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  1. The Block S is as dumb as the U for Miami. How stupid would it be for Virginia Tech to just use a T for their logo? What if Boston College just used a C for their logo? RETARDED.
  2. FYI, he didn't list the teams that have gray in their scheme because that is logical. I agree with him mostly. I don't mind a team has ALWAYS done the gray face mask even if they tinkered with other colors once or twice (see USC for reference). But a team that has switched BACK to gray after many years is ridiculous. It rarely is the best color option. From '77 through '04, Syracuse had either white or blue. In '05, they switched back to gray, a color they hadn't used for 28 years! RIDICULOUS!!!!! Baylor hadn't used gray since 1978. UNTIL '08! RIDICULOUS!!!!!
  3. You wanna talk about something that doesn't match, how about the Viking's wordmark! I mean, the "n" is lower case while the rest of the letters are capitalized! What a crock, man. It's terrible!
  4. Lifelong Lion's fan here. I was a bit disappointed by the lack of drasticity (I made that word up - sounds better than drasticness which also is probably not a word) in the changes to the uni. I was hoping for basically something in the style of the throwbacks with the logo on the helmet. However, as an update as opposed to a re-branding, it was a great job. Remember, it is an update NOT a re-branding. I would have loved to see charcoal as opposed to black, though. As I said earlier, I have a hat with that color pallet and it is sweet. I will wait to see all the players in uniform to judge the numbers. As far as the logo, it isn't the winged wheel, but it is a drastic improvement to the original Bubbles. The original Bubbles reminds me of the playful Lion in the You Tube video about the 2 Brits who raised a lion cub in London only to reunite a year after releasing him to the wild. The new Bubbles looks like a Lion you wouldn't want to play with or try to hug. Not perfect, but new logos rarely are.
  5. I have a Lions hat that has the rumored lines in the mane (more because of the style of embroidery than design I believe), but everything else is the same. The cool thing about the hat is that it has a lot of charcoal gray along with the silver. It looks way better than black. It is sweet. I would love if their colors were honalulu blue and charcoal with silver as the third color for accent. That would be a nod to tradition along with a major change. I know everyone laughs at the Lions tradition, but the Lions won some NFL championships before the merger in the 50's at Briggs Stadium (later renamed Tiger Stadium). Also, I am aware of Colorwerx's previous postings that the colors aren't changing. I am just dreaming here. On a related note, I do hate the fact that the Cowboys can't put the same color blue on everything, but they have one for their helmet and logos and another for their jerseys and the Lions are starting to feel this way. All the stuff at the stadium including Bubbles on the 50 yard line is a deep blue. They either need to change the jerseys to match or change the field to match the jerseys. Inconsistency in branding by a multimillion dollar company is pathetic and just plain sucks.
  6. They are wearing the blue and not the white because they won the final game in the blue jersey. The team was in blue when hoisting the trophy, so it makes perfect sense to wear the blue for this game.
  7. Not sure if it was mentioned since I didn't read every thread, but it makes sense that they probably added white on the wolf on the primary due to the secondary having white on the wolf. This way they keep continuity (although they lost some continuity with the secondary having no green).
  8. All this is doing is preventing people from making shirts that are navy and say Michigna in gold or are royal and say Kentucky in white. No big deal.
  9. Upgrade- Pistons ditched teal and maroon for classic Piston Red and Blue. Although the new logo is just so-so to me, the unis are sweet. Downgrade- I would say Buffaslug logo wise, but since jerseys aren't out I will go with any team that wore a Nike jersey with one sleeve a different color (was it ALWAYS orange or was it just me), any team that went with the Nike basketball jersey with the gray shoulder accents (and gray wasn't in most of their color schemes), and any Olympic hockey team that went with the vertical stripe jerseys. I like Nike, but I HATE jersey templates!!!!! I don't like to see Michigan and OSU bball teams wearing the same shirts. I hate templates!!!!! Especially ridiculous looking ones.
  10. Has anyone tried to take the jersey and swap out black for dark green and switch the orange and gold. That has been the main discussion, but didn't see if anyone had posted an image like that. If they did that and used the webbed D for the crest, I think a ton more people would like it as compared the the current penguin look a like. Let's see, in the NHL, 2 teams use for their mascots birds that love to be in water and both of them are black and gold. Can you imagine a Finals with these two teams playing each other? In the NFL you have the Lions and Panthers that use blue black and silver, but then again there also is the Jags with a quite different scheme. Are there any others in sports where teams have similar mascots and similar color schemes?
  11. He actually did the Powers logo as well as the Kearsley Hornets and maybe a few others for me. Those are local high schools in my area.
  12. The business cards and letter head have a slight gradient. We use the logo with the full gradient on fliers and web graphics. The printer just made the gradient with white on the paper products to keep it at two colors. A third color would have cost us a lot more. they look great anyway.
  13. The old Northwest Airlines logo is a good one. It's an N and a W. I say old, but it is still used a bit. They changed to just the triangle in the circle now for whatever reason. Web page with logo
  14. The color scheme is a burnt orange (not as burnt as Texas Longhorns) and a charcoal gray. The gray looks a ton better than black by the way. The blue canopy on the building is something we're stuck with as far as the color. The building owner at first wanted us to use this uniform font on the canopy that he had for all signage. It was crap. Luckily we got him to back down and got our logo on there, which looks great. We are going to do golf shirts, coffee mugs, and pens soon.
  15. RTrich, are you kidding or being a punk? Because, it's cool that a user (me) posted saying he would pay for a logo, got multiple people who put effort in, got one superb logo, picked it, made due on his promise and paid for it, and then put it into use. Most logos from here that get used are either done for free or used without permission or payment. This deal came together nicely and should make the board proud. If you are 100% kidding, that's cool. And no, there is no logo anywhere near the toilet.