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  1. Thanks a lot! As far as I see the home script uniforms were introduced after 73-74 season as they played in those in the 1974 finals
  2. I'm sorry for digging the old thread out but I don't see a point in creating a new one for a short question. Are you sure the Bucks used them in 76-77 as well? I found this picture of Junior Bridgeman in a script uniform. It must be from 1976-77 as this was the fist year of the Nets in the NBA and the first season Jan Van Breda Kolff played for them. http://media.gettyimages.com/photos/s-junior-bridgeman-of-the-milwaukee-bucks-in-action-shooting-from-the-picture-id84996270?s=594x594
  3. I will take a different approach to this topic. I've been going through old Syracuse Nationals pictures and I realized that Dolph Schayes (#4) had a different jersey from the rest of the team during 1954-55 season.
  4. Huskies throwback, Warriors and Knicks with anniversary patches... Does anybody knows if the Celtics are planning anything?
  5. The 3 price point approach already exists in the NBA: replica, swingman, and authentic.
  6. I really hope NBA wants to show Towns on Christmas Day because I really like the Wolves uniform. Los Angeles wordmark on the Lakers jersey is also unique (I was hoping for such jerseys for a while. Why would you have stupid Los Lakers jersey when the city name is actually Spanish?). I wonder if the league wants to showcase Simmons/Ingram and whether Kobe's departure will affect the Lakers national media coverage (at the end of the day ESPN is based in LA).
  7. https://www.mitchellandness.com/gary-payton-1995-96-authentic-jersey-seattle-supersonics-346
  8. Adding to the NY thread, I was surprised when I discovered that Phil retired as a player in New Jersey. upload gambar
  9. I've been wondering if the Spurs were supposed to play in silver uniforms that night because the referees had white jerseys.
  10. So far the NBA owners haven't reached an agreement whether the ads should be there at all. In my opinion it's impossible to make any predictions at this point.
  11. Well, technically Lebron is gone from Miami and they keep releasing new jerseys.
  12. 36 uniforms in 20 seasons is not a lot in my opinion. Wade wore 10 uniforms in a single season. Wade vs. James 10:9
  13. LeBron is not impressed All the Lakers jerseys Kobe has worn
  14. I missed this matchup in February
  15. Nice change after the generic adidas kits. It's a pity that the national teams are losing on all fronts.