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  1. Every major sport in the US will be doing this full time relatively soon.
  2. O.C.D

    NHL 2018-19

    why does it have to be an indictment about how he feels about an entire group of people and not how he feels about a fairly recent pop culture movement?
  3. NFL is hard to watch for various reasons. Having a 2nd option is good. I hope the league does well and grows. Can't wait to see the team designs
  4. I'm mostly thankful for whatever is new so I can see the board in it's natural state of existence
  5. NOLA needs to use those colors full time and stop with all the malarkey
  6. It looks pretty cool, honestly
  7. My initial reaction was that of joy. "Captain America reference, nice". Then I thought about it "Wait a minuet, Captain America was a small nerd in high school. He wouldn't have been on the football team at all". Now I'm torn. Aesthetically a Cap reference makes sense, but contextually, it's just plain silly.
  8. as soon as the logo is gone, then the stories will have to be about something else
  9. Something like this is what I was imagining. It still works better on the white, but I feel like there is a way to do it on the grey and still have the same balance that the white one does
  10. Just to pile on, it bugs me that they only use the drop shadow on the home word mark. It should be on the away jersey word mark, and I think if it were on the numbers and the NOB it would make the uniforms look better.
  11. That would have made Angel games a lot more fun back then!