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  1. Thanks a lot! As far as I see the home script uniforms were introduced after 73-74 season as they played in those in the 1974 finals
  2. I'm sorry for digging the old thread out but I don't see a point in creating a new one for a short question. Are you sure the Bucks used them in 76-77 as well? I found this picture of Junior Bridgeman in a script uniform. It must be from 1976-77 as this was the fist year of the Nets in the NBA and the first season Jan Van Breda Kolff played for them. http://media.gettyimages.com/photos/s-junior-bridgeman-of-the-milwaukee-bucks-in-action-shooting-from-the-picture-id84996270?s=594x594
  3. I will take a different approach to this topic. I've been going through old Syracuse Nationals pictures and I realized that Dolph Schayes (#4) had a different jersey from the rest of the team during 1954-55 season.
  4. Huskies throwback, Warriors and Knicks with anniversary patches... Does anybody knows if the Celtics are planning anything?
  5. The 3 price point approach already exists in the NBA: replica, swingman, and authentic.
  6. I really hope NBA wants to show Towns on Christmas Day because I really like the Wolves uniform. Los Angeles wordmark on the Lakers jersey is also unique (I was hoping for such jerseys for a while. Why would you have stupid Los Lakers jersey when the city name is actually Spanish?). I wonder if the league wants to showcase Simmons/Ingram and whether Kobe's departure will affect the Lakers national media coverage (at the end of the day ESPN is based in LA).
  7. https://www.mitchellandness.com/gary-payton-1995-96-authentic-jersey-seattle-supersonics-346
  8. Adding to the NY thread, I was surprised when I discovered that Phil retired as a player in New Jersey. upload gambar
  9. So far the NBA owners haven't reached an agreement whether the ads should be there at all. In my opinion it's impossible to make any predictions at this point.
  10. There's been a bit of a fashion in Serie A in recent years for players to wear their birth year as their squad number - so 1999 born Donnarumma plumps for 99. See also Antonio Candreva (87), Ronaldinho (80), Stephan El Shaarawy (92), Andrea Bertolacci (91) and Felipe Melo (83) to name but a few. There's also another Serie A goalkeeper currently wearing an odd number - Sampdoria's Emiliano Viviano sports his club's number 2 shirt, traditionally a right back's digit and one that you normally wouldn't see a goalkeeper anywhere near... Reprehensible behaviour as I'm sure you'll agree, but in mitigation he has the rather cool habit of wearing an outfield player's shirt (in a contrasting colour to those worn by the other players, of course) so I'm prepared to grudgingly allow him this numerical quirk. Considered one the best Polish goalkeepers ever, Jan Tomaszewski, also played with #2 during 1974 World Cup (during which he saved 2 penalties). The error was on the side Polish FA, which sent the list of players with order numbers (as was the custom in Polish administration). FIFA officials didn't notice that there was an additional column for shirt numbers and therefore the goalkeepers got numbers 1-3, defenders 4-10, midfielders 11-14 and forwards 15-22.
  11. I find it more interesting that the left guys kit has the three stripes on it while Pele's kit has one thick stripe. I'd bet that's why. It's also why Johan Cruyff wore only two stripes, rather than three, on his shirt and warm-up jacket during the 1974 World Cup: (bottom row, second from left) By the way, the "other guy" in the Team USA jersey is West Ham legend Bobby Moore, who was then playing in the NASL. He and Pele are flanking Gerry Francis of QPR. That image shows something which I really wish had caught on -- league all-star teams instead of national teams. A "Team USA" consisting of NASL players played against the English national team in 1976. I am a big fan of club football; but I dislike international football because it traffics in nationalism, which I despise. I do watch the World Cup and the Euros; and, because someone has to win, I root for England. But I don't feel good about these tournaments, as the flags make me ill. On the other hand, if the teams participating were representing not countries but leagues, then I could fully get behind it. I'd rather watch a Premier League all-star team play a La Liga all-star team than watch England play Spain. The teams would of course consist of players of multiple nationalities; and these players would move from one league all-star team to another as they change leagues, just as baseball players move from the American League all-star team to the National League all-star team after they change leagues. That would be the kind of World Cup that I would enjoy! There's be no minnows. Just sixteen all-star teams representing the best of the world's top leagues. In my fantasy scenario, there would be four groups, and each group would would contain a team from one of the major powers: Premier League (England) La Liga (Spain) Serie A (Italy) Bundesliga (Germany) Then the other twelve teams would be apportioned to groups at random. If it were done right now, those other twelve teams might be: Ligue 1 (France) Eredivisie (Netherlands) Brasileirão (Brazil) Liga MX (Mexico)MLS (U.S. / Canada) Primera División (Argentina) Primeira Liga (Portugal) Championship (Russia) Scottish Professional Football League Belgian Pro League J-League (Japan) Super League (Switzerland) The four major powers would have permanent spots. Qualifying matches would be played in the years before my fantasy World Cup to see which other twelve teams qualify. Alas, this will never be. But it is one of the first things that I would bring into being as King of All Sports. There's only one recognizable club in the SPL at the moment and even Celtic failed to qualify for Champions League this year. The All-Star team of Turkish or Ukrainian league should be much better.
