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  1. Between COVID-19 and Brady actually pulling the trigger and leaving the Patriots. March 2020 will make for one hell of a 30 for 30 ESPN production
  2. Yes. Basketball is a winter sport.
  3. So that is it for NCAA sports til August. Wow.
  4. And count me in on the "Rams new logo looks too close to a Chargers logo" club
  5. Bottom right corner on the tease logo looks white while the rest look blue and the eye and brow are yellow.. Is the ram going to be three colors?
  6. Wow.... Not only is the logo terrible they ripped off a college logo. Rams STRUCK OUT badly. At least most people thought the Padres hit a home run with their new rebrand. At least the Chargers save face when they got rid of their Dodgers looking logo... But this looks like the real deal for the Rams. Just wow.
  7. Italy postponed a lot of games already and have banned fans from sporting events for the next month at least. SXSW in Austin is canceled this year
  8. New logo on the right, old on the left. The black ring surrounding the Bavarian colors is now gone (it is now transparent with a white circle outline, and the logo is flat again.
  9. Guardians can't let what is expected to be a raucous St. Louis crowd rattle them
  10. Every time I look at the logo now it looks like an abstract bow tie
  11. I came across this on YouTube in the middle of looking through 1990s commercials. A new indoor playground in Cincinnati with the name Discovery Zone, the same name from the famous chain. Though they should have went with an original logo rather than copy the Double Dare logo (0:07).
  12. Maybe the Orioles hat was designed by Gleyber Torres. My lord the Orioles hat looks embarrassing.
  13. My theory is that NBC will be rebranding in 1-2 years to look more like the Premier League graphics they have right now