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  1. My gut says that people complained that it didn't look professional or it looked sloppy. Personally my only contention with giving players so many uniform accessory options and flexibility is that it takes away from the uniform aspect of the team looking the same. Allowing the team to be individualists somewhat undermines the concept of not making your self a separate entity from the team (on the court). It's an aspect of ego expression
  2. They don't look bad. Just kind of boring. Really has Jacksonville (rebrand before last) vibes. Very plain
  3. That word mark is the best they've ever had
  4. It might just be nostalgia clouding my judgement but I always liked that era of their uniforms. I really liked the word mark and numbers
  5. I’m not a fan of the MLB allowing players to individually pick which color accessories they’d like to pair with the uniform. It reminds me of the NBA allowing players to wear shoes that in no way match the teams color scheme. It looks awful
  6. Westbrook and Harden are reunited again. If they could figure out how to share the load they could be dangerous. They're very similar players though and seemingly want to play the same way. I'm not sure how they're going to take turns. What do you guys think?
  7. Not off the top of my head. Just something I've noticed over the years
  8. I have a theory that this board is far more favorable to homegrown content and ideas than they are to anything produced outside of it. I've seen you guys be so kind so some really bad ideas and poop on solid stuff
  9. IMO this is emblematic of a larger cultural situation. He who gets to define the terms dictates the discourse. If I have the ability to define what words you can or cant use in a public or professional setting I essentially have gained a bargaining chip in negotiations. If I retain the ability to redefine terms during the discourse ad infinitum I always have the ability to re-frame a negotiation to a position more favorable to me. Because this type of thinking is inherently open ended we end up in situations like-"By birth I am Y so it is immoral for me to object to the concerns of X, because I will never be an X". Most people will take the path of least resistance and people who are willing to be the squeaky wheel understand the power of group dynamics. It's inherently political while getting to use the benefit of positioning itself as an "objective common moral good". As this type of thinking becomes more mainstream it will be used as justification to intact legislation and create legal precedent. and on a side note; if you believe race relations are at an all time low I think you should look back at the past 100 years in America and compare that to 2019.
  10. He's disallowing the use of the term owner internally in regards to the NBA. The desire he's expressing has the full weight and power of his position and will be enforced. ESPN is already acquiescing. He's not making suggestions he's implanting new policy a.k.a the term "owner" is not allowed to be used any longer. Please help me to understand how the word ban is a misrepresentation of the new initiative.
  11. Thoughts? https://www.google.com/amp/amp.washingtontimes.com/news/2019/jun/24/adam-silver-nba-done-using-owner/
  12. Not a big fan of the fad of putting the names on the bottom. I dislike the copycat nature of uniform design but it's been like that for years. Overall, not a fan of the design, but it's not the worst.
  13. They remind me of the Bears and the Browns simultaneously. I like them
  14. It seems like a lot of new uniform designs are super generic and bland. No hand drawn anything anymore. It's like a fast food approach to uniforms