  12. I only see 2 big name centers and the Romanian Shawn Bradley. Gheorghe Mureșan was definetely BIG
  13. While searching for the information on Bob Dandridge I came across this picture The mothership doesn't have any uniforms with the green script though. Can anybody tell me from which season it is?
  14. Actually, Majerle did wear that jersey during his last season. Though it's still not what he wore for the majority of his career. Thanks, I just corrected it.
  15. Some throwbacks returned in 2008, which was a correct choice for Eddie Johnson. B.J. Armstrong, however, left the Bulls before they introduced pinstripes. The Admiral was fine, Laimbeer again wearing modern uniform. From 2009 only current uniforms were in use, which means wrong uniforms for Cooper and Laimbeer again. Majerle has worn it only for his last season. 2010: Brent Barry, Kenny Smith, Steve Smith, Chris Webber 2011: The Smiths again (Kerr and Fox are fine) 2012: The Smiths and Dennis Scott (Houston is fine) In 2013 and 2014 there were no jerseys, just shooting shirts, which brings us to 2015: Nique, Penny, D. Curry (he stayed in a shooting shirt during the contest) and Pippen (fine).
  16. I would like to follow the approach taken by some posters, namely right team wrong uniform. And there is no better source of such pictures than the All-Star Weekend Shooting Stars contest when it comes to NBA. At the beginning I wanted to complain about the legends wearing former uniforms but while searching for the pictures from the early editions I realized that the things were wild from the very beginning. In the first edition (2004) Magic, Kerr, Cummings and Salley wore uniforms that would have throwbacks while they played in the NBA (I would call them double throwbacks from this step on). In 2005 Majerle, Dantley and English wore double throwbacks while Magic appeared in a current Lakers uniform. In 2006 Kerr, Drexler and Majerle wore correct uniforms (by which I mean from the time period they actually played) but Magic stayed as the odd man out with the current jersey. In 2007 all legends wore current uniforms, which makes it correct for Pippen only and wrong for Cooper, Gervin and Laimbeer
  17. I'm surprised they retired his number before Glenn Robinson's #13...I think the Big Dog did a LOT more for the franchise and its culture. More than playing in three All-Star Games (1973, 1975, 1976) and starting at forward for a championship team (1971) and for another team that went to the Finals (1974)? Really? I agree. The championships should matter the most for any franchise. However, as The Starters noticed someone should have checked baskteball reference before printing the banner because his second stint with Bucks was in 81-82. BTW, anybody knows from which season is this uniform? The mothership doesn't have any uniforms with the green script.
  18. You can add any non-Blazers uniform to the list
  19. I don't know if it was mentioned already but all the new NBA uniforms are missing.
  20. I don't agree. I like it when players have permament numbers. It only annoys me when they choose something over 23 (e.g. Piszczek 26, Anelka 39) for friendlies/qualification and then they are forced to change again. I think permanent numbers might also help casual fans to recognize players better.
  21. They often had problems judging their talents. Despite failing to get Duncan, they still ended up with another future Finals MVP with the 3rd pick. However, they traded him in the middle of his rookie season and stayed with Antoine Walker for 6 years,
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