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  1. I'll never really understand why so many pro sports teams work so hard to ignore the wishes of their fans. It seems like so many teams are dead set on doing absolutely ANYTHING besides what their fans ask for. The Buc's did right by their fans (so did the Browns). They make it seem like the fans are impossible to please or something, but I think these owners/management are too stubborn for their own good
  2. I absolutely LOVE THIS! I think the addition of a light green stripe next to the dark green stripe would look beautiful (to give a sense of balance with the striping pattern of the uniform overall). I think what you've done with the logo and hat is phenomenal as well. I really liked the mono look too (it reminded me of a green Yankees). What I LOVE about this version is that it fully utilizes a color scheme that is so unique and beautiful. I've always loved 3D drop shadow as a uniform design element because it gives the design a sense of depth that makes it stand out and looks beautiful when embroidered. I think if an MLB team based it's identity on what you've done here it would be one of the top 5 best looking in the entire league
  3. I really REALLY like this concept. I think an interesting idea could be to use the lighter shade of green to create a 3D drop shadow effect (Like the LA Angels home uniform. But where they used gray, in this set it'd be light green, with the base uniform color being used as negative space). I think you could use that effect on the numbers as well. As a style it could easily transfer to all of the jersey's and it would look spectacular imo. A fully two-toned green uniform identity. Similar in spirit to the Milwaukee Bucks uniforms 86-93, except you'd be using the light green to create a sense of depth rather than using it solely as an outline.
  4. This was an ambitious color combination and I applaud it in theory. If Red had been featured more prominently (equal to the Bronze and Blue) it would have worked better. I think once you commit to using 3 colors it's best to use them as equally as possible. But, ultimately, Royal blue Orange and White is the superior color combination imo
  5. I think Washington Football Team is a perfect name to reflect this powerful moment in America. Athletes (Pro and Amateur) have demanded to be able to express their political opinions and affiliations on television and social media. All major professional (and amateur) sports leagues have given their blessing and said "We will not punish or boycott you if you express yourself. We value personal freedom of expression and we support you!". It's not about mascots, it's not about a tough or magical name, heck it's not even about history. It's about a bunch of people going to work as a team and trying to accomplish a goal; to win...together. Washington Football Team. Go Team.
  6. This is so cool guys. I am SO stoked for Washington Football team. Finally, a name and identity that absolutely no one can have an opinion about. Because it's literally not based on anything. Finally. We will be able to talk about how the uniforms look without anyone having something good or bad to say about the name or logo. This is perfect!
  7. To MonkeyPower; I am sorry. I appreciate the fact you took the time to respond and tell me how my post made you feel. Although we may have disagreed on what is or isn't humorous, I sincerely hope we can continue to be sensible and respectful about the redesign of the Washington Redskins logo and name. Sometimes in tense situations humor us used to ease tensions. I (foolishly) thought that mentioning a parody design was a fun way to highlight the nature of the current issue while easing tension around a polarizing topic. Sometimes when we're able to laugh at ourselves it shows us a better path forward. However, I understand that it may not have been appreciated by all the members of the board. It is my wish that my attempt at humor will not have me excommunicated from the logo community I have been apart of since 2004.
  8. I just saw a concept on twitter that was probably the funniest take on the Redskins logo change. It was a rebrand as the Washington Karens in the style of the Redskins logo. Honestly, it's brilliant.
  9. In my critique of critique I forgot to say what I thought about the logo change. I think the black W looks better because I like the contrast more
  10. Social media's success is largely due to; 1. People wanting attention 2. People having an ego. Big business takes advantage of those desires by granting the illusion of power. People are addicted to the hyper-reality social media creates and are tribal. Critique is now entrepreneurial. Spirit is secondary to winning. The troubling part? The mainstreaming of mob justice and mob rule. Being conditioned to think that patience and nuance are part of an evil system. Being encouraged to be more reactionary. Dismissive of the negative effects their actions have. Self appointed soldiers in a culture war. De-humanizing their fellow man and encouraging others to do the same. Why? Because they've granted themselves the authority. In the age of commercial critique the most jaded wins. No act of contrition is ever truly enough. "Yeah, they did X, but did they do it for the right reasons?" "They did X, but they didn't do X enough" "They should have done X 10 years ago". As long as those type of people drive the cultural discourse, the industry of grievance will thrive and wounds will never heal, and sadly, that's their goal.
  11. Not a surprising move. I'm interested to see what the public/media sentiment towards Snyder will be long term. If I were in charge of the redesign I would make a complete 180. New colors. A name as different from the previous identity as possible (No red and gold, no double syllable name, no circular logo etc). Give people the clean break and rebrand they're asking for. If it's reminiscent of the old team (IMO) it will inevitably become problematic and feed the media cycle once more.
  12. only time will tell how the players choose to use this medium and how the fans will respond.
  13. At best I think it's a shallow PR move and at worst it's a heavy handed attempt to erase a time in history because it makes people uncomfortable.
  14. Can they call the team the Seattle Super-Duper Sonics?
  15. It seems like they really run with the national team angle. Using national colors and making it almost like an Olympic team uniform. That being said, the addition of purple make the overall aesthetics better. Stylistically/brand wise they're in a bit of a pickle. They should just bite the bullet and reintroduce purple and be done with it