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  1. It just kind of hit me that I 'll miss the Jets striped white socks. A little touch like that could have made the green and black pants look much better
  2. just a thought experiment; who are they trying to market the WNBA to? In the free market women tend to be drawn to different aesthetics than men. Would it not make sense to brand a women's league as being more feminine than their male counter parts? Would that be sexist? Full disclosure, I have no dog in the fight just thinking out loud
  3. The more I see these the more they remind of of the jags rebrand before last. Very basic uniforms with a flashy helmet. I feel similarly about these as I did about those; The helmet is the best part. The entire design is really plain though
  4. That word mark is really good, and the color pallet is/was underrated. The numbers suck. If they That word mark is better than what they have now imo
  5. O.C.D

    NHL 2018-19

    Reminiscent of Lakers vs Celtics. Beautiful match up
  6. Dude, that looks like a million dollars
  7. New helmet color is dope. Everything else is kind of generic.
  8. the inevitable hyperbolic meltdown caused by new uniforms is a highlight of this board
  9. Every major sport in the US will be doing this full time relatively soon.
  10. O.C.D

    NHL 2018-19

    why does it have to be an indictment about how he feels about an entire group of people and not how he feels about a fairly recent pop culture movement?
  11. NFL is hard to watch for various reasons. Having a 2nd option is good. I hope the league does well and grows. Can't wait to see the team designs
  12. I'm mostly thankful for whatever is new so I can see the board in it's natural state of existence
  13. NOLA needs to use those colors full time and stop with all the malarkey