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  1. In regards to the USA jersey. I really with the back reflected the front. The back looks silly imo. Reminds me of some of this years spring training jersey.
  2. Love the OC patch... :censored: LA!
  3. I guess I am in the minority here... But I like all the jerseys that have been posted, including the Ducks. The Kings one looks the best though. OT: Has anyone ever made a mock up of the Ducks Alt in white. The Alt is my favorite set was just curious to see if they could pull it off in white.
  4. Probably should post this in the unpopular opinions thread... But I love that wordmark on the bengals helmet. :censored:!
  5. Damn... You all are smart. Over/Under 10 years... I hope it does not take that long. I am still going to go under.
  6. Going to be redundant... But I echo all the post that hate new Dolphin uni's... And your comments are much more witty than mine. What is the over/under when they go back to the classic logo and colors? I say 3 seasons. Most likely they will try to incorporate the old with the new, ala the Chargers.
  7. What about the Toronto ! Everybody likes them... Girls have them, boys dig them. It does not marginalize any segment of the populations. It a win win.
  8. If this has been posted please delete and I am sorry.
  9. Wow. That is horrible. WTF is it? Isn't there a casino in Vegas that has the name?
  10. I know i am late on this. I just saw the kings the other night wearing their third jersey. And i have to say i really like them.
  11. NASL map is sweet. No Caribou's of Colorado?
  12. i think it would be a lot cooler if they actually used the digital camo that our armed services wear know.
  13. Being an old NASL fan, I still love the Sounders. And for that matter the Caribou's of Colorado, the pre-cursor to the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim.
  14. cupie

    Cal vs USC

    They do look like the Packers. A perfect description. Don't dig them at all. I guess after the game everything will be auctioned off.