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  1. This reminds me of something I noticed in 2K21; When you see two teams that use red in a match-up and you notice the variations of red used in the NBA. From afar a lot of the reds look the same, but when compared they're slightly different. In the game the Pistons red looks almost rose compared to the Hawks.
  2. Hawks vs Sixers is one of my favorite match ups in NBA 2K21. Both teams use drop shadow numbers but at different angles. Such a great design element. The Hawks should have used a drop shadow on their wordmark too
  3. I see where you're coming from but they're more different than they are similar. I'll give the D-Backs credit for designing an actual script. I'm not sure how popular this will be with fans. The Marlins design was trying to convey a spiritually similar concept as the D-Backs, but the Marlins were way more creative about it. Only time will tell how popular this will be with Arizonians
  4. He does go out of his way for attention and it's not a new thing. The TV special on his way out of Cleveland, the televised unveiling of "the 3" in Miami. The question of what his number will be is a scenario he created and it's been rehashed several times. He's pretty active on various social media platforms as well. He's in the new Space Jam lol. He likes attention. You're right that he'd be getting attention either way, but he seems to relish it more than some of his peers.
  5. The Clippers should have never ditched the Elton Brand era identity. Great color balance. Superior script word mark. Bold athletic number font looks much better than the subsequent thinner numbers they've twice rebranded to. The Elton Brand era uniforms were classic basketball uniforms. They could have been iconic if the team wasn't so bad
  6. LeBron goes out of his way to get attention more than anyone in the NBA, followed by Russel Westbrook probably. I think it makes people lose respect for him
  7. That updated Miami script is what should be on the away jerseys. Those drop shadow numbers are an upgrade too
  8. Yes The font choice is try hard and the whole uniform comes off as clownish. I think the Red Sox ones are worse. That fact doesn't change my opinion of the White Sox uniform.
  9. These uniforms are try hard and come off as clownish. The picture of LaRussa is spot on. I can't believe people like these. I hope these uniforms don't inspire any other team and I hope the White Sox keep these garbage uniforms to a minimum
  10. So far this ones the best but the other ones are pretty bad. I wonder how many teams will use alternate colors
  11. I like this. You fixed the silver logo triangle on the eggplant jerseys. I like the original numbers better, but I don't mind the new numbers either
  12. He was calling your opinion wrong, not saying you're wrong as a person People hold incorrect or wrong opinions all the time. Sometimes factually and sometimes subjectively. On a side note I don't understand why you like these uniforms either.
  13. I remember a few years back A-Rod saying that the MLB needed to be more like the Kardashians. I don't think they're going to slow down with the uniform gimmicks. So far these city connect uniforms have been a collective miss. I really dislike the new White Sox uniforms.
  14. This is a prime example of how much potential exists in using actual jet imagery as a design element. The Jets could make a truly iconic helmet logo. The design possibilities are so vast.
  15. The league is rolling out an "Alt-persona" promotion. The cantankerous Mallas Davericks. Trouble makers if you ask me.
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