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  1. I demand cat ears on the helmets, whiskers on the face masks and tails on the pants! All gloves shall henceforth be fashioned in the likeness of kitty paws! THE FANS HAVE SPOKEN!
  2. the NBA is the goofiest of the major 4 leagues. they keep on coming up with new ways to make bad uniform decisions (sleeved jersey's, random colored mismatched shoes, alternate uniforms using non-team colors, airport city code/city nickname word marks)
  3. Generally the fabric used now is thinner and lacks the shine that past authentic jersey's used to use. The jersey's numbers and names used to feature layered thick fabric embroidered to the jersey. The teams ability to design uniforms and identity seems to be limited by the outfitters templates and the fabrics they use (color accuracy, stripping, design element sizing consistency) I can understand why form fitting templates have become popular because it provides a functional element during game play. Aesthetics have taken a back seat. Uniform real estate has diminished and elements on the uniforms become distorted. My idea about these changes being cost cutting measures have more to do with my general distrust of big business. Ultimately I'm not privy to their financial records but the product seems inferior to what I used to buy in the late 90's and early to mid 2000's.
  4. I think these outfitters are using adjective word salads in order to sell fans a bill of goods while they're saving money on mass produced jersey's. In comparison to what they used to sell fans, these new uniforms look cheap in design and in execution. This isn't even exclusive to the NFL. MLB and NBA have done the same thing (much less experience with NHL). I've got a closet full of what those leagues used to offer. There used to exist a quality of craftsmanship that you don't find today.
  5. I like your concept all around. My only nitpick would be adding outlines to the numbers (orange on the black and white jersey, black on the orange jersey). I think leaving outlines off the NOB looks clean.
  6. Your point is right on. The striping was very inconsistent. Over the past decade NFL uniforms look cheap. From quality of design to fabric and uniform cuts. I think the league has tried to sell cost cutting measures as progressive uniform design.
  7. I think the biggest mistake NFL teams consistently make in redesigns is number font choice. The Jags Brunell era uniforms were the best they've ever looked. Once they started to tweak them during the Leftwich era they've gotten progressively worse each version. They need to go back to the Brunell era numbers and use teal numbers on the white jersies They need to reintroduce the original shade of gold they used during the Brunell era and use it within the same ratio they originally did. Helmet should go back to glossy black, although the teal fleck version could work too, black would be better.
  8. I feel like the Avs black gear is the NHL equivalent of grey facemasks in the NFL.
  9. People thinking that the ads on the uniform are aesthetically pleasing is like Stockholm syndrome and it is really sad. I don't like ads on uniforms, I don't think anyone here does. It's like we're watching an endangered species dwindle or a relative about to pass away. I just don't have any hope it's going to reverse or get better. It would be nice to be wrong.
  10. You're proving me right. As a consumer you can protest and boycott. What most people will do is vent for a little while and continue to consume product. This is reality.
  11. At this point the outrage towards the march of corporatization seems obligatory, knee jerk and half baked. I think North American major pro sports fans have been allowed to live in a relative bubble and it's been nice. We're all in a poker game with league owners and advertisers.
  12. I don't understand how a team of paid professionals not only designed this mess but that no one stopped it from being presented to the world. Bad uniform concept, even worse execution on the floor paint. Yikes.
  13. The logo gets a little muddy on a blue helmet. I'm sure there is a way to redo the outline to make it sit better. I like the blue helmet, but I also like the sense of depth the silver brings. A change for the Panthers in this direction would be similar to what the Jets did (light helmet to team color helmet). It would probably be well received.
  14. Without a doubt, this Dallas uniform is the biggest wtf out of all the new alternates. Absolutely no rhyme or reason, no local tie in, no nod to a throwback. Nothing. "Hey, lets make a silver and gold uniform and put Dallas on it" "Love it. Absolutely love the idea" "But what about fans? What will they think?" "Why would a wind machine think? let a lone care about a uniform? Grow up."