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  1. Here's a mock up of the logo on a jersey (Sharks template - with darker teal)... MOD EDIT
  2. With apologies to San Jose Sharks fans (not intending to offend), this is a logo concept for a ball hockey team named "The Sharts." The idea was to make something in the realm of the San Jose Sharks logo (biting the hockey stick), but make it some sort of shart monster. Tried to make it look wet and gross. Maybe it's too gross? MOD EDIT
  3. Aha.. I'm obviously behind! Thanks for pointing that out. I'm glad that's not the logo. (Really hope that's not the name either).
  4. Someone on a Jets Facebook fan page posted this logo, claiming it was a leak. Could it be true? Or is it just a fan made logo? If it is it, I'm disappointed. Looks minor league to me. Mascot holding a hockey stick with name underneath. Doesn't look cool or intimidating. Anyway, it's probably not the real thing, but in case it is, I thought I'd post it. Someone please set the record straight if you know!
  5. My questions were rhetorical. This issue has been brought up countless times and it has gone nowhere. They still continue to use a racist logo. The people fighting the logo can and should continue to use every effort and platform available until the team finally changes it. There are many many people in both Canada and the U.S. that are offended by it. And I'm not one of those people that thinks that everyone must be insulated from every chance at being offended. But I'm seriously shocked at how many people are ok with this logo in 2016. And I hate the "aren't there more important issues" argument. So because world hunger hasn't been solved, we should ignore every injustice? It's a simple fix - get rid of the logo. How hard is that?
  6. I don't see why it's bush league. The team is a win away from the world series and this is a great time to get the logo issue some attention. It's obvious that the court case wasn't going to be successful... That wasn't the point of it. I don't see why others in this thread have issues with the timing - this is NOT the first time the issue has come up. It's a perfect time to have the conversation again. As if the timing takes away from the legitimacy of the issue. Gimme a break. You know what's bush league? Continuing to use a racist caricature as your logo. I'm not indigenous, but if a sports team used a caricature of my race or culture, I'd be effing pissed. Would anyone be ok with a caricature of another minority group as a sports team logo? How about blacks? Or Jews? I love sports, and I love sports logos, but Chief Wahoo is an embarrassment of a logo, and Cleveland is an embarrassment of an organization for continuing to use it.
  7. 1000 new STHs, top 5 in NHL, 90% renewal rate. Great. All of that sounds like spin to distract from the fact that they didn't mention the only number that actually matters. How many season ticket holders are there? They could spin it any way they want, but the fact remains, the team has no owner and the city is paying the bills. At this point, positive articles about season tickets, particularly one that avoids giving the real number, just seems disingenuous.
  8. Peter Forsberg in a flyers jersey (don't think he ever played a game with them)
  9. I just thought of something: Anyone remember when Wayne Gretzky, Bo Jackson, and Michael Jordan were all on the same team???? That's right A nice saturday morning cartoon.
  10. Hasek as a Blackhawk (I think they got Christian Ruutu in return - whatta trade) MJ as a baseball player: MJ in #45: Plus, there's a shot of Bobby Hull and Gordie Howe playing together on the Whalers, although I can't find it anywhere.
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