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  1. I didn't expect to like this design as much as I do, but something about the silver helmet/silver pants red and black looks really good to me. It kind of reminds me of the Georgia Bulldogs but more subdued. I would embrace this if they went with it
  2. If they use a normal number font the redesign is automatically AT LEAST an 80% upgrade
  3. I probably didn't word my idea very clearly but ultimately I was trying to say that since the area is in the pacific northwest and is a fishing area more than likely there were fisherman who had seen giant squid and told stories about it. Not that there was a "Seattle Kraken" more the idea that more than likely fisherman had fished the pacific northwest and told tales of seeing a giant squid
  4. Phonetically the name sounds cool. "Seattle Kraken". They have the opportunity to turn this into something cool. They could go in a lot of directions. It makes sense with the northwest being a fishing hub, and personally I hope they steal the Sonic's color palate because green and yellow is one of he best color combinations ever. Of all the names and identities they could have gone with, this one isn't the worst. It's fun, it has local and historical lore and ties into the local area.
  5. Love these a lot. So much character. It ties into the local culture, pays respect to the indigenous heritage of the area and it's a completely unique color palate and identity. This should be what they base their entire identity off of. Such a strong brand direction
  6. I like it as a change of pace every so often (kind of like how the Texas Rangers switch hats). For some reason this look made me think of the Blackhawks but with Blue instead of black
  7. I would be really interested to see what the bottom one would look like with the colors flipped (Red letters with blue drop shadow)
  8. I'm not sure why they're trying to salvage a variant of the current numbers but that's the most glaring flaw with the set. Going back to the Superbowl era numbers, or something very close to it would fix a lot. A lot of new uniforms try way too hard to reinvent the wheel with numbers and most of them miss pretty awfully (Bucs, Titans, Browns, Seahawks, Dolphins)
  9. Blue letters with a red outline make it look purple and muddy. It would be a better look if the colors were reversed. The white in the middle would only be there to differentiate the colors, I can see your point about clutter, but I don't agree. It's a matter of personal preference ultimately
  10. The jersey would have been better if: the word Nationals was written in red There was a navy blue outline around it There was white piping in-between the red letters and navy blue outline
  11. My gut says that people complained that it didn't look professional or it looked sloppy. Personally my only contention with giving players so many uniform accessory options and flexibility is that it takes away from the uniform aspect of the team looking the same. Allowing the team to be individualists somewhat undermines the concept of not making your self a separate entity from the team (on the court). It's an aspect of ego expression