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  1. SMU-Michigan was a great-looking game:
  2. If the NCAA tried to regulate tattoos, they'd run out of players. There's a difference between individuality in the player wearing the uniform and individuality in the uniform.
  3. Watching that game, I was struck by how much the Bills' offense resembled the current Patriots'. Lots of shotgun, even on standard downs; heavy use of slot receivers on short option routes; matching up TEs and RBs with less mobile defenders in pass routes downfield. The 49ers at the time ran a 3-4 defense, and it was apparent that their LBs couldn't keep up with the extra receivers, but if they took LBs off the field, they couldn't generate a pass rush.
  4. I think the Packers jerseys are much better now than in the early 90s. Back in the early 90s, they had a more drab green and a lighter but more mustardy yellow, and it looked dingy. The current forest green and brighter yellow look much better, in my opinion.
  5. It's tough to imagine this guy being worth two first-round picks, two second-round picks, and a third-round pick.
  6. My favorite example is San Jose State football having jerseys made by 4-PlayersOnly.com, a small shop based in Texas, for the 2001 season.
  7. The list is pretty good, but two things are surprising to me. First, that Packers-Bears isn't #1 - I think that matchup, with the Packers in their home uniform and Bears in blue/white/blue, might be the best possible matchup in the entire league. Second, that Titans-Dolphins isn't worst, considering that the Titans' jerseys were completely unreadable and there was virtually no contrast with all the white and light blue/teal elements.
  8. I understand that silver has a history with the school, but gray isn't silver. And Colorado's usual black/gold/white scheme works so well that it's a shame when they wear gray.
  9. Isn't it really three stripes - the two green ones, and the white one in between?
  10. I think the exact opposite - I love the design, but think it would have been stronger with just one shade of orange instead of two.
  11. LSU does this too, but they're the only FBS team that I know of that does this.
  12. I used to love watching the early-season 49ers games at Candlestick with the dirt infield.
  13. Yeah, but once Nike takes over as MLB's uniform supplier, they would try to change them to the Anthracites.
  14. So, no reason at all? Michigan removed the white from its socks, helmet bumpers, and chinstraps prior to the 2017 season, and it markedly improved the look: Before the change:
  15. Agreed, but why are we talking about the Mets in this thread?
  16. I think red-over-white is their best combo, but I still wish they'd mix-and-match a little bit like they did in the Vick years.
  17. Nebraska once used a rounded number font, but I'm not sure if they've ever gone with a rounded sans serif font like they currently use for their helmet numbers.
  18. I think the feathers are fine as a low-contrast design element because they're a relatively large, simple pattern. They've used this as a low-contrast element for a while, including the first time they broke them out, without much of a problem:
  19. They didn't look terrible close-up, but from a distance (like, from the stands, or from most TV broadcast angles) it just looked like a plain gray helmet.
  20. I really like the fact that Maryland is the "Terrapins," but it's not a mascot that lends itself well to representation on a uniform. Every time they've tried to do it, like with the "shell" helmets or the angry turtle logo, it looks bad.
  21. Not just UCLA... there are plenty of other non-Spurrier-related schools.
  22. That has a lot of potential, but the stripe is too blocky. It looks like toothpaste. The current T with a wave washing over it is a fine logo, but if they wanted to go in this direction, they should do something with more flow.
  23. This is doubly "wrong" because for most of Allen's two years with the 49ers, they wore their 1998-2008 set with the drop shadow numbers. They only wore the uniform Allen is wearing for two games - 2007 vs. Arizona and 2007 vs. St. Louis (the game this picture is from - you can see the shoulder of a Rams player). Here's Allen in his more standard 49ers uniform: