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  1. ALCS was the true World Series. I just don't see the Nats winning.
  2. Similar thread was created in 2014 but is locked and I made this thread because I can add another dark moment in Yankees history... We just saw it on FS1. Astros walk off homer in game 6 of the 2019 ALCS.
  3. R.I.P 2019 New York Yankees Thanks for nothing Chapman
  4. Yeah I joined the forums in 2006 when they still had 26
  5. New York vs Boston with Celtics and Lakers colors.. Let me grab the popcorn
  6. Isn't Chicago State (not just athletics, the ENTIRE university) close to folding?
  7. Now if the Yankees turn around the series, it could be what could have been the 1994 World Series matchup. Yanks and Expos had the best records in their respective leagues on that fateful day.
  8. The Expos win the Pennant! The Expos win the Pennant! The Expos win the Pennant! The Expos win the Pennant!
  9. Turkish players do military salute supporting the Turkish invasion of mostly Kurdish Northern Syria (Rojava)
  10. 3 outs away! Hudson out of the bases loaded jam
  11. 25 years after the strike the former Expos are 4 outs away from a pennant.
  12. May have to get another fork and stick it on the bum Yankees. Better luck in the 2020s I guess. Swinging for the 450 feet statcast home runs rather than focusing on getting on base. That is what gets them eliminated all the time. Gutted. Gut punch.