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  1. Jets could actually field a nice team this year. God willing
  2. Doesn't stop In N Out burger from using Red & Yellow. Sonic also have Red Yellow and Blue.
  3. I was hoping after the Andy Warhol Super Bowl commercial they would go back to this but outside of their twitter icon, they are still using the 1999 logo
  4. It's like Knoxville took out all of their frustrations on mediocre football since Fulmer was relieved of his HC duties and took it out on a different sport this year. Amazing that Tennessee men's basketball will dominate sooner than football and women's basketball.
  5. Looking at the Jets and Bucs helmets the year was a giveaway.
  6. You would have a field day with old MLS when the NEW YORK Red Bulls were in the MLS Cup finals in 2008 as a representative of the WESTERN CONFERENCE.
  7. Ask us Yankees fans, sometimes the boss's offspring ain't as good as the boss.
  8. It is ironic in a sense that they are not going to be in California anymore after a year but that is pro sports in North America, teams move all the time. Raiders will still have a giant fan presence in California anyway.
  9. A lot of people thought they were vulnerable, but it was not the end. Of course the real end is when Belichick and Brady is put to the NFL equivalent of The Hague for committing war crimes to the rest of the NFL or they retire.