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  1. The Raptors uniforms are simple, but they are very clean and crisp. Like them way more than I thought. Nice to see the home uniforms used for media day. Also the logo has grown on me especially the secondary logos with no work mark.
  2. With Tim Leiweke now in charge as the CEO of MLSE who owns the Toronto Raptors - looks like he is about to clean house with the Raptors past- starting with a new GM. the below was from ESPN today announcing he is looking for a new GM. Tim Leiweke said he wants Toronto to celebrate its 20th anniversary as an NBA city by hosting the All-Star Game for the first time in 2016, calling the game "a must-have." He also said he wants the team to build a new training facility and hinted at changes to the Raptors' brand, acknowledging "specific" conversations with the NBA about potential changes. "We absolutely have had conversations about the color and the makeup of our brand, our uniforms and our image," he said. "To me, we should be all about the Canadian flag and Canada. "We are Toronto's team but I think we have to learn how to be Canada's team."
  3.|TOR|home Leafs third jerseys will be released officially today at 4:00pm, although we know how the will look like. The leafs posted a picture on their website of the jersey and man do they look great. Not only are they releasing the jersey, but the entire uniforms. I think we are going to see white stripes on the pants like the 67's uniforms. link above heck it out
  4. Well they have many Jerseys in the past which they have had success with, I am pointing out which jersey it is going to be. A while back they did indicate that it will be a jersey from their past. Any how, i think it will be kinda cool with the 67
  5. I dont typically post, but have some Maple Leaf third jersey update. I only know this info as we are long time season ticket holders, and I only post on the maple leafs or raps uniform changes. Any how it has been confirmed that the Maple Leafs will be using a updated version of their 67 uniforms. The leaf logo will be a bit updated, but it should look very similar. You heard it hear first. I am ok with that, but it will be sad to see the old third retired for a while. I do like the idea of thirds being blue.
  6. I was at the Raps game yesterday and saw the new floors. The Raps courts which now looks to be the best in the NBA. The centre court has the rap claw in red with a red circle around it. Looks amazing and the wordmark at each side of the court has Raptors spelled out in black with red. It looks simple and sweet. Also I am not sure anyone notcied with the raps old floor which was used for the past two seasons, The red they used was more of a pinkish red, but the new floor is a nice strong red. I did not take any picures but if you watch the highlites from yesterdays game you will see it.
  7. Dont know what city you live in, but why dont you try it before you repond to someones comments to help people getting information they want. You probably libe in PEI where the have only one sport store and probably only have one leaf jersey for sale which of course is on a used rack. Easy oakland!!!
  8. My family has season tickets and were informed by a member of MLSE about the new third Jesey. I was the one who provided the jersey changes to the RAPs couple of months before the showed the new gear at a charity golf tournament in 2006 and also on this forum provided the changes of the leafs new RBK uniforms (Ugly) couple of months before they were released to the public. It is Official trust me, and if you want to confirm please go to a sporting store which sells all pro sport uniforms, because they should have all the information of the new third's and how they will look. It is very important to note unlike the current home and away with no stripes, the third jersey will include stripes at the bottom of the uniform.
  9. Its is Offical that the Leafs are bringing back the same Third Jersey worn before the RBK style Jersey's came in 07/08, but of course in the RBK style. It is a nice jersey, but they still got to fix the current home and roads. Having the stripes removed still looks odd. Since the Silver Fox has indicated that changes are going to me made to the roster, maybe it can start from the jersey. I would like to finish off with Go Leafs Go, but I am to pissed off with them.
  10. I did see the new floor plan, everything is the same but the centre graphic which is now a black raptor claw. The new colous of the raps are red white and black with a bit of silver. The claw will be shown in all these colours which i think is a bit different. The image on the Union station floor is what the new floor plan will be. Now to the interesting part the red rap jersey will be updated and will be the offical road jersy, and the raps will get a new home jersey, but no alternative will be released. Now how did I get this info, Season Ticket holder of the leafs and raps. Look for more season tickets holders to provide the same info. But you heard it here first. Toostyling ( Go Leafs Go )