese demographic to me. Designed practice sweaters are just such a waste of time in my opinion.
  24. I can see why someone says it looks like a dirty white (in certain lighting maybe) but if you went any darker, I don't think it would look good at all. It has to be a lighter grey. I like the jerseys, they're way more interesting than their currents, and it reminds me a bit of their original set. A nice callback to when they had a bit more going on that just yellow everything.
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