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  1. Every time I look at the logo now it looks like an abstract bow tie
  2. I came across this on YouTube in the middle of looking through 1990s commercials. A new indoor playground in Cincinnati with the name Discovery Zone, the same name from the famous chain. Though they should have went with an original logo rather than copy the Double Dare logo (0:07).
  3. Maybe the Orioles hat was designed by Gleyber Torres. My lord the Orioles hat looks embarrassing.
  4. My theory is that NBC will be rebranding in 1-2 years to look more like the Premier League graphics they have right now
  5. Lovely, another SFG58 concept series to enjoy
  6. I agree, pretty much what I imagined them to look like if they wanted a logo change
  7. Ram definitely looks like it is looking down towards its feet rather than charging ahead looking to smash you
  8. They gave the old logo the same treatment too, especially in the more recent ads
  9. The one on the right is the new logo
  10. The comic book/cartoon graphics along with the infamous touchdown graphic
  11. Andy Reid has officially passed the can't win the big game torch to Shanahan.
  12. Time for the Jets to break their own 50 year old streak of not winning a Super Bowl
  13. TrueYankee26

    Super Bowl IVXX

    He's half right. It's CDXX.
  14. 20th Century studios logo. Just changed the word "Fox" to "Studios"
  15. Vancouver Grizzlies meets old Die Mannschaft kit above
  16. Disney will rebrand 20th Century Fox to "20th Century Studios" now. Fox Searchlight Pictures will also get rid of the Fox name and will go by "Searchlight Pictures". The new Searchlight Pictures print logo:
  17. Until last night, Last time the Atlanta Hawks won in San Antonio was February of 1997 and Nique was a Spur that season.
  18. Well Lambeau continues to be the house of horrors for the Seahawks as it has been since the 1999 season.